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Korbola was first introduced to me by ThothHorRa in the early 1990's. Below are some excerpts from my previous material on this subject...

Thoth reveals to me that now in the 21st century, Korbola is taking a more active role in the bridging of worlds between our “Old” current Earth and the New Earth of Numis’OM. So as Korbala is situated on a unique node, it receives in cyclic phases, encodings from BOTH realms which then form a synergy of communion, allowing souls from both world realities to attune to one another in Dreamtime and often in waking vision or simply feeling-essence. Now, considering that souls in our current Earth incarnation are ALSO in Numis’OM - if one leaves the illusion of “time sequencing” behind - we can communicate with ourselves in the greater world dimension of our “future” via the Korbola link with Numis’OM.

Korbola, which we are calling a “city” is really more of a dimensional gathering, encompassing more than just the main structures atop what is in this current reality, the large, flat-topped mountain in Israel by the Dead Sea known as Masada. This location bears a tragic history for the Jews, but was sacred ground long before that, and is a key node in the future for our current connection to the New Earth of Numis’OM.

Korbola works synergistically as the main node or trigger for what Thoth calls the Templa Mar Earth grid. Korbola is poised on the very edge of worlds... between the Old and New Earth. It has a unique position in consciousness as well, acting as a major anchor for the Templa Mar “net” to haul the New Earth “fishes” into the next World System - what we are calling the New Earth Star. - excerpted from my article, Korbola – City out of Time.

Now, in 2011 I am being shown that Korbola is at the hub of a complex Station of Light with what Thoth is calling “quasite geometries” multilayered around it. Quasite geometries are crystallized quasar bursts from the Crystal Quasar - a cosmic dynamic uniting all quasars in the universe, radiating within high-frequency crystalline sheaths, creating and controlling all quasars through a pure, undiluted Language of Light.

The bursts become crystallized in high-frequency geometrical patterns when they are drawn or rather summoned by a tone emitted by merkabahic fields of Living Light which have been and are being created through synergistic action between human beings and the Angelic Realm. These “human beings” are in a higher-frequency dimension than our current world. They are able to create massively powerful merkabic fields with the interpolation of Angelic wave forms.

The quasite geometries can come together to form various pathways, like computer circuitry designed for specific functions. The Korbolan Masters have created quasite circuitry for the purpose of maintaining a multitude of temple-cities in various dimensions and space-time. These temple-cities are inhabited vehicles of Living Light, streaming from the interaction of the Korbolan merkabic fields and the Angelic wave forms. “Humans” can actually exist inside these temple-cities is subtle-body states. These subtle-bodies are flesh and cellular in nature, along with their 14-strand DNA. Yet they do not experience entropy for they are of the Pure Gem frequency.

The purpose of the quasite temple-cities...

Each of these temple-cities is connected to neurons in the human brain...any and all human brains of Earth. These specific neurons form in our brains what ThothHorRa refers to as the Golden City.

As I wrote in my article on The Golden City...

This Golden City is an energy field which projects images that are sustainable in the consciousness of certain Numis'OM inhabitants for the purpose of imbuing them with the energies they are seeking for next stage transformation. Because time is loosely held in the New Earth, we here in the current world reality may find ourselves experiencing this City in our New Earth bodies....perhaps in Dreamtime or in visions or momentary flashes.

Beyond the projected imagery the Golden City in a neural hub in the center of newly forming pathways in the brain. We are only just beginning to form this new neural hub, but those in the New Earth Star will/do have it far more developed. It's purpose? To supply the Pure Gem body with the gate to the next stage of universal continuum, which we are calling "World System II." This is the state in which Numis'OM is the threshold.

The temple-cities spinning in a merkabic field around Korbola are aspects of the whole “Golden City” consciousness being projected through the brains of the Korbolans...and beyond. For The Golden City does not begin and end with a human brain. That is only the synaptic mechanism in the elemental state.

Korbola, the inhabitants and those inhabiting the revolving quasite temple-cities of Korbola....they are all part of a complex neural circuitry of the universal brain-mind-intelligence. And so are we.

Korbola and the temple-cities form a major synapse in the multidimensional creational field we call “Earth,” which is much more than a round sphere floating in space. It is all and everything WE are.

We all search for our purpose in life. “Purpose” is so important to human beings. It is hard-wired within us. Yet as incarnated souls we have lost the true scope of what “purpose” truly means. It is not to define a goal, but to become fully present within our creation. You might see the word “goal” as being defined by a straight line, with one end the impetus and the other the realized conclusion. Purpose however, is toroidal. It continues to supply a sense of motion and yet abides in stillness...as it is a place of complete centeredness. When one finds that place, purpose is profoundly present and yet it does not call you to action. It calls you instead to attention.

Korbola and it's Golden City function is a place in time-space...in our future...but it is also an energy field very much present inside our DNA and brain. It is the Pure Gem being we are and will become.

The Korblans do that create the quasite temple-cities...they accommodate them via the merkabic fields which they do create. The Mekabahs of the Korbolans draw in the quasite crystalline structures which form what we are referring to here as “temple-cities.” Korbola then, maintains the grid for the cities to access planear degrees of Earth, adapting our planet and our physical circuitry as human beings to World System II dynamics...the operational system of the New Earth Star.

Now let us move into Korbola – the city atop what is now the rock plateau of Masada near the Dead Sea in Israel. It was to this high place that Thoth guided myself and Simeon to physically visit in 1997, along with a few friends, after we had concluded facilitating a Sacred Journey to Egypt and the Sinai.

Yet as we return now, it is not a bare ruin we find but a thriving, shining city. There are no people rushing around as there would be in a city as we understand them. Yet humans are present. They walk slowly and with purpose. There are no crowds...as the population is in accord with the energy field of Korbola...balanced in the equation of space and time.

All buildings are either white or light in color. Everything and everyone has a glow to it and yet one can see clearly the fine definitions of it all. While there is a lightness of color shared in the city, there are also points of outstanding color. This is mostly to be found in the foliage. The greenness of grass and trees and the beautiful array of flowers. This is how one will see and experience in the New Earth, for Korbola is that bridge between and exists with World System II dynamics.

Your attention is now drawn to a temple in the center of the city. This is the temple of Mirah. It is not like anything else you will see in the city. The entire complex of the temple is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

The inner courtyard contains finely charged crystalline sand. In the center of this field is the temple. Mirah is encapsulated in it's own energy space, separate from the rest of the city.

The temple is not a building in which you would enter and abide in. It is made of pure crystal, created through high alchemy using sound. As you see in image on the screen, it is a pyramid within a sphere. This whole structure is what you might call an inter-dimensional star chamber.

Persons “entering” the temple stand on a platform (not seen in my images) at some distance from the temple, yet still within the inner courtyard. The sand acts as a medium of transfer. The individual chants a tone that opens the transfer passage and then the temple identifies that person via their DNA. Once this stage is accomplished that individual will be transported through the temple and into another dimensional quasite realm or “temple-city.

Temple-Cities of Korbola


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