The information imparted in this article is a paraphrased version of a direct transmission Thoth gave in relation to this topic in the late 1990's.

Crop circles are created by strong magnetic-sonic fields which are created and emanate from a crystal device aboard a specific type of energy-Light starship, which has been named to us as Mark-Korhas. This type of ship is basically a whirling magnetic field of three interfaced high energetic grids. They follow the basic structure of what is called in the Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak as 'Tripyramidal Command Vehicles' (Keys of Enoch, Key 205:12), yet the Mark-Korhas are not 'Command Vehicles', but instead specialize to imprint universal archetypal patterning between universal continuums and multi-dimensional time manifolds. The Mark-Korhas operate within a trinity-based moving zone that pulls energy from the center of the Merkabah craft to the two outer poles, where it is then drawn back through the center on an involuted spiral-curve, upgrading its dimensional access each revolution of the spiral until a stasis occurs, crystallizing the congruent energies being drawn through the spiral into a module of sacred geometry; that is, an archetypal pattern that triggers a Metatronic firing in the cells of living beings who interact with these modules (i.e., crop circles).

Thoth tells us that the 'crop circles' are modules of spiritual programming designed to bring us back into the original divine imaging of Earth as a vehicle for the Adam Kadmon, or template of Divine Man, which we as a planetary realm, separated from eons ago. This 'programming' is being set into the cellular firing of our matter-forms through interface with the divine biochemistry. While certain star races facilitate this imprinting with their Mark-Korhas Merkabah craft, the command and institution of this transfer is given forth through the Elohim, or Creational Beings.

Yet in this case, the biochemical zones are being imprinted into transformed modules of archetypal pattern. An analogy would be the command 'Stop' (the biochemical zones) being translated into the image of a Stop sign (modules of archetypal pattern or sacred geometry).

The starships of this type which hail from the Pleiadies are generally responsible for the crop circles, but some are creations from Orion and other star realms as well. Orinians and the Pleiadeans are a part of a group of beings from several star systems in league with each other who are guiding this planet's movement into the ascension zone of the New Earth Star reality. It is this particular star gathering who is facilitating these infusions of highly encoded light images into magnetic envelopes which are then embedded into the biological forms of vegetal matter contained within the crop circles. When viewed by a sentient source of consciousness, these images trigger major critical rotational positioning (CRPs) of the brain upon the brain stem / spinal column, which create new and more evolved paths of consciousness in the brain-mind complex of the viewer.

Note: Thoth has previously given us information which speaks of these CRPs. He says that the brain rotates ever so slightly upon the brain stem, much as a flower does while orienting itself to the sunlight. All forms of stimuli affect an adjustment in this CRP. Of course, most of the stimuli we are currently exposed to do not align the CRP to a Divine matrix, but rather to a lesser matrix of the fallen Earth consciousness. In this understanding, we can see then that all forms of healing, regardless of the modality, are in essence simply adjusting the CRP of the brain a bit closer to the Divine matrix once again, and so are the crop circles images and energetics.

The energy field left in the crop circle as a result of this hyper magneto-sonic process, continues to radiate magnetic lines of hyperforce and sonic currents that can be very healing to some and overwhelming to others, depending upon the electro-magnetic and karmic field of the individual.

Some of the more recent crop circles present an image which reflects movement through the genetic spiral of specific patterns of Metatronic full-Light consciousness.

Vegetal matter from genuine crop circles has been imprinted at the atomic as well as microbiotic level with the entire holographic energy field of the crop circle from which it was a part of. When properly infused into a healing potion such as an elixir, it can therefore imbue the physical host with the Light encoding of that highly evolved geometrical symbol of the crop circle, as well as the magnetic-sonic field used to generate it.

Although the vegetal matter from a crop circle has been permanently altered in its sub / atomic structure, the greater components of the crop circle’s energetic signature such as symbolic embedding, magnetic configurations and sonic transmission, will eventually become increasingly weaker. By keeping the extracted vegetal matter inside a pyramid, its energetic life can be prolonged for approximately two to five years. Without such protective measure, the energy fields will start to dissipate in five to six months. How long it actually will last in a pyramid depends upon the following conditions:

1)The time that has elapsed between the extraction from the crop circle and its placement in the pyramid.

2) The natural Earth location it is being stored in. What are the magnetic influences present in that region? Some areas such as the San Luis Valley, CO are far more conducive to sustaining the resonate fields of crop circle vegetal matter than are other regions on the planet.

The magnetic-sonic field in the vegetal matter from a crop circle contains a what we will call here a leticonic antropoidal field. It is 'leticonic' because it creates pathways that are not direct, but rather labyrinth-like in nature. It is 'antropoidal' as it configures radial patterning that is different from current bio-energetic systems on Earth. Yet when these fields are linked to those current biological systems through a specific procedure, they can then entrain the host to futurised forms of their own biological field. Antropoidal energy fields are the superconductors of biological energy fields. Antropoidal fields are usually but not always leticonic as well, for the labyrinth pathways are most often created in conditions where the signature 'roil' patterning of antropoidal fields are present.

Antropoidal fields, especially leticonic ones, cannot be accessed bio-energetically through simple osmosis and exposure for most humans embodied on the planet at this time. First, the energetics of these highly sophisticated energy patterns must be introduced to another field that is in essence a 'code-breaker', which will allow the formation of a pathway through the labyrinth, and at the same time serve as a 'booster' to raise the field's line of cohesion* with other energetic systems (*called the amphi by ancient spiritual scientists) of the antropoidal field to a level which will acknowledge the current state of the biological field wishing to interact with it. In its 'unboosted' coded form, an antropoidal field only acknowledges future states.

Thus we have stated very simply, as much more actual spiritual science is involved, the principles of energy at work in a crop circle system which you will need to understand in order to make use of the energies present within them. This can be accomplished in any number of ways, such as creating elixirs from decoded crop circle energetics etc. A specific type of etherically operated radionics devise would need to be constructed to actually accomplish this decoding and boosting procedure.

When a person stands inside an active crop circle, they often experience energies and sounds. We wondered how can they interact in this way if the field has not yet been de-coded and boosted. Thoth responded by saying that they can experience sensation, sight and sound in an interaction with such a field, but they cannot truly benefit from it in a stable and safe way unless that field has been re-formatted to the current bio-energetic time component.

While direct crop circle contact can instigate 'awakenings' and 'healings' for certain individuals, such occurrences are largely due to the ability of those persons to create their own intermittent de-coding and boosting of the field at the point of their personal interaction with it. He states that this is not a dependable or stable outcome, and that if anyone were to choose to distribute crop circle energy to others wishing to receive it, first it must be stabilized so that no one can be harmed by the energetics and conversely where most will find it beneficial.

After Thoth had imparted this information to us we questioned why evolved star beings would place energy fields on this planet that can be harmful to some persons. Thoth states that people who visit crop circles generally do not spend any great length of time in them, and therefore any negative effects would be minimal and reversible in most cases. Also, that those who were especially vulnerable to severe effects from the circles would find them so disturbing they would leave long before any severe or permanent damage occurs. Since all sacred sites on the planet can be 'too much' for some people's energy systems, it is up to the individual to discern the very clear energetic warnings which are received in their bodies if they are being over-exposed. It is the perspective of Thoth and these star beings that the benefits to the Earth from the crop circles far out-weigh the cautionary elements to a small number of individuals who do not use proper discretion.

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