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Thoth to the Sisters of the Magdalene in regard to their sacred journey in September of 2006 to the Temple of Venus in France - key facilitator, Nicole Christine. This message was given through me (Maia) on 7/22/06

Thoth: The original Sisters of the Magdalene began as a gathering of women with their Master Teacher (the soul later incarnated as Mari of Magdalene) in the lands of the Azerites. 250 years later in 1,678 BC four of these souls came to the Temple of Venus to take vows to serve the planetary purpose of the Magdalene; but this service was actually begun with the original gathering of the Sisters. Other "Magdalene" souls took vows in this service at different times, incarnations and places. Understand that when we (Thoth often uses "we") say "Magdalene souls" we mean souls who serve a specific path of the Divine Feminine which the soul of Mari of Magdalene brought forth on the physical plane of earth. Because this vibration is so strong, being maintained continuously on the inner planes, many women (and even some men) feel as if they had been incarnated as THE Magdalene. It is because their soul serves so devotedly on this path. Indeed, in this sense they are all Magdalenes.

In the Year of our Lord 1216 the Sisters of the Magdalene re-established themselves formally once again (as they had done in several ages past) and presented themselves to the Temple of Venus in France once again - this time as a group of 13 women. They came from the nations of France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Spain.

To this gathering the Sisters from Spain brought a large, polished alabaster egg that had been in the keeping of the Sanctuary of Isis in Egypt for many centuries. It had originally been created for and served the Ey'sis Priestesses at Heliopolis. It was one of the BENU eggs - this one filled with the rites, ceremonies and prayers of these women as they opened their being to be filled with the LIGHT OF THE WORLD, SHE WHO IS THE FEMININE CHRIST VIBRATION. This LIGHT is very much needed on the planet at especially this time, due to the escalating fulfillment of prophecies - seemingly dark and yet full of worlds within worlds of light-binding codes.

In Spain the egg had been guarded by the Quosque, a sacred order of the Berbers (Moors - direct descendants of Atlanteans). This egg now lies in a catacomb beneath the Temple of Venus. The catacomb served other purposes eons ago, but the Magdalenes knew of it and were guided there to place the alabaster egg of Benu, not just for safe-keeping, but to perpetuate the AIN SOPH / LIGHT OF THE WORLD from the node on earth.

Now, in 2006, as the Magdalenes come once again to this sacred temple they are to quicken the Light codes within the egg and release them on a new level into the earth and the genetics of the races of the earth.


notes from Maia: I had never heard of the "Azerites" but did find one (only) mention of them through google, saying that the Israelites were not to intermarry with Hittites, Amorites or Azurites, but this nevertheless occurred during the Babylonian captivity.

The alabaster I saw of the egg was white and iridescent in appearance. I asked Thoth if this had anything to do with the "alabaster jar." He replied that the jar was a metaphor for the egg, although there WAS a real alabaster jar historically, it was THERE to represent the deeper truth of the alabaster egg.

Later I was told by Nicole Christine that the date Thoth gave me this message - July 22nd, was the Feast Day of Mari Magdalene!


On June 11th, 2006 Nicole Christine posted the following on the Spirit Mythos Forums

As the Da Vinci Code phenomena intensifies, it feels even more important to tell of an ancient Magdalene Sisterhood that re-emerged on the planet in 1996, seven years before Dan Brown's book made the best sellers list. At that time, I founded the Magdalene Mysteries School in Tucson, Arizona and sounded the call that reunited this Priestess Sisterhood and unknowingly blazed a trail to wholeness for myself and the women and men who would later take the path with me. The story of this journey is told in my new book Under Her Wings: The Making of a Magdalene.

My commitment to heal childhood sexual wounds took me beyond the confines of organized religion and social pretences. There I found inspiration in the figure of Mary Magdalene, whom I came to know as a protectoress of sexual wisdom and of sacred union between woman and man, Goddess and God.

In a 1998 phone session with Maia, she revealed the ancient import of my deepening bond with Magdalene. As she began the reading, Maia affirmed the strong presence of Magdalene and of Thoth, the Egyptian Lord of the Akashic Records, who opened my cosmic library scrolls for Maia. "I see you and two others, along with the soul that was Mary Magdalene," Maia said, "but previous to her historic incarnation with Christ when the four of you were together at the Temple of Venus. It’s in southern France near La Val Dieu, the Valley of the Gods. That lifetime–between 2,000 or 1,000 BC–you three took vows with the soul of the Magdalene in her planetary purpose."

