‡ Childhood Years

• Age 5 onwards - I began receiving conscious inner plane astral instruction inside a mountain from male human-like beings in white skin-tight suits. They showed me a modern day looking computer in the year 1954. These astral plane interactions and learning occurred repeatedly over a period of years.  (read My Story)

‡ Teen Age Years

• At age 17 I began accessing the akashic records through my conscious intent and will and thereby wrote a manuscript focused upon the true story of an ancient people in Canada after the final cataclysm of Mu or Lemuria.

• At age 19 I wrote and published a book entitled "Red Tree" which contained contained the akashic history of Mu and Atlantis. I also illustrated this book by hand with artistic drawings of ancient people and symbols. This book of mine can be found here and there on  other websites (some of the images can be viewed in Maia's Early Symbols & Art)

• In 1968 at age 19 I had a series of direct personal meetings with the astronaut and founder of the Noetic Sciences Institute, Edgar Mitchell at the NASA Space Center in Houston, TX. He was investigating me and the information I had brought through on physics beyond the speed of light (now called quantum physics). I received validation from him and a scientist that he called in. (read My Story)

• I gave a lecture at a college on Lemurian psychology.  

‡ Early Adulthood Years - Twenties and Thirties

• In my early twenties I wrote seven additional manuscripts based upon my rapidly developing abilities to do akashic records translations. I also appeared on numerous radio and TV shows in Texas Lost Angeles, CA speaking about this information.

• In 1974 I started an organizational focus named OAHQUES. Along with this focus I produced a monthly publication entitled "Aleph." This publication carried information I was receiving on the higher sciences. It garnered the interest of Dr. Bird who was a physicist that had been a direct pupil of Dr Albert Einstein. I had a number of conversations with Dr. Bird. He was quite interested in the information on higher sciences that I was receiving and writing about at the time.

• In the 1980's I wrote the first manuscript for my unpublished book which is now entitled Blue Star Love From Elvis' Heart to Yours. This book is based on actual knowledge of Elvis' spiritual nature and life from several of his true friends, primarily Wanda June Hill , as well as information I translated from the akashic records and received from my Illumined Mentors.

• I experienced frequent visitations with the same human-like beings I had interacted with in the mountain during my childhood. My mother and I often saw them appear in our rooms. I and sometimes my mother and friends with us would see the light ships these beings used in the sky. Often they would tell me when and where to go to see their ships working for our planet. I knew I was involved in their work by just watching them. (read Friends in Other Dimensions)

• Between 1974-1984 I worked in conjunction with the Ultra and Inner Terrestrial beings as they guided me to re-locate for this purpose in Salt Lake City, UT (where I returned four times, Cortez, CO, Honolulu, HI, and very briefly, Scottsdale, AZ.

• In 1977 I was connected consciously with my "Benefactor," the Illumined Master Thoth Raismes of Aphra, in a high level initiation at Mt. Shasta, CA conducted for me by the Inner and Ultra Terrestrials. ( read about Thoth)

• In 1980 I began writing and self-publishing a printed hard-copy quarterly esoteric publication on the sacred mysteries being revealed to me by Thoth and the Inner and Ultra Terrestrials which was entitled The Source.

• In 1988 I was commissioned by Thoth to bring through information to guide a small three person group effort for a special planetary service called the "Journey of the Sun Key." These sacred voyagers performed work according to Thoth's directives through me in Egypt and Sinai in July and August of 1988.

‡ Middle Adulthood Years - Forties and Fifties

• In 1989 my publication The Source shifted frequencies and became Temple Doors.

• In the 1980's I began to become an active and regular channel for the Reshel Light Group (who work with transformational synergy and Earth grids), which has been on-going for me.

• In 1989 I was commissioned by Thoth to bring through information to guide what he called "The Voyage of the Blue Pearl." This journey worked with the Seven Holy Thunders and took the Sacred Voyager (Estrella Kemp) through Texas, India and the Vatican.

• In 1990 I was commissioned by Thoth to bring through information to guide a sacred work for what he called a primary Earth activation of The Seven Miracles of Light. This work also involved an activation of what is commonly known as "The Michael Line" and the setting of a grid at Glastonbury Tor. Numerous people participated in this work both on-site and remotely.

• In 1992 I was commissioned by Thoth to bring through information to guide a sacred work for what he called the "Phoenix Rising Isis Voyager Journey." Two Isis Voyagers traveled into the Four Corners region of the USA to perform this work as guided by Thoth through me.

