This article is from issue 1 - 1999 of Temple Doors

The Future-Now & the Templa Mar

This article was written by Simeon Nartoomid in 1999 as a distillation of several writings by Maia on this topic. Maia also added some new (at the time) pieces of information which were not included in Simeon's article.

The Templa Mar matrix or temple is also referred to, in previous information we have published, as the 'Temple of the Emerald Mar,' and 'TOTEM.' In this article we will use the term 'Templa Mar' to describe it.

The Templa Mar is a specific inner-planes matrix which was programmed to enter the earth's linear time-line in 1993, from a distant point in the future 'New Earth Star,' or ascended reality. This inner planes matrix is to be differentiated from an 'earth grid,' in that, while it interacts with the current-time earth and has geo-physical points upon which it is anchored, it's true location is in future dimension of this planet's reality. Furthermore, the Templa Mar spans various associated universal reality systems.The Templa Mar's place of true anchoring is located in the future city of Korbola, which finds its point of cohesion geophysically on the current earth in the area of Masada, near the Dead Sea in Israel. Masada holds Light codes within the matter of the current earth, which form a template for the future-time city of Korbola. Thus, they share the same etheric space, but in different time fields.

The Templa Mar's Cosmic Aspects

The Templa Mar is established under the Archangel Metatron, by Thoth. Within Metatron's sphere of activity are the Seraphimic angelic Order of the Ennead, and its sub-Order called the 'Shoalomite.' Also falling within the domain of Metatron is the Hierarchy of the Office of the Christ.

The Shoalomite are lesser Seraphimic angels under the Ennead, who manifest through celestial radials interpolated with the RANNA Time Wave AND the earth plane at certain temporal points in time. The name 'Shoalomite' is translated as "they who come to the shore." The "shore" in this understanding is the brink between the sleep of our unawakened consciousness and the Great Dreamtime, or greater awareness.

The Shoalomite come to the earth only when summoned in a specific way. There were ancient migrants from the Atlantean province of Ruta, known as the Khoferans, who dwelt in the Assyrian lands. The Khoferans summoned the Shoalomite and brought them through the veil, but not entirely. An analogy would be the Shoalomite 'hydroplaning' into earth's real-time ether, as if upon the surface of a still pool. They enter this reality, but not fully, rather leaving their cosmic ripples upon the earthen waters (ether). The Khoferans called this process 'Araku,' which means "to bind in Light by burning a path, trace, or mark upon the ethers." This is an important understanding; for when the Shoalomite enter into Araku with the earth, they not only come as messengers of the divine word, but as powerful energy forms which have the ability to de-polarize entropic patterns in matter, and to reactivate the M-STRA molecule, or divine codes within the DNA.

The creation of a Taychon Vault in 1993 opened a greater field of access for the Shoalomite, when summoned. A Taychon Vault is a chamber within the Templa Mar, which was created through a cooperative effort in synergy between the 'Isis Templars,' a group which has since been replaced by the Guardians of the Paraclete, and the Overlords of the Templa Mar. The Shoalomite will not only be able to utilize the path opened by the Taychon Vault in the Templa Mar, but they will in turn activate it to an even greater level of access for a future event.

The Taychon Vault radiates blue sapphire, amethystine violet and diamond white Light. Through these 'gem fires,' it creates a field of overlay between the three polarity universes (positive-neutral-negative) and the three millenniums. The latter is a term for the divisions of all time which exists outside of the RANNA Time Wave. The overall format--which is formed by the composite dynamics of the sapphire-amethystine-diamond Light, the three polarity universes, and the three millenniums--develops a composite positioning of stellar influences which forms the Path of Azuma. Azuma is the Quetzalcoatl archetype in an earlier High Mayan cosmology. The Path of Azuma is a specific 'Zuvuya,' which is defined in The Mayan Oracle, by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner, as: "The galactic memory circuit by which all things return to themselves. The return path to the stars. The grammar of harmony. The thirteenth or highest heaven of the Maya." This memory circuit links our universe with the other two universes, thereby allowing access between all dimensions and millenniums of being.

