Notice the stone outcropping inside the black square in the photograph of Glenlyon Valley above. This is a point from which the Sidhe guard the gate which is atop an adjacent ridge  a short distance away. The Sidhe guards the gate!


from the Thoth Akashic Archive:

The Gates of Ophira are portals between the human realm and the higher kingdom of the devas or nature beings. There are twelve of these portals. They are ancient beyond time as we know it, for they were created in the Earth period known as Eros, many millions of years ago. On the Earth there are several thousand meridians upon which these twelve gates may be entered.

The History of the Ophira and the Gates of Ophira

In the Hyperborean Epoch, long before the human-sidhe (devic) Tuatha de Dannan, another human-sidhe race was formed in an attempt to keep the two realms synergic with one another. This race was primarily sidhe or faire with some of the newly formed human genetic bonding. They were the Ophira. A human translation of this name would be ‘fire on the altar of the Sacred Mother, but it is more than can be assigned meaning in the mortal tongue.

The creation of the Ophira sidhe race took place in the last several thousand years before the complete demise of the Hyperborean epoch. The humans who interacted with the pure sidhe to form this race were from among the Nathanas, thus there was angelic blood in the mixture .

Understand that in the realm of faire, there is no death as we know it. Certainly plants and animals die, but the nature beings who work through the flora, fauna and minerals of the Earth do not go through a distinct life-death-life cycle as do humans. In the Hyperborean Epoch, the human cycle was less distinct, and at first almost the same as the faire, but toward the end of the epoch, humans had chosen to return to higher domains for purification between life force experiences. It was a far less entropic process than in later periods, but it was still a temporary separation from the planetary life force. Devic beings on the other hand, do not experience such a separation. Even when mixed with Earth genetics, if their faire blood is most prominent, they are immortal in their own realm. They do not need to venture outside of it in order to receive the knowledge of eternality. They will change forms within their realm's matrix, but this is transmorphing rather than reincarnation. They bear no children, for they maintain the form they choose directly through the Transcription of Light in a similar way as do the angelic beings. Many humans in the present as in the past, contain faire blood, but this has been sufficiently diluted to keep their souls within the field of the human realm and its reincarnating cycle.

The Ophira failed in their attempt to maintain mutability between the two ever-distancing realms of human and faire, largely due to the interference of the Nephilim. Most of the Ophira turned themselves back into the original star-streaming from whence the nature beings of this Earth originally came. However, some remain with the planet to this day. They do not exist within the lower realm of Earth, but instead maintain their own inter-dimension which they have created to sustain their world until the Earth as a whole returns to the full spectrum. This is true also of other High Devic beings of original First Matter. Together, all these devas (that chose to remain) exist in Abora, a realm between the greater and the lesser worlds. This is the obvious difference between the Ophira and the Tuatha de Dannan, for the latter were created long after the manifestation of the lesser world and dwell in Dubhue, the faire realm of the Secondary Zone or lesser world.

At the time when the Ophira were at odds with the Nephilim, the Ophira communicated to the Nephilim that they would secede to them a region on the Earth that was known as the Plain of Jappur. They would also create and maintain 12 gateways into the Skye Realm (a later term for Abora), and through these portals, the Ophira would return in the future to aid their Mother the Earth, and all of her Children including humans. This was in the epoch known as Eros, when the Nephilim were preparing an earthen region called the Plain of Jappur, (which in the Keys of Enoch is known as the Takla Makan Desert or Basin) in Central Asia, for their work in attempting to enter the creation matrices through the DNA of Earth. The Ophira were at that time using the Plain of Jappur as their primary place of interaction with the nature and human realms of the Secondary Zone. As the Keys of Enoch states, the Takla Makan Basin is “a Prime Vortex area”. Here, on this plain, did the Ophira / Nephilim battle ensue, which was part of a greater battle between the Lords of Light and the Nephilim. Rather than destroy the already delicate filaments of connectiveness between human and devic realms in further magical demonstrations of opposition, the Ophira decided to withdraw, and created the Gates of Ophira as their remaining link to the Secondary Zone.

According to the pact made between the Ophira and the Nephilim, the Ophira were to be given 500,000 of their years (different from ours) to build strength in their own realm without interference from the Nephilim, which would include any attempts at tampering with the Ophira Gates by the Nephilim. At the end of that time, the Ophira would return through the Gates and reclaim the Plain of Jappur as their mediation ground with the fallen zone. They would also begin to enter through the twelve Gates and allow those of Dubhue, the lesser nature kingdom, to enter into other areas of the human realm. Only those such as the Dannan, who are in basic alignment with the Metatronic full Light, would be allowed through the Gates from Dubhue.

Until that time, the Ophira created a branch of their race called the Khybar, as what might be called an elite guard to be the Watchers of these Gates. The Khybar appeared to me (Maia) in vision as beautiful, nude human-like beings of both male and female, astride white horses. It was later explained to her by Thoth that the devic energy of the horse, while not a pure star-stream, is a highly evolved messenger being, from which the Unicorns chose to create their physical imprint. The Khybar blend their Light with the horses to facilitate their position as guardians.

Throughout the eons, the Khybar have monitored and controlled the scant traffic between the higher Devic Kingdom and both the human and lesser devic realms. The realms of human and Dubhue faire are each fractured into several sub-zones. There have been a very few instances where humans have been allowed through the Gates, but only for a period of time, to be returned to their own realm. The same holds true for the lesser devas.

Thoth has said that soon the 500,000 years  or anui will be completed, and the Khybar will open the Gates for the Ophira and select others of both Abora and Dubhue faire realms to enter specific points in our World reality. This will not be a mass movement, and certainly not a migration. It will be instead a communion. This will begin to occur, subtly at first, soon after the year 2000. These High Devas will be witnessed as are the Extra-Terrestrials at this current time, the difference being that their interactions with humans will be less intrusive. Yet it will be more obvious than the Ultra-Terrestrial presence is now.

The animal species of the Earth will respond. They will change age-old patterns of the fallen reality and begin to act strange to human understanding. This will be the Nature One's path to becoming more aligned to true Metatronic consciousness.

Our friends Barry & Theresa Dunford in Scotland live near Glenlyon and conduct tours in the region.  Barry is also the author of "The Holy Land of Scotland." Their website is SACRED CONNECTIONS.

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