The Archetypes


In working with the Sacred, one enters the realm of what we shall call here ‘mentors’ and ‘archetypes’. Mentors are all manner of ensouled or angelic beings of Light who are in your space to assist you on your journey. Archetypes are somewhat more difficult to comprehend in our way of thinking. There are various levels of archetypes, the more mundane definition being any composite of attributes which is identified in a specific symbology, and further, repeatedly accessed in a determinate focus by many minds. Under this umbrella of definition, such divergent forms as ‘Coca-Cola’ and ‘Michael Jackson’ could both qualify as archetypal presentations. But as we move deeper into the Presence which encompasses the science of archetypification, we find much more ancient and powerful archetypal beings. We must use the word ‘beings’ loosely in regard to our understanding, but they are a form of sentience which has been created in various ways. To further clarify, I have put together a basic definitive of these types:

1) Mundane Archetypes (non-sentient): Any ‘label’ with which many people can identify, which is non-living, such as a popular product or value. These are the lowest, most often violated archetypes. They are usually a creation of mass planetary consciousness, and thus inertia, and may even carry strong negative charges; although some can be very positive.

2) Mortal Archetypes: associated with living or once-living human or animal beings, developed as a result of the lifetime of that being. This could include anyone from Marilyn Monroe to Hitler, but not Jesus Christ or Buddha, for although they once lived in the mortal realm, the presence of their archetype was created before their births.

3) Immortal Archetypes: Here we find Jesus, Buddha, and a host of other once-living persons such as Horus and Thoth. While human beings filled these ‘slots’ at one time, the archetypes they personified and built upon were created by illumined non-incarnated souls long before these persons lived. Most of the ‘Immortals’ are of a highly refined spiritual Light, although some have been ‘turned’ by powerfully negative forces. Ironically, these forces fed from the fears of the sentient consciousness of this planet.

4) Primordial Archetypes: The most ancient and removed from our conception of ‘what is’. These are sentient archetypes which have never been attached to an ensouled being. Their ‘consciousness’ is omni-present and not consigned to a persona or personalization. This consciousness was created through angelic resonance or ‘sounding’ in the creational fires of the universe. Some of these Primordials were drawn to this planet through the Earth’s own creation-resonance; and since then, they have become mutable with our planetary consciousness. An example of such an archetype is Sekhmet. She has also been expressed as Ishtar, Innana and Kali; and is revealed in several other cultural formats. Yet they all represent the same Primordial archetype. Most ‘Earth descended’ Primordials are not known to us, for they have not survived the pen of historians.

Primordial archetypes are largely a power, a force of a specific qualification. To broaden the stroke of the brush in painting you a picture of a Primordial, we will profile the most dynamic one of our world: ‘Gaia’ or the Earth Herself. Within this planet resides a Primordial being. Her ‘body’ is the planet we live upon. We may speak poetically of the ‘soul of the Earth’, but in fact we are Her soul; and She our archetypal vessel into Spirit. When summoning or working with a Primordial archetype, one must first have clarity in their intent and a measure of balance within their duality. If not, the ancient, creative forces of these beings will devour the personal shell we fondly call our ‘identity’. This would be a positive transformation if that soul were spiritually evolved to the level of accepting such a ‘leap into the void’. If not, it could be a seriously dis-orienting experience. Thus, it is best to interact with Primordials with the intent that you are not wishing to draw the whole being into your experience, but only that portion which your ‘self’ can integrate. As with all sentient archetypes, intent is the program manager of the cosmic web in which they dwell.

How to Work with the Mentors and Archetypes

There are many ways one may enter the matrix of interaction with mentors and archetypes. What is given here is a suggested format through which you may create a link to that matrix and allow your Higher Self to take you further from that point.

With a mentor, it is a matter of relaxation and summoning. First you relax your physical system so that you can receive communion from the Radiant Ones in a deep level of your cellular being and not just in the mental-emotional body.

Then think of the Higher Lords and feel your love for them and theirs for you. Once the heart is singing with this Light, you simply call upon the mentors. Do not qualify your need at first. Allow an association to build, to move through your inner experience. Then, when you feel this bond take place, you may state your request (if indeed you have one). Be sure you are prepared to receive the help for which you are asking, without the personal lens of qualification you may have applied to it. Mentors of Light will always guide you toward the essence of the matter, and not the outer form.

Before calling upon an archetype, relaxation is again important. Once ready for the actual summoning, one should think of the matrix involved as a ‘temple’ with a specific ‘entry code’ and structure. As you come to the door of the temple, you request entrance. Once inside, observe the signs that await you. Archetypes are by nature, hidden in their full expression from the soul of the seeker. Do not press the issue for full disclosure. Instead, observe the signs and symbols. If you are not too adept in visualizing, feelings can be just as communicative. Once you have integrated to a degree with the ‘temple’, you may see or feel an aspect of the actual archetype itself. When an archetype is presented to you, open your being and take that archetype (or archetypal aspect) within you so you become it. Here is where your personal identity may become a bit slippery. Ask that you be able to maintain both your Higher Self identity and what is being brought to you by the archetype in equal balance and parity. Lower self identifications will quite possibly fall away, at least during and possibly for sometime after the merging. It is not advisable to try this at first with Primordials, begin instead with the Immortals. In doing so, the soul entity who is incorporated into the Immortal archetype will very often help you into a smooth merging with its archetype. With the Primordials, there is no soul-being to help you, only the power and vastness of the universal energy form you are interacting with.

This mutable state of oneness with the archetype should last no more than a few moments. At that point, the archetype moves through you and into a field in which it takes with it that part of you that needs expression in its realm. Here you become more involved with your own personal experience in which you may have revelations on many levels of awareness.

An important note: when the archetype is merging with you, do not form an attachment to it or to its definition. Simply embrace and release.

In order for true synergy between an ensouled mortal and an Immortal or Primordial archetype to take place, the Adam Kadmon template within the human form will become the interfacing mechanism. The ‘Adam Kadmon’ is the original universal prototype for the human race. After the ‘Fall’ of the Adamic Race the human form was greatly altered, not so much in appearance but in Light-engendered substance, but humanity still maintains the program codes for the template of this ‘Sacred Hue-Mon Being’. Thus, it is through this template that the archetypes link into our divinity. There are certain points upon the human body where this interfacing occurs. These links form specific archetypal ‘workings’. The sacred magick of the Atlanteans and Egyptians amongst others, contained a highly defined science concerning these interfaces and how to ‘open’ them and for what purposes. Most of these procedures are not for the un-initiated, but I am guided to write about it briefly here so that you may receive in energy-essence the larger scope of our relationship with the archetypes. What has been presented to you in this chapter concerning them is but a mere slice of the whole apple, yet it will hopefully serve to give you an overview of the essence and nature of archetypes both universally and in our lives.


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