The guardians of the Templa Mar are called the 'Kyoptos.' These are the beings that hold the Stations of Anubis, once a mystery school focus unto themselves, but now which exist solely within the etheric. The Kyoptos are Preparers of the Way for those who enter the Underworld, or inner dimensions of time-space. They are currently integrating with earth-devic consciousness as wolves and sometimes coyotes and foxes, but to the Egyptians they were jackals, and associated with Sirius. The Kyoptos do not have any understanding of indecision, fear, and lesser ego. They know only the passage of wisdom through knowledge of truth. Thus, those who would choose to interact with the Kyoptos should be sure they truly desire, and are ready to receive, that which they ask of them.

As a mystery school focus, the Stations of Anubis were created by Thoth in his incarnation as Raismes of Aphra. Anubis was in fact created from an aspect of the 'Sahu' energy body of Thoth. If you will remember, Thoth is the master architect of the Templa Mar as well, thus it becomes apparent that the Kyoptos/Anubis/Templa Mar dynamic is an extension of his being par excellence.

The Templa Mar's Current Earth Interface

Thoth and other Illumined beings are able to move back and forth through time; or perhaps it would be more correct to say that their beingness encompasses all time as we know it. Therefore, these beings can enter the New Earth Star of the future at will. Thoth designed and established a main temple in Korbola that holds specific Light codes for the transmission of consciousness through time-space. Then he created crystalline pathways, or synapses, from Korbola to the crystalline grid installed by this mystery temple upon the Mogollon Rim in Arizona, in 1994. Several persons involved at that time in the inner core work of the Mazzaroth On Nathai Templum Mysterium--formerly the Star of Isis Mystery School--traveled to the Mogollon Rim and installed a physical and crystalline grid and altar into the earth there, working with specific procedures as given by Thoth. The main Templa Mar dynamic in Korbola was then anchored into our space-time reality via these synapses. These synapses find their path between the Mogollon Rim and Korbola, via Masada.

The Mogollon Rim acts as a receptive resonating field. The Templa Mar dynamic is now preparing the Mogollon Rim for its future function. This function will be one which facilitates the reunion of various spiritual power points throughout space-time. This reunion will involve the spiritual essence of these places/events coming together, not only with each other, but also with the RANNA Time Wave. Thus, the Mogollon Rim anchor point serves to ground higher Light forms through which sentient consciousness may commune and build healing forms together. This interaction forms a Light Language of its own, which is created by souls in communion with each other through the Templa Mar dynamic. As this Light Language penetrates through the Kali Rift, and passes into the RANNA Time Wave via the Templa Mar as an intermediary contact point, the Kali Rift can be worked upon for planetary time-fracture healing from a greater place of stability and awareness.

On a sacred journey which this mystery temple facilitated to Egypt, Sinai, Jordan and Israel in November of 1997, a small company of us visited the ruins of Masada in Israel. These ruins sit atop an impressive plateau overlooking the Dead Sea. It was a profound experience for many reasons, but the one most relative to this article is that we made a very conscious link to the future Korbolan city which coexists with Masada in a space-time overlap. It was quite profound, as we were given a direct interaction with one of the Korbolans named Yani Houka. He took us through a specific ceremonial initiation which remains vivid in our minds to this day.

This particular area of the earth (Masada) was chosen to be the interface with Korbola aeons ago, when the Sun Bow Clan set the codes within the geo-physical earth for the time of ascension. There are specific areas of the earth called Golden Taya Allotments, which hold specific codes for ascension inserted by the Sun Bow Clan in those ancient times. Only 20% of the earth's surface area is encoded in this way and, thus, only those portions will actually ascend. Masada and the Dead Sea are just such an area. In addition to having the correct codes for ascension, the area of the Dead Sea--claiming portions of Jordan, Israel and the Sinai--is one of the future 'gates' of this ascension grid, referred to as the 'Osiris Center.' This gate, along with the 'Isis Center' on Easter Island, will open in the earth as additional chakra points for the planet, just prior to ascension into the New Earth Star reality at the 'Light Principle Forty' event (LP-40 ascension). As the Osiris Center, the Masada/Dead Sea region is a prime facilitator for the whole ascension program for earth.

The ascension program for the earth does not end after it enters the New Earth Star reality. This is an ongoing process which eventually links many dimensions, realities and space-time continua together. It is somewhat analogous to the myth of Isis and Osiris, in which the latter is cut into fourteen pieces by his evil brother, Set, who scatters these pieces across the world. Osiris is then restored to wholeness by Isis, who seeks out and finds thirteen of these parts, and then re-creates the fourteenth. Osiris is resurrected by Isis through the gathering together of his parts as a result of her great love for him. In the same manner, the earth will also be resurrected by the eventual merging together of its various parts which are spread out through space-time, and across various alternate realities and dimensions. A major step in this process will be accomplished through what is being called the 'ascension,' but by no means is that the end of it.

