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Prophetess of Troy

The historical Cassandra was indeed the daughter of  Priam and Hecuba, the King and Queen of Troy. She was a seer, who as a child had been visited by a serpent in her visions and told she would foresee the doom of her people. However, according to my akashic insights, she did not murdered in Mycenae, but managed to escape to Delphi in Greece, where she became a Delphic Oracle for a short period of time.

When she was commanded by the political power of that age to give false prophecies, she refused. A band of soldiers came to Delphi with the purpose of arresting her. At that point she ran and flung herself of a cliff, rather than become their prisoner.

It would seem that Cassandra had a sad life and tragic ending, but she maintained a deep belief in the Spirit that guided her, and in this she was able to taste of the eternal spring of joy at times when it seemed that the world had abandoned her.

For the mythology of Cassandra, see Wikidepedia.


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