We all have a story...and it is a special story, unique to us. When we tell it, and if we do it from the heart, it can inspire others. They can also learn from our mistakes. They can see themselves through us, even though each person's story is unique, because all our life experiences really come from the one Story of Love and Life on Planet Earth!

THIS IS MY STORY....to read about and watch my most recent, CLICK HERE


Maia's Photo Journal (shorter version)


Starheart's World (My Second Life)


I created this video of my Avatar in the virtual world of Second Life primarily for myself - to use it as a visual affirmation tool for healing and well-being. It has been scientifically proven that activity in virtual cyber worlds - especially Second Life - actually stimulates the neurons in the brain. When a person looks good, does yoga, dances, rides horses, visits with friends - all in 3D virtual cyber-space, it has a positive effect on not only their mental and emotional state but their physical bodies as well!

I also made this video for anyone to watch - to "become" my avatar for a few minutes. Through this medium, I transfer the healing light and energy to whomever is viewing it.