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Mari Magdalene

My akashic perspective of Mari Magdalene is somewhat different from what is being written about as a result of the book "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" and other such books through the years. There are similarities, but differences as well.

Briefly her history as revealed to me

Mari M was a cousin of I'shoa. She was his one female Apostle and as such, there became an accumulation of female disciples of the Christed I'shoa who gathered about her and Mari Anna (I'shoa's mother), especially after His Ascension. Yes, according to my "conversations" with Thoth, I'shoa did ascend. He did not fake his death.

The major differences between the akashic/Thoth's version as received by me and the Holy Blood, Holy Grail / Da Vinci Code versions (and other such books following the same story line)

1) I'shoa's body did "die" on the cross.

2) His soul re-claimed the body in the tomb.

3) He ascended his entire form into the higher spiritual world - it's "location" in the subtle-physical being in the sun-star Rigel within the constellation of Orion (where the New Earth Star is now forming - it's first stage being Numis'OM).

4) Mari, a priestess of Magda did not "marry" I'shoa in a sense recognized by traditional Jewish law.

From material I source translated from the akashic in 1997:

Mari and Yeshua (I'shoa) were united in a sacred marriage of an ancient order of the Essenes. They 'made love'...(but did) not include physical intercourse.

Mari did not conceive Yeshua's child until after his death and resurrection. He came to her to perform the ancient rite of conception while she was on the sacred isle of Iona off the coast of Scotland. This was the time of the Ionian Priestesses - those who were 'Goddess Born' and held to the concepts of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, seeded through eternity within each human being. The child that was born to Mari as a result of her 'Light Conception' with the risen Yeshua was named John Martinus.

Only months after his birth, Mari, according to the divine plan given to her by Yeshua, left the child in the care of the Ionian Priestesses and journeyed to the Rennes (le Chateau) region of Southern France. She brought with her the 'Sara' - the lineage of the Star-Eagle, a star tribe that had integrated into the Grail famlies. For a period of time in the life of young John he came to be with his mother in Rennes le Chateau, France. John Martinus later traveled to this region again, long after his mother's death in Ephesus (Turkey), where she and the mother of Yeshua both ended their days. (On his last journey to Rennes) John Martinus brought the Grail cup to the holy ground in France where his mother had consecrated a shrine to his father. He performed a ceremony of Blessing there with the sacred cup, but it returned with him to Glastonbury where he lived and taught sacred principles to a select few quietly. John Martinus had one daughter and two sons. He was married twice. His first wife, Elisabeth died in childbirth giving him his daughter. His two sons were born of his second wife, Muriel. The sones were Thomas and Germane (Germain?). The daughter was Sara. Sara had a daughter who was also named Sara (Sara Bernice). It was Sara Bernice who came to Rennes (le Chateau) to do the 'Work,' living there for 26 years, dying at the age of 49. She was buried where the Magdalene Chapel now stands. this sacred ground was first consecrated by her Great-Grandmother Mari, and later by her grandfather, John Martinus.


Another piece of the story from Thoth

The three Maris (Mari Magdalene, Mari Anna and Mari Martha) first came to Glastonbury with Josef of Arimathea, the great-uncle of I'shoa. While there they re-established and "updated" an ancient order of Priestesses of Avalon.

Josef of Arimathea was the uncle of Mari Anna. Mari Magdalene was the sister of Lazarus and cousin of I'shoa. Mari Martha was the sister of Mari Anna, and thus the aunt of I'shoa. Of even greater confusion, while Lazarus was the true son of Josef of Arimathea, Mari Magdalene was a "foster" child. BUT she did come from the Davidic linage and still WAS a cousin of I'shoa. I became quite confused with this originally, when years ago I stated that Josef A. whose true name was Josef Mathias, was the half-brother of Mari Anna. As I am shown this part of the akashic record now, I see that my mistake lay in the "fact" (from my recent conversation with Thoth) that Mari Anna did have a half-brother...named Josef Mathias, after her uncle!


Most of what was revealed to me above was given in the early 1990's. I am not sharing it as "gospel," as I do not feel any information "channelled" through a human being can be absolutely pure in receipt. I also believe that there is a lot more to "reality" - what IS and what HAS BEEN and what WILL BE that we can possibly fathom at this time in the human experience. The key to this understanding will be revealed through an advanced revelation in quantum physics, which is already beginning to occur within the scientific community.

In conclusion, Mari and I'shoa's story may have several "paths" through space-time and this may be one of them.

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