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The other night I received "out of the blue" from Thoth: "You have a Blue Star story. Tell it." So that is what I have done below. In all these years (40 something) I don't recall ever publically stating my soul history in any way, and would not be doing so now had ThothHorRa not prompted me. I wish to stress that Blue Star Rigel souls are not more important to the Earth's plan than any of the other star streams present here. They simply came with the package, since the planetary Genius of Earth originated in Rigel. Every star steam connected to this Earth is essential in the process of it's evolution. - Maia, April 2011

The “Blue Star” was first brought to my attention sometime in the early 1970's. There are many “blue stars” of course, but I was given insight that the one my mentors were referring to was the star Rigel in the constellation of Orion. I was told that my soul came from this star. It was also revealed to me that the Earth as an “entity” came from Rigel and would eventually return to there. I was given knowledge of the major migrations to Earth of the “Solarians”...those souls from the Blue Star Rigel, and also of the equally important migrations of souls from other stars and systems...for all of these star streamings incarnating on the Earth are essential. It brings the entire planet to the place of it's next evolutionary track.

At that time – in the early Seventies – I knew nothing about the Hopi “Blue Star Kachina” but eventually learned that this “kachina” was connected to the Rigel Blue Star.

In accessing further information on the Blue Star Rigel, I was told of certain currently (at that time) incarnated souls who were in the public eye that were also from this Blue Star. Two of them were Elvis Presley (with whom I have always felt a deep affinity) and Anwar Sadat, then the President of Egypt.

Many years later after the death of Elvis, I came into contact with a woman (Wanda June Hill) who had known Elvis well and with whom he has shared some of his deepest spiritual insights and longings. She remains to this day a very dear friend. At the time, some years after Elvis' death I sent her an issue of my publication “The Source” which had within it about the Star Migrations and Elvis and Sadat having been Blue Star Solarian souls. When she read it she was amazed, as Elvis had told her that his soul came from “the Blue Star Rigel.” In fact she had his recorded voice speaking to her about this, which she shared with me.

Elvis: Did you ever hear of Rigel? (a star in the constellation of Orion.)

Wanda: No, is it a country or a person?

Elvis: A place, my home is near there - my other home - where I am from, and I have the Blue Star for my sun. I have eight moons and a mansion beneath the outer shell of my planet. You think I’m making this up, but its true - you’ll know that one day. You’ll remember what I told you - before you die - you’ll see some of it happen, and you’ll be involved because you and I are tied together and you don’t know it but I do.

Some years after this I began communicating with a woman who lived in Washington D.C. She has worked for the government as a hostess (probably not the right title) for foreign VIPs when they came to the capitol city. As a result, she had become well acquainted with Anwar Sadat. Now she also happened to have a strong spiritual affinity for Elvis Presley. When she read of Elvis, Sadat and the “Blue Star” she wrote to me that on one visit to the capitol, she and President Sadat have been talking about things spiritual and she suddenly just said to him that she deeply admired Elvis Presley as a spiritual being. She remembered clearly President Sadat leaning forward toward her in his chair and saying with purpose in his voice, “Elvis and I are from the same star.” At the time she did not understand this and did not ask him to explain it. When she read what I had written about Elvis and Sadat as Blue Star Solarians, the light went on for her and it was a major “ahh-haa” moment!

To continue with my personal Blue Star story...

I had been shown that Rigel contained it's “planets” within the star and not orbiting around it. I asked how was the possible and was told that these worlds were on a higher vibration and so the “star” was not a fiery orb but a matrix for world systems. This is true of many stars. I saw my home planet or rather world, within the Star. It was beautiful and very Earth-like, with mountains, forests and streams...seas and sky. The sky though often changed color instantly from blues to pinks to golds...a rainbow effect at times. There was no “day” and “night” and yet at times there could be seen “stars” in the rainbow colors.

I saw lakes that were made of what appeared to be crystalline liquid. Some of deep blue, others turquoise, emerald and even rose pinks and illumined amber. And there be dragons, unicorns, pegasus and many other beautiful “mythical” creatures but none fearful. How could this be? I was told that many of Earth's “mythical” creatures are memories of other world stars (not just Rigel) and even the Earth itself in the higher dimensions.

The “New Earth Star” will (“does” if one views from outside linear time) have similar attributes of the other worlds within Rigel. The difference is that it will contain / contains the “codes” of a new Gate in time space through which all the worlds of Rigel may eventually pass.

Elvis spoke to Wanda about his home in the Blue Star, which she related in one of her letters to me:

...his home on the Blue Star, it had eight sides and eight rooms. The floors were of golden stones, the walls were crystal and many colors. The ceiling was a pyramid. He explained the principles of the power in the center that provided energy for all who lived therein. The beauty of his Blue Star was fantastic, he related.

