Meditative Process to Work With the Templa Mar

Preliminary Info: In the New Earth Star city of Korbola, souls are able to create with the power of their minds. Thus, many large and beautiful structures, all very sacred and aligned energetically to the divine human template, are present. The Temple of Mirah is one such exquisite place there. Its first structure is a long white marble building called the Great Hall, containing 365 columns, each one the approximate size of those found in the once magnificent Greek Parthenon. Upon each pillar is 'written' the history of a cycle or phase of the human experience in the greater universe, with earth's role being represented on only one of those pillars.

This Great Hall, called the 'Oustrae,' leads to a pyramid twice the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is also white, but composed of a future gem called 'White Sapphire.' It is a sparkling gem. Inside this magnificent structure are many wonders, most of which we cannot begin to explore in this guided journey. Let us begin.

Meditation: Make yourself comfortable, and take seven deep slow breaths. Now envision yourself in the future city of Korbola, on top of the narrow plateau near the Dead Sea, which is currently the site of Masada. You stand before the Korbolan Temple of Mirah.

Proceed by entering the Great Hall. You need not concern yourself with walking--simply glide through the hall, passing each illustrious column of human history, each column representing a passage of the soul within the Adam Kadmon (human) form.

Feel the Light-life of your being accept this history as part of your personal passage through time, the eons rolling away to allow you to embrace ALL that you are in the moment!

As you come to the entrance of the White Sapphire pyramid--named the 'Ptah-Ha-Atal'--within the Mirah Temple complex, you pause to gaze upon the brilliant, iridescent peacock colors of the door. They appear Moorish in design, but this 'door' was not the product of an ancient Moor. It does not open or shut. You find that it is composed of pure auric Light. As you adjust your own aura to the vibration of the Ptah-Ha-Atal, you move right through the door with ease.

Once inside the small antechamber of the Ptah-Ha-Atal, you are embraced in a soft crystalline pink Light. You become absorbed in the Light, as if your whole form vibrates with that frequency and quality. Once you have merged your being with the crystalline pink Light, you find yourself traveling through a tunnel of this Light, deep into the Templa Mar's etheric realm.

When you come to a halt, you are surrounded by 11 beautiful silver-white wolves with blue eyes, and one powerful, magnificent black wolf with golden amber eyes. These creatures hold the Kyoptos field around you, protecting and empowering your true animus nature. The black wolf represents 'Anpu,' an aspect of the actual Anubis entity who is the 'Sahu' of Thoth.

Look into the golden-amber eyes of Anpu. He brings you the memory of your Fall from Grace, and the path of your Rising into the Eternal. You must acknowledge your Fall in order to embrace the Sacred Rising.

Anpu, the Dweller of the Threshold, seeks you as his prey. He is a Lion of God in this context, who accepts you as you surrender to the devouring Spirit, which consumes you within the Fire That Does Not Burn--that Flame of Love which purifies gracefully.

As you pass through the Flame of this experience, the remaining 11 silver-white wolves circle ever closer around you, their blue eyes creating a vaulted sky above, their soft warm fur touching your shimmering etheric energy body. They give you their warmth, their power, their spiritual passage into the pure undefiled Light of Metatron.

The all-consuming vault of blue now becomes a sea, stretching out upon the firmament of the New Earth Star. Its blue becomes turquoise, and then a deeper, emerald green. You find yourself floating comfortably in the folds of the Emerald Sea, which correlates to the Dead Sea on our current earth. One by one, nine dolphins make a playful appearance before you. Each comes forward individually, to receive your touch and to commune with you. You feel their intelligence and love for your soul as a tangible wave moving through your heart center.

They now begin to swim around, swift and gracefully, creating various Light tracings within your nine Adam Kadmonic energy bodies. You feel and see holographic images appearing around and in you, as a result of the holographic transfer of Metatronic Light codes between the dolphin's brain/mind and your own innate spiritual intelligence.

Now the dolphins begin to swim around you in a clockwise circle, faster and faster, creating a vortex at the center, where your etheric body is floating in the water. You feel the pull of the vortex upon you. Do not be afraid. There is power in this vortex, but also grace. Allow it to pull you under the current. You are traveling down the funnel of water and into the center of the earth.

You now find yourself in a brilliant field of yellow sunflowers, a gentle sun filtering down through a crystalline sky, refracting rainbows into your etheric body. You are within the central realm of the New Earth Star planet. You feel a presence, and turn to see a blazing white unicorn standing among the sunflowers, her violet-blue eyes penetrating your being. Next to her is her baby, clinging shyly to one side of her flank, and peeking at you with a questioning and yet trusting look.

The mother is called 'Seraphim,' and the infant, 'Cherubim.' Heart-speak with them, for they reside within you.

After your sacred time with Seraphim and Cherubim, lie down in the soft bed of flowers, close your eyes and return to the 'now' moment. But always remember,

"Hail, ye divine beings who guard the doors, make ye for me a way, for behold, I am liken unto you."