Through the Mouth of the Lion

Sekhmet as an Archetype (excerpt)

"I am She who is the Blood Rose, the Walker of Eternity who penetrates all things seen and unseen with the uncompromising sight of the Solar Mind. I have come clothed in many names: Tosmulektai, Hamemp, Dalia, Rasii and Sekhmet, among them. Before the Gods of Earth I came. I advanced from the Great Cosom, the Cloud of the Ismem, the First Born. From my Lyon and Hu-mon form, I coalesce the Prima Matra of each into the blood of the Eternal Fire. I am both the wave and the rider of the wave, for I was formed from within the Mind and simultaneously without, in the realm of non-Mind.

"Yea, in my Chariot, I am become Sun, the Sol-Ra of perpetual creation. I am both the Widow in Shadows and the Lighted Lady. I seek that which has been torn from my heart, and in doing so I stalk the desolate spaces. Yet to those who call me, I lift my lamp to the Soul."

Tehuti has told me that he "comes from the mouth of Sekhmet." He explains that Sekhmet is a later version of an ancient sacred archetype, one of the Ismem, the primordial archetypes through which the Earth's beginning archetypal patterns were established. While all the Egyptian ‘Gods'. However, having been so empowered in his service he is also an archetype or focus for attunement to higher mind in the archetypal form of Thoth (Tehuti, Hermes, Mercury). On the other hand, Sekhmet has never been an ensouled being. ‘She' is a composition of sentient thought from many minds more ancient than the human mind may possibly comprehend in its limited view of time and the universe. Her later image was mutated, but her divine center remains.

The Egyptians inherited their knowledge of Her from Atlantis, who in turn, received Her from Lemuria. She has appeared to certain cultures independently as well. However, through each culture's lens Her form becomes mutable with the consciousness giving Her a portal to humanity. Her core essence is unchanged, but Her outer form and persona is somewhat altered by the sentience that embraces Her. The first, most ancient Egyptian ‘Sekhmet' contains much of Her original essence. The lion / human form comes from the lion-headed ones of Sirius who gave Tosmulektai Her final transformation before she merged with the Earth. Unless otherwise stated, in this article, ‘Sekhmet' refers to Her most ancient form, synonymous with Tosmulektai.

She is also embodied in the Babylonian Ishtar, who appears in the Bible as Ashtoreth, Anath, Asheraah, or Esther, the Queen of Heaven; and the Goddess Kore who was prevalent in many world religions.

Sekhmet is the ‘Opener of the Third Eye', not so much as a psychic sense, but as a transmission of primordial power from its fallen seat at the base of the spine to its original position as the portal of manifestation between the Sacred Tonal (throat) and the Crown Star (top of head). Thus, Tosmulektai or Sekhmet is also the ‘Bringer of Fire', for She ignites the third eye with the primordial ‘first flame' of eternal sight. Her power is not of the Earth. She is not, as is Isis, Sophia or Mari, an indwelling principality of this planet's feminine pillar. She arrives from the most ancient reaches of the Cosmos to reclaim Her lost children, that portion of souls who separated from Her domain eons before the Earth was a thought in the Mind of God.

When Sekhmet appears in our lives, it is time for us to sheer away illusions of our mortality and of our place in the space of time. We are being called by Her to know ourselves as multi-dimensional beings, unfettered by identification with planets, genders, or any form that cannot become mutable in the instant. It is in this summoning that we find the mystery and fear that has collected about the image of Sekhmet. She calls upon the soul to release all identification and thus all fear, for to detach from identity requires a massive movement of faith in the essence of the spiritual orientation of the soul. Like a poultice, Sekhmet draws from us the contagion we hold in our identities with half-light memory. She demands that we see who we truly are, with the full-light spectrum of vision. To the ensouled human nothing is more confrontational and threatening than this. To be summoned by Sekhmet into Her initiation is nothing less that being asked to step into the void, the abyss. She challenges you in this act, to know beyond a doubt from whence comes your true source of Light, Safety and Strength. Yet there is great compassion in Sekhmet, for those who would be compassionate with themselves. One cannot face her tender side without the mantle of self forgiveness.