With birds that sang night and day. There were birds like peacocks, only more beautiful.

They had pets that were small, furry and like little dogs, only they didn’t bark. Cats were important’, he said. They were from his Blue Star planet - they originated there. Elvis then talked to her about his friends in that other world, and about his constant physical discomfort on this planet. He began talking about several people, and their names kind of sounded like names in your pamphlet (my publications at the time), but I can’t begin to pronounce or spell them. He said that they were his family on the Blue Star... ‘he had come to Earth, but was here too soon.’ He should have waited, it was too soon. He said it softly, but so saddened and painful as if it hurt. (This was when he said)... he was burning up, that the Earth was too heavy for him...he was going to have to leave early as a result.”

I have been shown how the Blue Star worlds of Rigel will be complete when the Earth's Entity or “planetary genius” is returned to it. Then there will be an expanding or nova at a creational level and all the Rigelean worlds will “upgrade” as a result.

Yet if we view the Blue Star dynamic outside of time...the Earth has already ascended and so have we! The Blue Star Kachinas “dance” this truth into the ether of our current linear world as we glimpse them as flickers and orbs of blue light at the edges of our peripheral vision and in or visions and dreams.

The Nine Worlds of Rigel (names given are in ancient “first language” Aloii of Earth)

Aku'atma 2) Situ'Brana 3) Techi'Kan 4) Sii'Mu 5) Eu'ku 6) Reki'Tu 7) Soma' 8) Tu'soka (Venus) 9) Ptah'Aten (Earth)

The Ancients of Mu had specific temples dedicated to these worlds, for they could trace their linage through the Migrations back to them.

The Sun Bow Clan were the first beings from the Blue Star Rigel to come to the Earth. They came as the Sun Bow in an early age to establish the locations of the primary acu-nodes on the surface of the planet, where as the “Master Builders” they established energy structures. Eventually, the Master Builders chose adepts from the Earth Family to continue with the work of establishing and maintaining these sites for the purpose of keeping the connections open...not only to Rigel but other star systems in Orion and other Migration homes such as with the Pleiades and from the star Sirius.

Actually, before the Master Builders souls from Rigel and other systems were entered the “placebo” state of Earth, later to be merged with the physical state...but that is another story!

All incarnate souls are living in all their experiences at once. Only the illusion of linear time causes us to separate it out into segments. “I am here now – not there....I will be there or I was there, but I am not there now.” This is simply a product of the greater magnetic field we live in, which causes our brains and bodies to move in specific units of cognition.

Let us entertain that we shall break away from that linear path for a few moments as I invite you to join me in my home on Ptah'Aten (Earth before it left Rigel as an energy body).

I remember living in a complex of white buildings with as central plaza. The garden were so beautiful and you could actually hear the flowers “sing.” All color was so brilliant, yet not over-powering. It was like you breathed it in deeply and as you exhaled it there was a tingling feeling through the body which made you feel so connected to if it were in and of itself a living thing.

All creatures from birds to cats to horses – unicorns, etc, were communicative with human telepathically. It was gentle though – like a sweet breeze. Birds would alight on my shoulder and a large white cat with amazing blue eyes I see walking by my side. I seem to be female...but what did I do in that life? When I ask that question I find the answer is not easy to put into words, because people of Ptah'Aten did not “do” as we perceive it. They existed in BEING. Manifestation was central to this to think of a house was to have you wished it to be. All this will be true in the New Earth as well. When one is free from hard physical labor they are more able to live in a state of Being. However, we of this current Earth are involved in labor for a purpose. It is a learning process of the laws of nature which we have yet to master in this environment. Every single one of us here now has a purpose and a plan in that Learning...not just for ourselves, but for the whole “Light Program” we are here to accomplish. So we are given the task of learning how to “be” while we “do.”

To return to “being” on Ptah'Aten...People did not just walk around in bliss. They were active. They did things but it came out of true BEING and PRESENCE. It was joyous, fun and effortless.

I have memories of swimming in deep pools of water that is not like our is more alive and crystalline in nature. It feels so good to move through that water! I have dreamed of it as well in the past.

No matter from what star system your soul may have originated, so Thoth tells me all on Earth are from the Family of “Unimanity” or rather are of Kindred origins...all these worlds / stars coming out of the same template seed form.

Where we were, where we are and where we are going is really all the same ball of twine. When we stretch out the string we can see it as a long line through time and space, but as one BALL of twine, all that string is wrapped up together and shares essentially the same space and time. If we live every moment as the whole ball of twine rather than unrolling that ball and following the string around trying to find out place on it with a stick pin (gotcha!) we will be happier, more content beings, no matter which star our soul originated from!

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