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I created my Merkabah Logos as my light-energy shield to exemplify and radiate the merkabah I incarnated within and therefore from whence I radiate my being. When I do my sessions with people, or indeed any of my spiritual work, it comes from the merkabah of my spiritual soul family. This of course is true for anyone, as each soul nests within merkabahs of Light families. I will create  an individual's "Merkabah Logos" based on my akashic insight. This personal logo will radiate the essence of their incarnation and planetary service. I will send it to the individual in formats for printing - one with and one without a background. Accompanying your Merkabah Logos is a brief but potent "Keynotes" write-up on the symbology of the Logos and it's relationship to your soul journey.

Maia's Logos - click to enlarge

The Merkabah Logos can be used for personal or professional purposes, where one wishes to radiate outwardly the essence of their spiritual being, sending that signal to others through imagery.

framed on wall (example)

Creation of the Logos: Every aspect of your logos, including the background is visually-specific to that individual. In other words, the colors, the light, the type, quality and texture of the "metals" - as well as any symbols or images within it; are all very important aspects of the whole. When you look upon it, the door is opened for inner communion. When others view it, they feel the message of your soul. You do receive Keynotes, but the most profound "information" your Merkabah Logos will give you comes from the visual impact on your senses. This includes the background, although I give you one without a background as well.

more insights from Thoth & Maia on Merkabah Families & Logos


comments from individuals about their Merkabah Logos

all my art is digital download only - high resolution suitable for printing

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Personal Merkabah Logos


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