Yet another factor in Korbola/Masada's part in the earth ascension dynamics is the fact that they sit on a key 'plythea,' or pillar-node for the Layooesh Pillar of Deliverance, in its interface with the New Earth Star reality. The Layooesh Pillar, which extends through the 44:44 stargate between the old earth and the new earth, is referred to as the 'Skittuim.' It is the main transport mechanism for the ascension, and also maintains stability between the various parts of the whole New Earth Star dynamic as it comes together into a cohesive reality system. In the New Earth Star reality, there are specific points or nodes where the Skittuim interfaces with it. The city of Korbola is positioned intentionally on one of these pillar-nodes. Although they are not yet activated, there are such plythea in the old earth--our current earth--as well. The twelve gates of the Ascension Temple matrix associated with the Golden Taya Allotments are also pillar-nodes, as is the Temple of the Risen One, or Great Pyramid. The Layooesh finds its primary calibration between the New Earth Star and the current earth, via the Korbola-Masada dynamic link, with the other Templa Mar satellite sites serving as reference points for further stability.

We will now take a better look at the Mogollon Rim anchoring, its link to Masada and Korbola, and how that facilitates the other satellite anchor points for the Templa Mar on the current earth. Masada is the primary interface for the Templa Mar future-consciousness translation into current earth reality.

Ref: see the article entitled 'The Pillar and the Rose Project & Maha Ratri / Maha Rhim' in Temple Doors issue 1-97 for further information on the Skittuim and Layooesh Pillars of Light.

Yet this future-consciousness needs to have an intelligent 'command center' established to distribute and interface its Light codes with the current earth's reality structure. Thus, the command center allows the Light codes being transmitted from the future through the Temple Mar, to be of use in the current earth's ascension programs of Light. Without such an interface as the command center, the future Light codes would be largely unintelligible within our time frame. This is the purpose behind Thoth's request for the installation of the Mogollon Rim grid in 1994. It serves as the command center which allows the Hierarchy to attenuate the crystalline grid of the earth from this point, in order to decode and feed specific Light codes into the various satellite sites at the appropriate times. The Masada dynamic could exist without the Mogollon Rim dynamic, but not the reverse. However, the Masada dynamic would not be of much use without the Mogollon Rim command center, unless another such center was established in a suitable location.

At this time there are five satellite locations which the Mogollon Rim command center is feeding and modulating: Split Rock on Western Lake Superior in Minnesota--anchored in 1994; Crestone, Colorado--anchored in 1994; Kilauea Crater rim, Hawaii--anchored in 1997; Mt. Schiehallion, Scotland--anchored in 1998; a location in Topanga Canyon, California--anchored in 2003. The earth anchor points for the Templa Mar are chosen in accordance with a certain set of criteria as follows:

1) The site must be on a main earth meridian, and generally it is desirable for it to be on a node where major ley lines or meridians intersect each other.

2) The site must have a regional 'consciousness' that can be of benefit to those accessing the Templa Mar future-consciousness translation, and which is in resonance with that future vector. In other words, the area must have powerful ancient earth spirits and ancestral blood-consciousness memory. The reason for this criteria is that the future-consciousness, being transmitted through the Templa Mar dynamic, must be modulated into the planetary field upon a resonant harmonic waveform, thus altering both of them and in effect forming a 'bridge of Light' between the current planetary mind and the future planetary mind. If there were too many dissonant factors present in the local earth spirit/regional consciousness for any reason, this would seriously affect the 'bridge.'

3) The area must be fairly easily accessible to Light workers, since willing human beings are needed to facilitate the installation of the Templa Mar grid at any given geo-physical location.

The Templa Mar will need more anchor points in the current earth reality as time progresses. The anchoring of these points is a sequential process of unfoldment, orchestrated by the Hierarchy. This is necessary in order to link the time-translation field of the Templa Mar, and the consciousness it is intended to 'feed' into our reality, to the living Gaia soul-mind. The various anchoring procedures given by the Hierarchy form specific geo-physical attunements through the individuals involved, which enable this process to take place. The Hierarchy monitors the effect of the Templa Mar future-consciousness translations into the planetary mind. When the latter has assimilated to a specific level that which it has been offered, another satellite location is added to accelerate that infusion to the next level. The choice of site location is critical also, in that one suitable site may be much more potentially powerful than another. While the planetary mind may be ready for a further acceleration, it may not be deemed ready for that great an infusion. Thus, a lesser site may be chosen as an in-between phase, or step up into the next level.

