To Wish Upon a Star

By Maia Kyi'Ra Nartoomid

My Personal Journey...

I was born in Caripito, Venezuela, where my father was then working for an oil company. My mother was forty-five years old at the time of my birth, and I was her first and only child. At the age of four months, I would each night make persistent sounds, which my mother seemed to instinctively know how to fulfill. Instead of popping a bottle in my mouth, she took me outside underneath a canopy of tropical stars. I pointed to the heavens, and said 'star'. Of course, no one but my father believed her. She simply smiled to herself and began to chronicle my life.

When we left Venezuela I was two years old. I remember looking out of the prop airplane as my mother told me we were flying over Angel Falls, deep in the jungles of the Amazon. As I stared into its frothing tumble, it appeared to be the gleaming wings of an angel. Something stirred deep inside me, perhaps a memory of those who guided and nurtured me.

When I was three, we moved from Venezuela to the Ozarks of Arkansas, where we owned a dairy farm. It was 1952. We had no television and seldom went to the movies. It was during this period in my life that I began to have very vivid 'dream' experiences, which I now believe to have been out-of-body travel. I would soar over a desert terrain (nothing like Venezuela or Arkansas) toward and then into, a large mountain. Once inside, I was greeted by nice-looking men who were tall and mostly blonde, and who dressed in skin-like white, seamless suits. They treated me as an equal and took me through their underground complex, explaining to me, how their 'machines' (computers) operated in the most scientific of terms, which I understood completely. These computers did not look like any fact or science fiction of the 1950's. They more closely resembled what we now see in the Star Trek-type movies and TV shows. When I 'returned' from my journeys, I would describe them to my mother. Once I drew pictures of different things I had seen there which included what I called 'a clock controlled by the mind'. My mother saved these drawings, typing at the bottom of each picture what I had said about it. I began to commune with the fairy elements of the beautiful Ozark mountains, and may have been referring to them when my mother heard me say at age three to no one in particular, "Their thoughts shared a lovely, dreaming time with the high hills."

In my sixth year of life, I began philosophizing. My mother kept typing and scribbling every word. One statement I made to her at that time was, "I think that we could see a great deal more if we believed more. For instance, we look at something and see only a small part of it because we don't believe there is any more." I also plaintively asked her, "Does it bore you to share my confidences?" She assured me that it didn't.

As I discovered the reality of others around me, through being exposed to the educational system, I felt very much alone. It was as if they were in one world and I in another. The whole process of education and the lack of sensitivity for the most part which I experienced there, was devastating to me. Whereas my mother and father were receptive to my thoughts and feelings, the 'system' treated me as an underling who was expected to believe without question all they put before me. I sensed that much of it was either grossly incomplete or distorted. When I was four, my mother had read to me from cover to cover (nightly installments), 'The Greatest Story Ever Told', on the life of Jesus Christ. When she finished reading the entire book to me, I took the baby bottle out of my mouth and said "Read it again, Mama." She started reading from the beginning again without hesitation.

I never reconciled myself to what I considered to be the prison of false education. While I made fairly good grades in all but math, and was at no time a disciplinary problem, I reviled just about every day I spent in the educational institutions. One day in my junior year of high school, my mother let me out in front of the cafeteria which served as a study hall. It was raining, so I decided to go inside the building. As I put my hand on the door, a 'voice' said inside my head, "Christine, if you go one more day (to school) it will be dangerous." I was stunned, as I hadn't had any significant mystical experiences since the age of ten, after my father died. My mother was still there, waiting to see me go inside, as she knew how difficult it always was for me. I slowly turned around, came back to the car and got inside. When she queried me, I told her what I had 'heard'. She looked at me for a long few moments, and then said, "Let's go home." I never returned to school classes again.

Right after my having left school, I began once more to receive from the Otherworld. I wrote my first book at age eighteen, entitled 'Under the Grey Moon', a story of a post-Lemurian people in Canada. By the time I had finished the book, both my mother and I knew that it was a true story which I had naturally gleaned from the akashic records: those magnetic encodings of thought that are impressed within the etheric grid of the planet.

I continued with my work, and although my health began to deteriorate, my mother was unfailing in her support and encouragement. She took care of all the physical aspects of life, freeing me to receive and write. Beings of Light began to appear to both of us, sometimes when we were in the room together. More and more we moved into the understanding that we were communing with spiritual intelligences of exquisite love and wisdom. In 1977 I came to work on the inner-planes with the Illumined Master, Thoth Hermes (The Initiate), who has remained my primary spiritual "benefactor".

 My mother made her transition in 1993. In 1994 I met my husband-to-be Simeon Nartoomid, a man who is in his own right, a mystic, healer and wise soul.  I have since become a digital artist and am now able to bring the visions and faces from these realms into my art. I work with people both in word and image, to aid them in self-discovery.

We re-located to Maui, Hawai'i in March of 2004 and then moved to Kaua'i in October of the same year, to begin a new level of our spirit work together.

2014 UPDATE:

In 2009 Simeon and I dissolved the marital aspect of our relationship. This after 14 years of being together in relationship, 13 of those in marriage. We still love each other deeply, but it had been a long time coming. We have both realized for a great while that although our love for one another is incredibly deep and true, we are not at all compatible as "husband and wife." Certainly astrology and "Human Design" dramatically backs this up. We had grown closer in these last few years of my illness, but not as personal partners. As of late April, 2010 Simeon now lives in the UK and is re-married. I continue to be here in Kaua'i, in a new residence. While Simeon is no longer a part of Spirit Heart Sanctuary he continues to help me with the business and technical aspects for the time being.

Maia Kyi'Ra Nartoomid


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