The ultra craft are essentially light merkabahs, but these merkabas can become more "solid" for several reasons, one of which is the purpose of allowing us to experience them on terms which earth humans can more readily understand and accept. The above lightship is "unfolding" it's merkabah into this dimension.


Friends in Other Dimensions
Maiaís Story

Throughout my life I have experienced encounters and indeed, deep communion with beings from other worlds and dimensions of this world. 95% of these experiences have been beautiful and enlightening to me. The remaining 5%, while frightening at the time, I now recognize as simply a part of my own process toward the Love that I am. If you have not already done so, before continuing with this article I would suggest that you read my biography on this website. It is short, and is a part of what I relate here. Below, I write about both "ultra-terrestrials," who are inter-dimensional beings of the full Heart Light or "Metatronic" spectrum, and "ETS" who are limited in the dimensions they may traverse and like us, exist within the "Oritronic" or half-light spiral. However, the humanity of earth contains the "heart-seed" for entry into the Metatron, whereas the ETs have no heart-seed. More on this topic will follow my personal story.

After my childhood experiences with the ultra-terrestrials or "Ultras" as related in my biography, there was a period of "quiet" until I reached the age of 17 (in 1967) and began my writings from the Akashic. In 1970 my experiences with the Ultras returned.

My mother (who was my Light companion and lived with me until her transition in 1993) and I began to see light craft for a period of time, usually at night. One of us would awaken feeling called to look outside at the night sky. A "ship" would be suspended above or near the house, usually about the size of an orange, although once a small robot object was on our lawn. We would waken the other and view the object together until it either "faded" or we became to sleepy and went back to bed.

After several months of this occurring on a regular basis, We both began to experience visitations. The beings that came to us during this time were "human" in appearance. Other than standing in our bedrooms in the middle of the night, they were not intrusive in any way. I began communing with them through telepathy and understood then that they were the same Ones who had been with me as a child, when I had astrally projected into the desert mountain (see my biography). These were my FRIENDS. I felt this in the core of my soul, but my emotional body had other ideas when I suddenly awoke at night to find a man standing in my bedroom. I am ashamed to say that I often screamed at that point, which they told me was very painful for them, as the way they projected into my space was vibrational and I shattered the organization of the vibrational matrix that formed a merkabah around their bodies when I cut loose with one of those high-pitched screeches. My mother, who had been born the year the Wright Brothers flew Kitty Hawk, had no such problems. When she awoke to see an Ultra in her bedroom, she was simply pleasantly surprised.

I came to know several of the Ultras by name (or at least the names they chose to give me). My main contact was "Noel" and my physician was "Ramul". I have had chronic health problems all my life and they were especially bad from the age of 25-40. During this time I received extensive treatment from Ramul and his staff. They told me that they worked with me on an energetic level in order to stabilize my health and my whole energy system for the work ahead. It was Ramul who came to my mother one night and requested (telepathically) that she get up and go into my room, which she did. As she entered my bedroom, I abruptly woke up...sat up in bed and saw her walk in. At the same time Ramul appeared at the foot of my bed. It was later explained to me that this was done to try and get me over the screaming thing. They also floated balloons in my room that went right through the wall! They used balloons as this was something harmless and associated with child-like pleasure. Only once did I actually hear one of the Ultras speak to me when he was in the room. It was Noel and he called my name to awaken me.

I had a friend whose nephew was only three years old. He had been diagnosed with a serious speech problem. There was nothing wrong with his mouth or vocal chords. He could "talk" but it simply was not intelligible. The doctors stated that he was not just a slow learner. In fact, his intelligence seemed above normal. Yet after very specific testing by them, it was determined that he had some particular brain problem in the speech center. The prognosis was not good for his ever developing normal speech patterns.

My friendís nephew lived with his parents in another town. I had never met them or the boy. Since they were confirmed Fundamental Christians, my friend never mentioned me or anything to do with metaphysics to the parents or the child. My friend had felt a deep spiritual connection to her nephew and was deeply troubled by the doctors prognosis of his future. She knew that the Ultras treated my health problems and requested that I ask their assistance for the boy. I promptly contacted Ramul, my physician, and he consented to treat him. During that time, one of the tools the Ultras were using in their treatment of me was shaped like a baseball bat. They would move it back and forth about three feet over my prone body. When Ramul did this, he would wear a little mask of some kind over his mouth and nose.

A few weeks after Ramul had consented to treat the little boy, the child began to act very excited and tried to communicate something to his parents. The parents were concerned, but totally mystified. However, my friend had a way of understand her nephew through his own "words" and sign language that the parents did not seem to grasp. Therefore, they asked her to try and understand what he was so "upset" about. Her nephew showed her in signs that a "man" came repeatedly into his bedroom at night, holding a "baseball bat" over him and that the man wore a mask over his mouth and nose. I had never shared this information with my friend, so her conclusions came strictly as a result of her communication with her nephew. She assured her nephew that the man was there to help him and that seemed to be enough to soothe the boy. What she told his parents, I do not know. Some months later the parents informed my friend that their son had started talking in normal speech patterns. It was still halting, but nonetheless a dramatic and sudden change. After two years time, his speech was perfectly normal for a boy his age.

