The Sacred Solids
Intrinsic Value of Each Solid Form


1) Tetrahedron - a ternary, light-phased to the Divine Fire infusing the spiritualized mind of the soul. This geometric pattern is attuned to things of dimension and realization through the uniting of esoteric intelligence and exoteric action. It serves as the connection between that which is envisioned and that which is accomplished. Its power flow is from above (the zenith) to below (the nadir), through the three Divine Creation Signals or Tetramorphs, which are a trinity of Elohim-command posts stationed with the greater geometric crystalline matrices of the universal domain. The tetrahedron serves as the first pillar in the spiritual temple and is a vehicle of higher Light manifestation into the matter plane.

The Zenith of the Tetrahedron: the point of dynamic potential; the supernal node toward which the axial motion of events is being propelled.

The Nadir of the Tetrahedron: from this line is issued the passive quality. Herein lies the unseen quotient of the subordinate factors.

The Outer Edges (along the plain of the base): the balance of the holistic medium. These points contain the energetic nodes of the phases of transition which surface into the material realm as a result of the spiritual dynamics of the whole medium.

2) Hexahedron - the matrix of Light in the body of form, this geometric is a quaternary of the "Foundation Stone" embedded in the principle of earth as a nesting of the human experience within the spiritual/physical universe. The cube gematria conforms to all things which are spatially equal in their parts (metaphorically and symbolically as well as physically). It therefore sets the standard of inserting Spirit into form in perfect equilibrium.

The Central Core of the Cube - this is the "Light Zone" where all forces of the complete geometric unite and become a living flame of the Greater Universe. It is this core that connects the "Foundation" on earth to the "Foundation" in heaven. The outer edges of the planes of the cube serve to ground the "flame" into the realm of substantiation.

3 ) Octahedron - an Air-form recognizing the interdimensionality of the spiritual/physical system. The Octahedron goes beyond the three physical dimensions, tunneling into the fourth. It is a vehicle of time travel, of past and future co-existing with the present. The Octahedron creates a matrix for a reality in which the principle law is as follows: present is the visible point (or motion) where the past and future planes of symmetry unite. The Octahedron is also representative of the solar energies streaming from the "Atana" (solar sun) to the "Atoma" (central sun of earth). The Octahedron is the "Golden Key" to uniting all parts of the time continuum existing within the cosmic/human heart.

4) Icosahedron - an energy grid of the water crystal and a matrix for transmutation of both etheric and physical properties through the fluid flow of nature. The icosa is one of the major grid formations of the earth's energy-wave crystals. It's free-movement synthesis with the tides of life imbue this living form with the gematria of source-bonding–the strong pull of sentience toward source-conceptual reality. "Source-conceptual reality" is the realm of unconscious connection and response to the "source" of its conception. Such sentience is not extremely out-reaching in creative forms that do not perpetuate its original source-signature, and thus is not easily transformed into universal sub-systems. However, it is very mutable with source-based flow, and in this way, develops its fluid and conductive states of perpetuation.

5) Dodecahedron - the embodiment of the sacred Aether–that etheric presence which supercedes all formation on the matter plane, creating an intelligent blueprint beyond space, time and even its own parameters of dimension. Wherever the dodeca abides in the elemental state, it carries the charge of the Aether through all points of its physical structure and into whatever medium with which it is interacting. Like the Icosahedron, the Dodecahedron is a major energy system for the planetary energy body. The Universal Hierarchies access the planetary grids of elementally-structured worlds through the sacred dodeca. Through the symmetric fields of the dodecahedron, angelic harmonics are spiraled down from the stellar kingdoms into the earth's heart, and sent upward again to re-connect with the "Living Lights" of the star-worlds. This is the path of astro-chemical irradiation that seeds the very Spirit of the planet with is co-creative role in the universe.



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