The Templa Mar has no specific interface with earth grids per se, and yet it does interface with the effect those earth grids have upon the world consciousness. The Templa Mar operates in a highly intelligent modality, connecting more with soul level consciousness than with magnetic consciousness systems. However, other grid systems do have an effect on the Templa Mar, and vice-versa; yet this 'effect' comes through the human soul intelligence that is working with both systems, and is not the result of a direct grid to grid exchange. Thus, in truth, the Templa Mar was created to interact with human souls, and not with magnetic earth grids or systems. As it breathes, so the soul breathes, and when the breath of the human soul has come into true synchronization with the pulsing signal-breath of the Templa Mar, that soul will realize its future-consciousness.

The Templa Mar's Interface With Humanity

The Templa Mar also contains a sub-reality of its own, which human spiritual initiates may enter in order to re-access specific Light programs encoded within their Light bodies and DNA. These Light programs are also held within the greater past-present-future continuum awaiting our 'return.' Once reactivated, these programs of Light will allow the souls who have accessed them to rejoin the universal family of the Adam Kadmon, which is also known as the 'Uni-manity League.'

The Templa Mar serves as a tool to help humanity prepare for the full impact of ascension energetics, and to bring about coherency between the various human energy bodies. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Ascension energetics will be most powerful and blissful to those who are adequately prepared, but could be quite difficult if much disharmony remains among the various human energy bodies. It is the Hierarchy's wish that humanity be given a full measure of divine Grace for this preparation, and the Templa Mar is one way that is being administered.

As part of this Grace factor, humanity's link with the RANNA Time Wave will also be healed to the next level through the activity of the Templa Mar dynamic, in conjunction with certain elemental beings. A portion of our beingness has become separated from the RANNA Time Wave--the time component of our true origins--through the formation of the Kali Rift. The Templa Mar serves to balance the interaction between earth-incarnate souls and other highly evolved elemental beings, i.e. cetaceans and unicorns. These specific elemental beings operate more freely in other dimensions, alternate realities and time zones, and have a greater portion of their beingness still within the RANNA. This greater balance effected by the Templa Mar lessens the time-fracture distortions that are currently present in our interactions with these elemental beings, and that limit our ability to truly commune with them. These elemental beings represent an aspect of humanity which has not been fully separated from the RANNA Time Wave by the Kali Rift. Thus, through a more balanced interaction with them, we can reclaim that which is our true heritage. Elemental beings such as dolphins, whales and unicorns are able to holographically receive the signal-breath which is emanating from the Templa Mar future-consciousness translations much more fully than are humans. This is because of their holographic brain-wave functioning, which allows a higher degree of resonance with this future-consciousness signal than is currently possible for incarnate humanity. These elemental beings take this signal-breath and incorporate it into their own reality spectrum, which is part of the elemental planetary mind, thus helping to 'seed' it for humanity to access within its own elemental aspects. This elemental aspect of humanity is the cellular consciousness. Therefore, the dolphins, whales, unicorns and other highly evolved elemental beings are able to hologram this future consciousness into the cellular aspect of humanity. They do this in a way which transcends the need to progressively evolve the human mind in order to reprogram the DNA so that the cells may operate within their full hologram once again.

On November 4, 1993, the 'Tribelight' signal became operative within the Templa Mar dynamic. This signal is a specific Light encoding that unites the Templa Mar with Tribelight. Tribelight is a specific frequency or 'channel' which is broadcast by an ancient Order, from a location beneath the Potala in Lhasa, Tibet. The Tribelight frequency carries positive and enlightening knowledge in the form of symbols and light pictographs, which can be intercepted by the human brain in deep alpha through theta states, usually during sleep within dream experience. Once the Templa Mar 'locked on' to the Tribelight signal, its future-consciousness translations became part of the Dreamtime experience for many souls on and within the earth--specifically the Inner Earth races. This signal also allows the highly evolved devic-elemental beings greater access and communion with the Templa Mar dynamics. Cetaceans and unicorns have the capacity to create various subtle etheric membranes from the Templa Mar energetics, which in turn become higher definition codes for the planetary elemental/cellular consciousness.