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Patron Saint of RITE OF AVALON


Symbols: the White Dove, the Rose, the Holy Cup, the Shepherd's Staff, Hearth, Sacred Well

Keywords: Fecundity, Compassion, Nurturing, Well-Being, Mystic Vision, Illumination

Elements: The Sacred Four (Fire, Water, Earth & Air)




"In 1993 the fire was symbolically re-lit, and a light from that flame now  burns in Solas Bhride community, established by a group of Brigidine sisters who are bringing 'Brigid' back to Kildare. The fire is kept burning and is tended by these women today.

"This fifth century woman was a strong, compassionate and delightful  person with a special love for the poor, and a deep sense of learning and culture. The memory with a commitment of Brigid is currently undergoing a revival and renewal, not only in Ireland, but also among religious women and others in North America, Canada, Scandinavia, Africa, Holland, here in Australia and many other countries across the world.

"...as we move into a new millennium, Brigid is again revealed as threshold woman, lighting our way along the path of justice and renewal across the earth."
- Gail Donovan, 02/2000

Gail Donovan


Ode to Brighde
by Maia Christianne

Brighde, guide me to thy Holy Ground where still, twixt and 'tween the veils of time, thy temple doth arise.

Offer me thy waters sweet with wisdom poured from the Christed Cup; and I, a servant of His flock shall drink from this proffered dish sublime.

Who shall stand beside me when all the flowers dim and die,
and every tree is bared and glazed with wintery bones of ice and storm?

Who shall sooth my brow at night, when light evades my weary eyes, and life is drawn from the sap to break the bough of time?

Come to me then, Mother of the Well, and tend my tattered mind. Shake me gently from my sleep and lift me to thy flame,

That I shall wake and follow thee, back into the hills,
where all the Children are gathered 'round thy skirts,
and sun and moon doth join as one, about thy golden hair.

Never shall I stray again when I return to thee in the Land of  Avalon.

WOMEN OF THE AVALON SHIELD, gather about the Sacred Flame in the Temple of  Brighde.  What do you see in the Flame?  What is your heart's desire to serve the Light?  Look not to the "doing" but the "being" of the service.  How does it sing to thee? As  Keepers of the Flame, so you must come to know that nothing is too little or to great to feed the Flame. Move to that space within you that embraces the TRUTH of your soul. Pad unshod, down the silent halls in the glow of candlelight to the one place in your Heart that opens to the Sun.  When you do, so there shall you stand, unadorned and FREE from all contrivances that limit your experience of the Divine.


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