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I have chosen to call these female apostles the "Women of the Nazarene," as this was how the world of their Age saw them during and just after Yeshua's time on the earth.

From the Akashic Record is revealed that the women apostles of Yeshua during His lifetime were called by various names – they had birth names, and some were called by other named coined by Yeshua himself. Thus, the names given here will not necessarily be the ones they were known by.

These original "Women of the Nazarene" were:

1) Mari of Magdalene (a cousin of Yeshua)

2) Ruth (sister of Yeshua)

3) Rebeka

4) Mirabisha

5) Lydia

6) Mari Martha (Yeshua's aunt)

7) Lourda

8) Sara

9) Elisabeth (a relative of Yeshua)

10) Judi

11) Mari of Canaan

12) Miriam (a relative of Yeshua)

Mari Anna, the mother of Yeshua was considered the 13th female apostle, but her position was quite different from the others as Mari Magdalene’s also came to be in time. There were other feminine disciples of Yeshua as well, these being the original and primary twelve.

A couple of the other female disciples were Pontius Pilate’s half-sister, and wife, Claudia Procula, who were included in the secondary level of Yeshua’s inner Order. After His crucifixion, resurrection and ascension, several other female apostles were initiated by Mari Anna and Mari Magdalene, both of whom had been given this authority by Yeshua before His ascension. The Johannine Church honored the apostolic succession from Mari Anna and Mari Magdalene, as well as the line through St. John the Beloved/Divine.

After the crucifixion, the female apostles were then guided by Mari Anna in her authority under the Christed and risen Yeshua. When some of these women made their transitions from this mortal coil, so other women were initiated by Mari Anna to serve in their place. After the transition of Mari Anna herself, the female apostles then became a sacred Order continuing to serve the Christ Yeshua through the living symbol of his most sacred Mother. This Order became part of the Johannine Church, and it was called the Order of the Vine - the ’vine’ being Mari from whose womb the holy fruit was born - in those early days of Christianity. This Order was also known as the Merians, which became a branch of the Catharines. In fact, Mari Anna’s great-great-great grandson Simon went by the name Simon of Merian. He was the son of Thomas, who was the son of John Martinus (Yeshua's son).

Come and sit among the circle of women who gather with the Christed Yeshua. What must it have been like for them to witness Him in His living form? They quite possibly did not all understand His true mission and his soul's mergence with the Christic Archangel and the Sun Spirit. Yet they could not but have been awed by His Divine Nature that permeated their experience with Him. Yeshua was also their friend and colleague--and for several of these women, He was also a familiar relative whom they had known since childhood.  Place yourself in their stead and feel as they must have felt.  Reach out and touch the Holiness of Christ at the center of the circle; but also, confide in the friend who is your kinsman embodied as Yeshua be Josef, the carpenter's son.

He chose these women to represent women of all ages, races and religions. Unlike the first male Apostles not all these women were Jews. They came from several different backgrounds, more varied that that of their male counterparts. They were not being groomed to carry the Word out into the world as were the male Apostles. Instead, Yeshua chose them to gestate the consciousness of the Christ in the feminine aspect of its Divinity--to embody it in the Earth as a LIVING FLAME.

Open your Heart and Soul to accept the passage of that Flame from these women of the past, and become now, in this moment, its Living Presence as a Woman of the Nazarene.


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