The Twelve Lemurian Scrolls of Aka Terma

On the night of 2/22/06 I was visited by a male being who showed himself against a background which I knew was the Himalayan Mountains. He called himself a “Lemurian”. Energetically he “told” me that he was a guardian of certain scrolls, which he revealed to me as golden tubes with engravings on them. Then on the screen of my mind flashed several other places, one of which I recognized as Kaua’i - the Hawaiian islands being remnants of Lemuria.

The next night he reappeared and I was told a bit more about these scrolls. The following day I went to my mentor Thoth, requesting from him for some clarity on all the pieces gleaned from the Lemurian and how they fit together. The following is this transmission of 2/23/06:

Maia: Thoth could you please shed some more light non the “Lemurian” and what he is revealing to me?

Thoth: He is a Lemurian TimeWalker. His name is Hui and his duty was to take the sacred Aka’ aba’ak scrolls from Lemuria into Tibet for safekeeping. It was during period of time just before the final destruction of the continent of Lemuria (as what could be called a ‘nation’ of people).

The Aka’aba’ak contain what could be called the “Eden Codes” of the earth, beginning in the original “Eden” and revealing the programs of light for the progression of the earth realities into the New Earth Star. Understand that “destiny” is not a set thing, but specific co-ordinates which trigger similitude in events that form groupings or packages of quantum reality. The Eden Codes are the coding of the quantum reality packets...the “destiny” in evolution and Light programming for the planet Earth.

The Aka’aba’ak contain radials of quantum coding which like a DNA spiral hinges on specific triggers or quantum bursts coming from it’s crystalline nodes. In the comos, these nodes are stars or groupings of star. The Aka’aba’ak nodes are the cosmic tri-plex of Orion, The Pleiades and Sirius. These stars / star fields are the main thresholds and creation matrix for Earth.

Hui, like T’Zar and the other TimeWalkers are what we might call “Immortals” as they are able to live in their current bodies as long as they feel necessary to carry out their spiritual work in that form. However, they also are able to go through time in order to balance time nodes and place certain “terma” within certain nodes.

"According to Tibetan tradition, terma are ancient texts buried by deities, called dakinis, until their wisdom can be used for the benefit of all living beings."

Thoth continues:
After the destruction of Lemuria as a continent and a nation, Hui and the other Lemurian Timewalkers took all but three of the scrolls and place three as terma in Egypt at Abydos, three on the antiplano of Peru at Lake Titicaca, and three returned to “Lemuria” or least it’s remnant of Kaua’i. (Last three are in inner earth, via Tibet.) Not all terma are “buried” in the physical sense. The Aka Terma are placed in these location inter-dimensionally, but contain physical threshold points on the planet (given above).

When activated at the appropriate time (several levels of activation in different time zones), the Aka Terma will act as acu-point stimulators for the planet as well as feeding these then-activated acu-nodes with the pristine Eden Codes which the Earth must then “regurgitate” from the central atoma of the planet to feed the “chick” of the New Earth Hologram.

The Aka Terma (Aka’aba’ak) draw upon the universal dynamics of the Seven Solar Crosses & Fourteen Osirian Staffs. Yet their directive comes under the 12-Point Living Lights (star-suns as merkabahs of the Angelics) of ARAN KHONIS, in the supra-universe governing the universe of your present reality-sense.

I felt complete with the transmission at the time, but I sense more to come.

August, 2007:

The 12 Lemurian Scrolls contain time-phasing triggers for re-genesis. "Time-phase triggers" are points in time where events will trigger "nodes," which when gathered together over a period of time, begin the re-genesis of the planet into a new macro-phase - like the Mayans saw the "Worlds" of earth.

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