Excitement surged through my body as I listened. I had been to La Val Dieu in 1996, where unknowingly, this vow was surely reactivated. But what I now understood was that our vow was to assist in fulfilling Magdalene’s planetary purpose, not simply to retrace her path. Of course we were to expand, move beyond, what she accomplished in her Piscean Age incarnation. We were to take her sacred union purpose into the Aquarian Age beyond the lands where she had seeded it!

I was deeply moved as Maia continued with information directly from Mary Magdalene. Maia said, "She is calling you Hespara, which is derived from Hesperus, which means Venus. There is a strong energy of the Goddess principle of Venus connecting the two of you. She indicates that the point of recognition, fulfillment, and dedication you feel in your connection to her is anchored in the Temple of Venus in the Earth."

This September, numerous Magdalene sisters and I will be journeying to the Temple of Venus in France to consciously attune with, anchor, and embrace the planetary purpose of the soul of the Magdalene in sacred alignment with what is ours to individually and collectively fulfill in these times. I joyously anticipate that this will lead to return trips to France and to greater clarity about our roles in helping to fulfill this planetary purpose of actualizing sacred union of the feminine and masculine, within and without.

With an open heart, I invite you to read more about the Magdalene Mysteries in Under Her Wings.

This quote captures the spirit in which the journey was lived and the book was written: "Spirituality is not about being pious. It is about fully engaging life in whatever ways it presents itself."

complete thread of Nicole Christine's posting on the Magdalene on Spirit Mythos Forums and others comments on it


Thoth on the Temples of Venus

These temples are the wombs containing what could be called "Seeds of Light" for an Age soon upon us, when Venus, our Sister and Guardian in this solar system will aid us in our transition into the New Earth Star. This process has indeed already begun!

Location of the Venus Temples and their keynotes

1) A'RATU - TEMPLE OF THE GOLDEN FLAME on the slope of Mt. Ararat, Turkey - (active) holding the codes of the First Principle - the WORD, LOGOS OF THE SEED. GOLDEN FLAME.



4) RUHA'KEESH - TEMPLE OF THE RUBY FIRE - The one in Sedona (active) is the Path of QUALIFYING THE NATURE OF THE DIVINE FEMININE. It is the RUBY FIRE....the burning away of all dross to see the true form.


6) SICHANA'LI'EL - TEMPLE OF THE NEW COVENANT - on Tenerife, Canary Islands (will become re-activated 12/27/07-1/06/08) is an Atlantean Venus Temple - COMPLETE HOLOGRAM OF THE NEW COVENANT - THE LIGHT PROGRAM INITIALIZING OF THE NEW EARTH STAR - BLUE FLAME.

7) OWII'NEMAKA - TEMPLE OF THE GEM BODY - Kaua'i (underneath the San Marga Monastery grounds) - a Lemurian Venus Temple (active as of 2/04 - 2/16 07) - PRIMA MATRA - FIRST MATTER ARISEN TO THE NEW OCTAVE - EMERALD FLAME.

According to my Thothic transmissions on 11/05/06, Mount Kailash in Tibet "is the place of triggering the infusion of the rays of Mazuriel into the earth. Thus, it is the point that will bring together and prepare the Temples of Venus.

If you see the roil point of the planet (Hawaii) and the Mazuriel point (Mount Kailash), you will find that they communicate...the former brings quickens the center of the earth and the later opens the stargate of Mazuriel to flood into the earth."

Some additional information on the Magdalene soul which came from several Thoth readings for members of the Magdalene Sisters

In Atlantis the Magdalene soul was Isaria, in the Temple of the Silver Star - she being the "Magda" or "Veiled Mother."

Also in Ethiopia when the Magdalene soul was incarnate as Eushebaha, daughter of a King. In India the Magdalene soul was the first of King Asoka's wives and his most beloved. I, Thoth, incarnated into the Asoka embodiment at the time of his great transformation (walk-in).

In Lemuria, the Magdalene soul was the High Priestess in the Temple of Phira. This temple was dedicated to the Lion-Goddess or rather to the essence of the Divine Feminine as exemplified in the Mysteries of of the Sirian Phiramun, which were female priestesses of the Lion Ones. "Phira" meant "Living Flames." The one later to become the Magdalene was Osirius Au Mu - "light of the star, logos (word / tone) of the Mother"

The priestesses who served the High Priestess were the latu or "lanterns". The lanterns contained the Mother Flame. So the latu were those priestesses who accepted, nurtured and radiated the Osirius Au Mu (or rather the PRESENCE she radiated) that was of the Lion-Goddess.

Magdalene painting by William Buehler

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