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Encounter With Sacred Space   

Mythos Tapestry

The Sacred Well

Sacred Wells were numerous in ancient history of the British Isles and Europe. These holy waters of healing were often dedicated to patron Goddesses and later to Christian saints.  They were spiritual way stations for those who thirsted both of the spirit and of the flesh.  Gazing into a well or pool of the Goddess was used as a "scrying mirror" for oracles in which to see the future or "remote viewing" of some physical place, event or other dimension.  Such a "mirror" also allowed the meditative seeker to move into his / her deeper space of being and come into contact with the ALL.


Seal of the Living Law of Light (Yod-He-Vau-He)

The Hebrew "Name of God" (YOD-HE-VAU-HE) and the All-Seeing Eye combine in this template to create a focus and vibration of the "Living Law of Light" within the Nine Energy Bodies of the individual meditating on this image.

The Living Law of Light brings the individual into a harmonic balance with all aspects of his / her "destiny" field, which is not a set pattern, but a series of holo-realms within the cellular experience, in which that soul may choose the highest forms of expression through evolution. The Seal of the Living Law of Light, encourages activation of one's focus and desire to meet the "Living Law" expression in his / her being in a more expedient and complete manner. Thus, this seal is in essence a manifestation template, in that it helps an individual to see clearly and act upon that insight in a very real and manifesting way. Yet it cannot bring manifestation of any kind that is not in alignment with the destiny field of the individual; ie. the field containing the codes for the greater spiritual good of that person's incarnational pathing.


Arimathea's Journey

Josef of Arimathea by many accounts, was the uncle of Yeshua (Jesus).  According to legend, he come to Glastonbury, England on several occasions, once bringing his young nephew with him, and lastly, after the crucifixion to establish a spiritual haven for followers of Yeshua, including Yeshua's mother. In this artwork, I see his final return to Glastonbury as a metaphor for the passage of the soul across the bridge of troubled waters and into sacred space where one may re-group and come to completion with processes that are really already accomplished, but need a space in which to recognize their worth and begin a new cycle of advancement for the soul.

Josef carries a staff which is a budding branch of the Glastonbury thorn tree, that according to the Mythos, was a tree planted by Joseph at Glastonbury. In this artwork, it represents the budding of the soul out of a difficult passage, in which that soul is brought into contact with a renewed vigor and dedication. Such dedication can come out of the "thorns" of life as the most tender and precious of buds to be transplanted into a whole new focus and direction in life.



Priestess of the Tor

The Avalon Priestesses maintained the ancient seals of consciousness. The seals were patterns of the sentient realm of "Faerie" or nature devas, which naturally built in the earth, pooling in specific forms at certain ley line junctures.

The Priestesses acted in concert with the devic guardians of the Land. Through the Priestesses, the "Right to Rule" was bestowed upon the true Grail Kings, who served the Land, and thus the people inherent to that Land.


Mari's Chapel

Mari, the mother of mar Yeshua (Jesus), is said to have journeyed with Yeshua's uncle, Josef of Arimathea to Glastonbury after the crucifixion of her son.  Her legacy in spirit in one of a flesh and blood woman who met the greatest of challenges with joy and thanksgiving. Certainly we can imagine that she had moments of wavering from her gnosis of the heart, but she lived her life with such a high degree of integrity that her very existence in that incarnation has become a beacon of inspiration in the world as a living presence of the Divine Feminine.


Kuan Yin's Vigil

The Presence of Kuan Yin as a symbol of vigilance in compassion is the keynote of the eternal order of the universe. We peer into the cosmos and perceive violent explosions of stars. Yet the there is great compassion in the cyclic harmony of renewal that abounds throughout the "All" of our experience in life. It is beyond the scope of personal desires.



Falcon Fountain

From the Akashic record is revealed to me that there was once a fountain in Scotland from which water from a sacred spring burst forth through the beak of a falcon sculpture.  The falcon in this instance, represented a solar "god" who descended upon the shoulder of the destined king of the land, once the Priestess found him worthy of that honor. It was She who opened the way for the soul of the new king to summon the crowning falcon.  In the fountain depicted above, the King of the Land was anointed by the Priestess and thereby was established his "Right to Rule."



When a young woman was accepted into the Priestesshood, her preparation included a "vision quest" in which she was given instruction through inner-plane experience...true experience being the only path to gnosis and wisdom.


Restoring the Sword

To the ancients of Lemuria and Atlantis, "The Sword" was a symbol of spiritual discernment welded in  powerful concert with the wisdom of the heart.  This symbolic understanding was continued through the mystery teachings of Egypt, Albion (British Isles) and other countries of Europe and Asia.  As spiritual discernment diminished in the places of power, so the need to restore this tool of the mind-heart became a primary function of the Mystery instruction.



The "akashic" is a magnetic reservoir where our thoughts are impressed into the "bandwidth" of the earth.

 Thoth, the Scribe and Guardian of the Akashic Record of the earth is seen in the midst of the fluidium of the cosmos, standing before the doorway of the Akashic Halls.

To seek ourselves we must know why we think and what we create from that thinking. How our thoughts generate our reality is a key to understanding what is beyond thought. 


The Deep

"The Deep" is the place in our being were we are laid bare to all we are. We cannot go there without first relinquishing all judgment of self and others. This is therefore a place we fear, that haunts our nightmares; and yet in the greatest of ironies, it is a beautiful and heavenly estate within the soul. One that is seldom harvested by humanity.



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