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Northern Door

From the manifest of the North the light streams to the center of the earth. It is the entry door for the stellar patterns that guide the planet in its motion through space; and the angelic signals that facilitate the physical and spiritual evolution of all life forms.

In the Templa Mar matrix, the Northern Door opens to bring these star codes into the Holy of Holies of the matrix, so that the Templa Mar is attuned to and moves with the planetary field, and is sensitive to the evolutionary cycles.

Keynote Receptors: stellar patterns, angelic signals

Southern Door

From the sacred vessel of the South, the earth is sustained and nurtured by the life-giving pulse emanating from all nature.

In the Templa Mar matrix, the Southern Door opens to the bright seed of heart light in the interior of the earth and throughout all of nature's abundance. This opening allows the fullness of Gaia to fill the matrix of the "Sea Temple" (Templa Mar).

Keynote Receptors: elementals, faerie, Sidhe...all natural impulse and being

Path of the Mother

Whereas the Southern Door allows nature entry into the matrix, the Path of the Mother offers it the soul of the earth. This is the most sacred breath of Gaia that fills the energy system of the Templa Mar. With each breath of the Earth Soul, so the matrix of the Templa Mar is infused with her sacred presence, as represented in the crystal egg of her womb.

Keynote Receptors: divine feminine, breath, soul light

Heel Stone

Purifier of all forms of illusion through achieving the still point amidst chaos. In the Templa Mar, the Heel Stone allows the matrix to be stable, to align only to the heart in the center of being. Yet the "heel" supports the weight of the whole. It is therefore a most primal surge of power frozen in the moment of refinement, when love embraces the chaos and cools the emotion to become the spiritual fire that does not burn.

Keynote Receptors: transformation, still point, primal power embraced by love

Horizon of Thoth

Passage from EAST to WEST of the time continuum. Thoth, as the measurer of time instructs the Muses in the weaving of their web of fate (that which is created out of the web of mind). The Horizon of Thoth balances, distributes and calibrates the streaming of time consciousness within the matrix.

Keynote Receptors: streaming of time, the balance of time and no-time, distribution of order and measure

Creation Pillar

The foundation of the earth temple as a creational system. In the matrix, it is the foundational pillar of substantiation upon which all form and system perpetuates the components of the whole.

Keynote Receptors: creation, foundation, substantiation, Alpha and Omega

Tree of Knowledge

The fruit of the tree is extended to it a gift or a curse? Neither. It is the structural tension through which the tempering of the soul is achieved. In the Templa Mar, the Tree of Knowledge offers pathways to travel, yet all point lead nowhere until the matrix becomes the crucible of the heart.

Keynote Receptors: knowledge, pathways, structural tension

Dweller of Divine Fire

Thrones of the Elohim or "Creator Gods." The Universal Hierarchy streams through the Elohim points in the earth, stirring the Divine Fire in the crucible. The Dweller of Divine Fire is the Hierophant who orchestrates the solar initiations in the earth. In the Templa Mar, this "crucible" is the holy of holies where all pathways meet. The Temple of The Gods contains the Mithraic flame high in the wilderness atop the world that sends the signal of divine charge into the core of the earth.

Keynote Receptors: hierarchy, instigation of divine command

Holy of Holies

The center of the planet where the innermost "first fire" flames eternal. This is the heart chamber of the Templa Mar.

Keynote Receptors: heart, center, most holy

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