Power Markers of the Ancients

On the continent of Lemuria (Mu) and later Atlantis, foursquare stones were set upon major ley line nodes. These stones were called by different names through the ages, but essentially they were known as "Mother Stones." Since "mother"  was "ma" and also "mu," I am choosing to call my versions of these markers, Mu Stones. I have placed my Mu Stones in the Earth Temple section as these are my contemporary versions of the Stones and I feel contain living energy pertinent to the Earth Temple we now live in, being responsive to current earth grids systems.

The similaries between my Mu Stones and those of the ancients are as follows:

1) They are both stone cubes (from 8 to 10 feet tall)  with a precisely positioned hole through the upper half of the cube through which a particular object may be seen.

2) The "objects" relate to one of five representations: 

a) Sun (focused on the sun at precise time of day / year aligned to the energy shifts of that particular node)   b) Moon (focused on moon at precise time of day / month algined to the energy shifts of that particular node)   c) Fire (element of fire)   d) Water  (element of water)  e) Earth (element of earth...often flora)  Air or "Wind" as seen as the element which moved through the All, and therefore not represented by a single Stone.

3) Inscriptions or carvings decorate the Mu Stones, representing the energies felt by the creator of the Stone.

I have chosen designs for my Mu Stones that come from ancient cultures, but not as old as Lemuria or Atlantis.

I feel that my Mu Stone images contain a mixture of the ancient and the current in vibration for healing....both personal and planetary.  The people of Lemuria and Atlantis would often go to the Stones and touch them while opening to the energy of the Mu Stones focusing presence.


The Gallery


ABORA ~ Sunstone

The Solar Presence moves through the cells, interacting with our Light Bodies and aligning them to the center of the solar system, through which our being is connected to the center of the universe and ultimately to the center of Source. Yet "Source" is a Hologram that exists within our own heart-atoma-energy black hole. Thus. the solar path leads us to our own "sun" within.

ELAM ~ Waterstone

Water is our solvent. It radiates the first experience of life in the womb and issues us forth into new births of self-discovery. Our bodies are largely water as is our planet. We are in elemental essence "water creatures" who raise up from the deep to open our eyes to the stars.

ENAK ~ Firestone

Fire is our messenger of Spirit. It hones us in the Flame and quickens the stone in us to life. It gets our attention, it awes as and inspires us. Yet we fear it. For Inner Fire is reflected in the outer flame; and for the most part, our souls have yet to embrace the "fire that does not burn." To accept the Flame-Self is to know the true Beauty of the Soul.

PADMAN ~ Earthstone

Earth is our treasure chest. It mirrors the cool, the warm, the comforting, as well as the dazzling and powerful. We are children of the Earth, who is the mother of our elemental hopes and dreams. She proceeds us into the greater experience and we cannot imagine life without Her. Yet, as all mother's recognize, there will come a time to cut the cord and the Child will move out into new realms of thought, feeling, experience and responsibility.

TIKA ~ Moonstone

The Moon prays with us. She holds our faces to her and breathes her song into our being. She is a our guardian, our witness, and at times, our temptress. To know our Moon Self, is to experience the tides wtihin our bodies and souls. To become intimate with our own inner creatures and be at peace with their instinctive natures.

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