For those souls able to reach that deeply into their own hearts, Sekhmet becomes the ‘Lighted Lady', whose lamp shines a loving presence into the human experience. This gentler side of Tosmulektai is evidenced by the ancient Egyptians more in the visage of Hathor, an aspect of Tosmulektai / Sekhmet.

Tehuti, Lord of the Akashic, Master Architect of the Temple of the Lion (Giza), was given his soul empowerment through Sekhmet, long before his sojourn in this world.

Tosmulektai's temples of initiation on Earth are still intact on the inner planes, and before LP 40 (the Ascension), will become fully active again with the physical plane of reality. The geographical sites for her main temples of the past are: 1) near the Euphrates river in the Middle East 2) within what Tehuti calls the ‘Shasta' matrix of California, in this instance a portion near Donner Pass. 3) a yet to be located temple within the Mayan complex of Chichen Itza, in the Yucatan. This temple was dedicated by Queen Amaluxal to the ‘White Jaguar Lady' (Tosmulektai). 4) on Easter Island 5) in the Himalayas of Tibet.

In the future, three additional Sekhmet temples both etheric and physical will be located as follows; 6) near the Dead Sea 7) not far from Brisbane in Australia 8) in the Sangre de Christo mountain range of the San Luis Valley in Colorado. Within these temples of the etheric, and at times physical, the initiate comes upon Sekhmet as both the Dweller on the Threshold (see article ‘Dweller on the Threshold' this issue page 8) and the Lighted Lady. Within Sekhmet's temples one becomes perceptive to the multi-dimensional realm of being that awaits us in the transfiguration of this world into the New Earth Star consciousness. Each of these eight temples (including those of both past and future together) presents a stage in the passage of the initiate into his / her new Light Body, that which Tehuti calls the ‘Pure Gem Body'.

Sekhmet speaks to us again:

"I am as one who arrives in darkness, shedding light unto the eight fashions of totality, born of the Eye of Ra as it upholds the most holy temple of sacrament."

Tosmulektai is a dynamic of creation. She "arrives in darkness" within the place of the void, and there she establishes her reign by "shedding light", bringing forth enlightenment within "eight fashions of totality" or eight archetypes of Herself which are aspects of Her union with matter. These eight aspects then, are her points of interaction with the sacred seed inside the profane. These eight forms are "born of the Eye of Ra as it upholds the most holy temple of sacrament". The "Eye of Ra" in this passage is the divine portal between universes, and is the creator of Her "eight fashions" or forms of expression in matter, thus Her role as an inter-dimensional initiator is revealed. The Eye of Ra keeps the balance between these universes, this balance being a sacred moment or foci which is the "most holy temple of sacrament".

Within the Egyptian Hall of archetypes, Tosmulektai / Sekhmet's eight forms are represented in:

1) Neith 2) Ashoreth (Ishtar) 3) Akeru 4) Het-Hert (Hathor) 5) Maat 6) Bastet (Bast) and the sacred twins, 7) Shu and 8) Tefnut.

She guardians ‘sacred records', or archetypal light programs contained with the archetypes of: 1) Neter Neteru 2) Bennu 3) Ra 4) Shen Ur 5) Meh-Urt 6) Nefertum 7) Kepher-Ra 8) Kem-T.

She creates through what the ancient Egyptians called the ‘Eight Primordials'. From an even more ancient perspective, Tosmulektai herself is a Primordial, for she is of the Ismem, who are the universal Primordials. However, the Egyptian Primordials are representations of Earth creation, rather than universal. These sacred eight are: 1) Nu 2) Nut 3) Hehut 4) Hehu 5) Kekiut 6) Kerth 7) Kekiu 8) Kerhet.

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