On another occasion, a three year old child who was related to another friend was in the hospital "dying" of toxic shock syndrome. The doctors told the parents to expect that their daughter would not last the night. By this time Thoth was in my experience, so I asked his help. He explained that the little girl was choosing, but that he would commune with her on a soul level and guide her through a process of opening to the soul potential of her current life time, should she choose to live it out to itís intended conclusion. He asked that myself, my mother, the parents of the child and the many friends of the family (fortunately all metaphysically orientated) join him in holding the "prayer" of soul potential for the child in our hearts and minds during that night and the next day. By mid-morning the child was sitting up and asking for food. She fully recovered. It was explained to me by Thoth that because children are still so close to "Source" it is much easier to help them to heal themselves.

After the Ultras had been coming to us for awhile, my mother and I began to see "little guys" in our room. They were brown, not grey. Their heads were somewhat large but not like the "Greys" usually described by abductees. These "Brownies" had slits for their noses and mouth and elongated fingers. Their whole bodies were very much like the Greys. However, the Brownies were not intrusive either. They were "helpers" to the Ultras. It was explained to me that the little brown guys were offering themselves to spiritual growth and evolution by working with the Ultras. I had an especially amusing experience with one of the Brownies. I awoke one night to see him leaning over something in my room. He looked up to see me staring at him. The expression on his face was priceless. He was waiting in semi-terror for me to scream at him. The Brownies exhibited far more "human" tendencies and expressions than apparently do the Greys. While it was never stated to me, it has come to be my impression that they are hybrids of human/grey genetics.

Another Close Encounter of the Funny Kind came with an Ultra (whose name I have now forgotten) who was especially tall and lanky. He wore his blonde hair in a pageboy with bangs and he was just sort of humorous-looking to begin with. The Ultras had been doing things to my stereo and TV equipment, which was all in my bedroom. In the middle of the night, red lights would come out of the speakers or the TV screen would display a set of colored patterns (it wasnít turned on at the time). One night, I opened my eyes to see mister tall and lanky standing looking at my stereo equipment. He then turned around and saw me sitting up in bed looking at him. He, too, had the "Oh SH..!" look on his face (I could usually see their faces in the they kind of glowed). He then stepped BEHIND one of my stereo speakers and stood very still as if hiding from me so I wouldnít scream at him. Of course the speaker only came up to his shin bone. I later asked Noel about this and was told that some of the Ultras working with him were still a little confused about this dimension.

We were living in San Antonio, Texas when the visitations began. However, not long after this I was asked by Noel if my mother and I would consent to move to Salt Lake City, Utah...a place I had never even seen in a photograph up to that time. They explained that they were wishing to allow them to integrate with my energy system, which was of this planet, in order to enter the earthís field in a particular way to aid in the energetic and spiritual development of the earth. Certainly I was not the only one they were working with in this manner. I would assume that their could be thousands of people helping them in this capacity on one level or another. We consented to move to Salt Lake City and on from there to various places (and back to Salt Lake three more times) in the next 13 years.

In Salt Lake City my mother and I and a young man who became a friend to us there, would sit outside in our lawn chairs on appointed nights and watch the "ships" move in an out of the Wasatch Mountains, where they were building a base inside the mountain. We wonder if anyone else was seeing what was so very visible to us. The young friend had been very skeptical about our contacts and experiences with the Ultras at first. After a few sessions in the lawn chairs he became more open-minded. He still held out about the night visitations my mother and I experienced in our bedrooms until one day he came right out and said what he had probably been wanting to say for some time: "Tell them to come and visit ME!" So I mentioned his request to them (although they may have already known it). A few days later my friend came to our door in somewhat of a daze. He admitted that a man had appeared in his bedroom that night, wearing a long white robe. The man stood there looking at him for a few minutes and then walked right though the wall (like the balloons). This young man ceased to tease me about the "men in my bedroom" after that.

It was just before we moved to Salt Lake City that first time when I began to have what I then considered to be "negative" experiences with little embryo-like aliens. They were still not as insect-like as the greys, but they did not appear nor did they act interested in friendly exchange.

As an example of these encounters, one night I awoke feeling very suppressed, as if the very air was pressing upon me and "unfriendly." Then I felt the calming presence of Noel and was told my him to get up and go into my motherís bedroom and crawl into bed with her. I did this, and fell fast asleep without saying a word to her. A little while later, my mother awoke me. She was whispering, "Look, look in the hall! Can you see them?" She pointed to the half-opened door leading to the hall, but I could see nothing in the darkness. I did feel that uncomfortable presence again. The next morning, neither my mother nor I could remember what had happened next that night. She did tell me what she had seen: several small ETS "struggling" with other ETS in the hallway. She called them "ETS" because they were all small non-human types. It was my opinion that the intrusive ETS were in the hall with the "helper Brownies". I did not sense that they were actually wrestling with one another, but that the Brownies were putting up some kind of an energetic shield that kept the others from getting into our bedroom.