• In 1992 I was commissioned by Thoth to bring through information to guide a sacred work for what he called "The Journey of the Golden Penta-Dove." This journey took the eight sacred voyagers through various locations in England and France to re-calibrate several major grids in those areas.

• In 1994 I started receiving information information on the  Templa Mar - an Earth grid progam inserted by the Hierarchy. I served as a medium by which my Illumined Mentor Thoth directed and guided two main anchoring installations performed by two different groups of people. Both of these installations were fairly elaborate and involved a lot of team work. They were anchored on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona and in Split Rock, Michigan.

I also personally participated in the anchoring of four additional Templa-Mar nodes in Crestone, CO (1994), Kilauea Crater, HI (1997). Mt Schiehallion, Scotland (1998), and Topanga Canyon, CA (2003).

• In 1994 I was guided by my inner planes mentors to re-locate to Crestone, CO. I began receiving information about the Ascension Temple Matrix on our planet. I lived and worked at 8,250 feet altitude within this remote and powerful Crown Gate for the Planetary Ascension Temple matrix until 2001.

• In 1995 I met and was married to Simeon Nartoomid. We worked together publishing Temple Doors until 1999 when I ceased publishing this material to take a respite from the rigors of 19 years of non-stop quarterly publishing schedules.

• In 1995 I co-founded with Simeon what is now Spirit Heart Sanctuary as a 501(c)(3) non-profit church ministry. I continue to work through this organizational vehicle today.

• In 1996 while living and in the Crestone, CO area I formed a group focus named the "Paraclete Guardians." My non-profit church ministry organization worked with a 40 acre piece of land that was donated to it as a part of this focus. This land was named "Kelandara" by my mentor Thoth. A stone circle was constructed there and many ceremonies and rituals were conducted within it.

• In the mid-late 1990's I began using digital art to enhance my visionary writings, channeling and akashic insights which I now use my primary means of higher-dimensional energetic infusion into human consciousness and our planet. My digital energy-art can be viewed and purchased for download in my Spirit Store.

• In 1997 Simeon and I co-facilitated and conducted a powerful spiritual initiatic journey for a group of 18 people in Egypt and Sinai entitled "The Path of Horus - Return to the Stars" (Temple Doors issue 4 - 1997). Simeon and I and a few others continued on into Jordan and Israel for further activations and initiations.

• In 1998 Simeon and I co-facilitated and conducted a powerful spiritual initiatic journey for a small group of people in Scotland, England, Spain and France entitled "The Grahiel ~ The Holy Grail Alpha through Omega" (Temple Doors volume 1998 - 131 pages).

• In 2000 after 4 years of seminary work I was ordained as a Priest in my ministry's parent Church of Antioch, a major accomplishment for me as a woman. I thereby added 17 traditional apostolic lines of energetic transmission to the numerous esoteric and multi-dimensional lines of lineage and transmission that I carry.

• In early 2004 I was guided to move to Mau'i and completed work that I began many years earlier back in the 80's with the burial of the Opah Seals in the crater of the dormant Haleakala volcano.

• In late 2004 I moved to Kaua'i. I was guided to facilitate in the opening of the Phi Gate there. Part of this process involved a group of people from various locations in the world who traveled to Kaua'i just for this activation.

• From mid-2006 through early 2010 I published a new energetic phase of the older work as an online quarterly e-zine entitled Numis OM - The eye of Metatron.

• In 2008 I discovered the virtual cyberworld of Second Life. I created my own virtual sacred land and temple space in this cyberworld which is used to conduct gatherings and activations with people from all over the world. ( see Second Life - Creating the New Earth Hologram)  

‡ Late Adulthood Years - Sixties to current (age 62 as of 2011)

• Simeon and I agree to pursue separate life paths, although we continue to remain close Kindred.

• I continue to work through the cyberworld of Second Life. My health is poor and this medium allows me to continue to serve the planet and others at a more global level.

• Together with Caryl Meredith (Davidson in Real Life) I founded the SPIRIT Dance Company. In Second Life We now have 17 dancers, 2 scripters, set designers, etc. to create a full 2 hour presentation of Dance. As many as 80 people have attended our performances at one time. View portions of these dances on the SPIRIT Dance Company You Tube Channel.

• I maintain and manage several websites and blogs. My largest and oldest which is most mostly archival now is with about 1,200 pages of esoteric content. New EarthStar Merkabah is the portal to all of my websites and blogs.

• I embark on creating video Teachings, Infusions and Meditations incorporating my energy art and Second Life animations.

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