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It has been revealed to me in the past that two human beings on this earth plane can create a "birth" for a soul to enter into ANOTHER dimension.  The purposes for this type of birth are many, and I have not akashically researched it to any degree at this time. I do know that through various means (intercourse being only one means) a woman may conceive and give birth to that conception in another dimension of "physicality"--in an alternate or parallel reality. While she may experience symptoms of this "pregnancy" (or she may not), she will have no visible fetus or child in her real-time physical experience.  The soul choosing to move through her in this manner will use her body and soul-link as a vehicle of transport into another earth dimension. The "father" can be another human from her dimension OR an incarnated soul in another physical dimension, having the same basic  "ADAM KADMON" DNA. This is NOT the same an an ET abduction/insemination, for in what I am describing here, both channel souls (parents) are on some level of their soul-self, CONSENTING to this experience, which is taking place in an act of harmony and universal LOVE. An "Immaculate Conception," such as has occurred in the past history of the world among select women, is a variation of this "sacred act," with the child being born in the real-world of the mother; yet having an "otherworld" father. While Immaculate Conceptions may be rare, women from this earth reality consenting on soul-level to birth souls into other earth realities is a far more frequent occurrence.


In ancient times, the land region known now as Glastonbury (and regional area) in England was surrounded by the water of an inlet sea. It was one of the few remaining magical places on the earth. As time progressed its inter-dimensional aspect--the "Faery Realm" or "Avalon"--began to separate from the denser real-time reality there. They became more and more set apart in reality and time, but continue to this day, to share the same space. In this age, the window between these worlds is but a bare crack through space-time, but in the eras of Jesus and later Merlin, it was opened to those who inbreathed its passage. These Avalonic voyagers were souls who were born beneath the veil of the Goddess, and whose succor was taken at the breast of a rapidly changing world dimension, as the great Ice Canopy shattered into small islands of refractive light in the sky. When the Ice Canopy surrounding the earth, high in its upper atmosphere first tore apart, the last great flood ensued. By the ages of Jesus and Merlin, only small patches of it remained--mostly over areas of Europe and all of Great Britain. It was this Ice Canopy that created powerful gates into other earth-dimension worlds. (A topic too lengthy for this introduction to the Rite of Avalon.)

Merlin tells us that without the ancient document of consciousness which still resides in the Avalonic realm of our sub-conscious memory, humanity cannot create the New Earth Logos.

In the 14th century when the Knights Templar were destroyed by the King of France, remnant Templars sought refuge in Scotland under a King who swore no allegiance to the Catholic Pope. A small band of these Templars, several of which were Scottish in ancestry, were lead by the Order of the Labyrinth (a clandestine order of spiritual keepers of the catacombs and labyrinths of the world - Temple Doors #1-89) to Iona, a Holy Isle of Scotland. It was here that these Templars of a "lost order" began a service to the Light which took them beyond the veil of any Templars before them. They became aware of and enlightened in service to the TRUE "Templar" Order which had been established by John Martinus, the son of Yeshua and Mari Magdalene. The later Templars were but a shadow of this original order. The Iona Knights then, came full circle back into the most ancient origins of the "Johannes Templaris."

John Martinus had been raised on Iona by Ionian Priestess--left in their care by this mother, Mari.  While still a youth, he was brought by the Priestess Elaine to Glastonbury to enter his initiations and study there. When the "lost" Knights came to Iona, they entered the sanctum of the Ionian Priestesses, a few of whom were still present on the isle at that time--yet in a state somewhat removed from the real-time world. Through a series of contacts through the Order of the Labyrinth, the Knights embarked upon a specific mission with the Ionian Priestesses--that of siring nine children--all daughters--who were born in the Avalonic realm. The purpose of this service was the re-genesis of the genetic balance of human-faery consciousness between these two earth domains. Prior to the role the Knights played in this pageant, the lineage which the Ionian Priestesses carried was coming to and end.  What was instigated was a further perpetuation of that linage through space-time. In Avalon, since time is of a different relativity there than it is here, these nine women priestesses still exist. Merlin calls them the "MENSA."

Through the Order of the Labyrinth, the Templars on Iona were given the innermost doctrine and arcane knowledge of the Magii Initius Templari. This wisdom was contained within the Kro'Hahm'Ba, an ancient text from Persia, which contained pre-deluge Atlantean sacred knowledge. In this work, a prophetic document is given in which it is stated:

"From the loins of the Master Warriors will the Daughters of Sinn come forth. From the abode of the starry maze they shall enter the Mer (the gate into Avalon) and be there as one with the Great White Way."

The "Daughters of Sinn" refer to the priestesses of the Moon Goddess of Egypt, and was originally a name for women who were born to serve close to nature and able to traverse the parallel realties of the earth's natural realms. The "starry maze" is the geomantic zodiac of the heavens which is formed around the tor at Glastonbury.

The MENSA--the nine daughters of the Ionian Priestesses and the Knights Templars--engage in the Rite of Menhir, which is a ritual for raising the Old Earth consciousness from the center of the planet within the center of a living earth circle (the Menhir). There it becomes an "entity," which Merlin calls the "Magda."  She is the Woman of Ancients, Mother of Sorrows, Grandmother of Graces.

The energy streaming from the resurrected Magda coincides with the full moon (in Avalonic time). It is analogous to menstrual blood, for it is released from the womb of the Ancient Earth to nourish a seed of the New World Consciousness. When that seed is not given forth into the matrix of the Menhir, the Magda discharges these vital energies into the Avalonic world. The "blood" is then nourishment for Avalonic forms, sustaining that world. Very few New Earth seeds are engendered in the Magda due to the strong magnetic presence of the Old World forms. It is for the Women of the Avalon Shield, through the RITE OF AVALON to build pathways for this "new seed" and protect its entrance into the Menhir. This is the crossing-over between the realms that will bring forth the Logos of the New World from the seed-pod of the Old. The CHRISTOS in that birthing Flame, which Yeshua hosted into the world, bringing it through the Sun Spirit and into the center of the Earth. This is the "child in the manger" with which the Women of the Avalon Shield will help to usher into the New Earth.


You are standing on a high plain, reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands. It is sunrise.  Strokes of clouds form wings upon the sun, as the golden orb is offered to the new day. You find yourself in the center of the ancient standing stones. They are sheltering sentinels, whose presence guardians your movement through time and space.

Facing the rising sun, call upon your eternal Spirit to open the door between the Worlds of Light within your soul. Those compartments which your linear mind keeps separate and removed from consciousness are now communicating. All points of "You" find Presence within your soul; permeating your mind, your breath, you as a Living Flame. Bathe in this moment of ONENESS within!  Refresh your small self with the greater being of "no-self" that resides in the earth and the stars, and in all manner of life, substance and memory.

As you stand within that small, still moment of eternity that is so all-encompassing, summon the Mensa into your waking world. Ask them to witness for you in the tying together of the Sacred Knot--the binding of all loose ends within you that find no purpose but to come together as ONE. Ask these Nine Women to gather about you. Hear their voices psalming softly in the morn. Like graceful doves, they gather upon the branch of your senses and softly echo the yearnings of your soul. THEY CALL YOU HOME.

Spend some moments with these women, who reflect to you aspects of your own fluted soul, as it tones from the center of the earth its swan-like call to Return. . . .

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