It was explained to me by Noel that my mother and I were going through a phase in which our energy bodies were moving into new vibratory levels. One of these levels contained the "zones" in which these ET entities existed and they therefore were made aware of us and intended to use us (as they have others) for their purposes. However, once we moved past those zones into other vibratory levels, this activity would cease, which in due time it did.

At some point in all of this my mother and I began to experience visitations from inner terrestrialsĖhumans that dwell within the natural hollow of this planet. The "Interiors" were more directly our kin however, and their presence in my life was even more "familial" to be than with my friends, the Ultras. I had many experiences of both astral and remote viewing within the interior of the earth. More on the topic of the inner earth and itís inhabitants is to be found on this website in the Earth/Earth Chronicles/Inner Earth section of Spirit Mythos.

Around 1975 or Ď76 Noel spoke to me about one whom he called my "benefactor." He told me that this being would become present in my conscious field in the near future. In 1977 Noel requested that my mother and I take a trip to Mount Shasta, where the connection to my benefactor would take place. We embarked upon the Shasta journey in August of that year.

The Shasta experience in itself was not phenomenal. It simply felt good and right to be there and to go through the "initiation" I was given in that sacred place. After our return from Shasta however, my communications with my benefactor, Thoth Raismes of Aphra began. My mother did not share in this communion consciously has she had with the Ultras and ETs. Yet she did feel his presence at times. In all these years of my communion with Thoth, he has only appeared in front of my physical eyes twice. Once as an emerald LIGHT and another time his hand, wearing a large insignia ring appeared before me. I have seen him many times in my mindís eye. When Thoth entered the scene, my physical experiences with Noel and his team, and the Brownies lessened and finally ceased altogether.

I had not had any physical contacts with the Interiors for many years until 2002, when my husband, Simeon and I both felt contacted by them, requesting our journey to Zion National Park in Utah. It was on that trip that I "disappeared" from this dimension. I apparently was only gone about 20 minutes or less in this time-reality. I had no memory of anything happening right away, but a few nights later, "remembered" being in a cavern with some Interiors. The next night, a small male Interior appeared next to my bed, leaning on a staff and smiling at me. He looked very familiar, and I then remembered him as being with me in the cavern beneath Zion. It was months later when I was doing the portraits of the Merkabah of the Host that I recognized Abbigidos as having been my Interior companion.

From both Noel and later Thoth, I was able to put together the following understanding (according to my interpretative lens) concerning the ET abduction phenomena on this planet. This is the short version leaving quite a bit out, so it may be helpful for you to take it into your HEART for whatever validation comes to you, rather than to attempt to process it in the mind:

The ETS, like the Ultras and Interiors are genetically connected to us. Yet the ETS have not developed their "heart seed" or M-Stra molecule that is the activator of full spectrum dimensional being. It is the heart seed activation which allows our atoma heart node to be fully open to the black hole dynamics at itís center. The Greys and others who abduct humans are attempting to find the key to the heart seed and thus into the Metatron path. They recognize that we have a heart seed, in-active as it is...and can also to some extent be controlled by them in order that they might be able to genetically create this capacity for their races. However, both Noel and Thoth have stressed to me that these beings view "reality" much different that do we. They mean us no harm and from their perspective are working to create a holistic universe which includes us. The Abductors do not see us as abductees, but simply as an aspect of themselves that they are attempting to bring into full development. Actually, the Ultras agree with this. However, operating from the full Metatronic perspective, the Ultras see much MORE to it all than do the ET Abductors. From their mountaintop view the Ultras hold that individuality is equally precious and necessary in the development of the Universal Soul, and that we, as human beings epitomize the development of individuality. Thus, to move into our individualizing dynamic in a way that is "intrusive" to individuality, is not the greatest act that can be accomplished for the betterment of the whole. At the same time, the Ultras recognize that for them to interfere on a world scale with the ET agenda would be disturbing the very structural tension fabric of individualized formation. In my personal experience, there appears to have been some restraints placed on the ETs by the Ultras. But were these truly restraints or did my mother and I simply perceive them as such from our level of understanding? Could it have been instead that we chose the reality of the Ultras (closer to our own heart-seed nature) than the ETs in those moments, which rendered powerless the influence of the ETs to control us and brought into "form" the Ultra vibration itís place?

From the Metatronic view, heart-seed creation / activation will only come from accepting the Universal Principle of LOVE, which is not warm and fuzzy but clear and exacting. "I AM THAT I AM" could possibly also be spoken, "IT IS LOVE AND THAT IS ALL THAT IT IS."

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