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Embrace of the Serpent - The Way of the Priestess Oracle

I will begin this article with three vignettes taken from true incidences of the past still existing as thought impressions within the Akashic recording crystals of the Earth.

Oroupa stood upon the smooth, polished stones of the temple courtyard that glistened like pearl-shells in the moonlight. She pulled her dark green cloak to her as if she could melt her soul into its comforting folds. The cold air carried with it the weight of prophecy. Oroupa was aware that her footfalls upon the stones seemed to echo through the veil between space and time, as if she were moving ever closer to the brink of an endless sea. She paused before the great wood and gold doors of the Morning House, the Temple of Rebirth. These doors had survived the great flood that wrenched the land from the roots of the Earth and placed this sacred sanctuary upon the roof of the world. In the tossing of the mantle, it had  become an isle in the midst of a pool of the Goddess, the most holy Ururuchaha, the lake of the Lady of Skies. These temple doors then, represented immortality, and thus they were raised once again upon holy ground, to become guardians of the Morning House.

Oroupa placed her hand upon the doors, knowing she would not pass this way again. Those who entered the Morning House embraced savatra, the state of transparency which led from the old form into new incarnation. As a priestess and oracle of the Island of the Sun, Oroupa had known 65 years in the flesh of her current vessel. Still, she shown with an agelessness beyond the temperance of time. So it was with all the priestess oracles of the Great Sun. They spent many hours in between worlds, where time does not seek refuge in the cells of the body. Yet Oroupa knew that despite her remaining beauty and vitality, it was her time to move through the veil and dissolve her form in order to be one with the rhythm of the tides once again. No voice but her inner self spoke this to her, for it was a sacred acknowledgment that each priestess oracle of the Lady must grant for herself.

As this oracle of the Lady of Skies stood within the Morning House before the flame that does not perish, she slowly let her cloak fall about her feet upon the tortoise shell floor. She loosed her long hair, still a satin black fire after the years, from the golden serpent coil of her station. Bare to the altar of rebirth, she began the chanting that would take her soul ship deeper and deeper into the pale of the nether sea, beyond the lure of life, far into the core of the Sacred Tree of the Universe. There she would be fashioned into new fruit and ripen upon a distant branch of that same tree.

Her sacred name, ‘Oroupa'  meant the ‘fruit of the tree'. Her entire life had been spent as an oracle priestess on the Island of the Sun, sacred to the Mother Ururuchaha, Lady of Skies. Oroupa's mother Opaka, had also been an oracle priestess, as had her Grandmother before her, who was the first of her generation to be born after the Great Flood. Oroupa's great-great grandmother had been an Atlantean priestess oracle, surviving the rampage of waters to bring her girl child into the Nest of Eagles, the high land of the jewel lake. It had been a new age for Oroupa's great-great grandmother, when all the world had been loosened from its moorings, and like a ship tossed upon the sea, had broken apart stranding its splintered pieces over many distant places. Now Oroupa would close a cycle, for she had born no children for her lineage. Yet she knew that this was as it should be, for as cycles close others begin anew. Oroupa would carry her Light Seed into the Earth once again. She would harvest her soul from the fertile soil of another land. Oroupa smiled, and as she did, a single crystal tear slid from her eye along the graceful arc of her cheek.


The second vignette:

The oracle approached the tripod of Pythius with slow, measured steps. Her crimson hair was as a flame upon the candle of her slender white robed body. Her bearing was regal, yet carried also a humility born of service.

As an oracle priestess of Delphi, Cassandra was not lured by the elaborate ceremonial proceedings to believe she was anything but what she was, a servant of the Goddess. She served the Great Mother, who pressed Her whispering lips against Cassandra's heart and psalmed Her inviolate song into the priestess' most inner spaces. But in the age that was upon Greece in Cassandra's day, there were those of high rank in the Temple, who under pressure from men of prestige and power had displaced the true emphasis of the Goddess at Delphi. Instead they brought to the fore her consort, the Sun God Apollo, as designate for the fountain of Light residing within this holy and most ancient place.

Cassandra's walk to the tripod was a path of sorrows, as she knew she would be asked questions fastened boldly to her own destiny. Men with power over her mortality would have her proclaim the answers they wished to hear. If she succumbed to their jaded demands, Cassandra knew she would forever reside as a false oracle of smoke and mirrors. Should she blanch at such sacrilege, her soul would be preserved, though her body would surely perish before the morrow. This oracle priestess had met a similar crisis before in a distant land, where she proclaimed a prophecy upon a people who wished not to hear what their own folly was about to place before them. By the rites of war, she should not have survived to prophecy again. Her beloved Troy was no more, it had lain upon its own sword in the dying fields, where none shall rise again. Yet Cassandra, of flesh and blood, breathed now the pungent air of the cavern fumes and felt her life surge evermore within her. It was an eternal streaming of her true nature, which was above all else, to be a mouthpiece of the Sacred Knowledge Eternal.

As she positioned herself upon the Pythian tripod, the Trojan felt within her breast the rapid beating of a dove in flight, pounding for release from a gilded cage, to soar free once again. Cassandra knew what her choice must be. The dove must rise above the sun.


The third vignette:

Swans glided effortlessly across tranquil waters, their limpid reflections belying their powerful majesty. Elaine relaxed her gaze upon them, as she bent her slender swan-like neck to drink from the spring at her feet. Hair the color of sunlight cascaded about her face. She brushed the locks back to reveal a mouth of soft roundness set firm with resolve. Youth blessed her with its often fickle touch, yet no trial of years could ever find despair in her blue eyes, the color of the Mother's holy robe. Elaine bore the radiance of one whose beauty would survive long after the lilies of the valley had dried and blown away. Such a destiny had come to her from her generation, through the blood of the faerie.

As one of the priestess oracles of Iona, Elaine was positioned in time between the pages of an ancient and sacred book Divine. It was her oath of life to become a bridge between the fasted melodies of the Goddess, echoing as a last refrain from the stilled groves of old, and the holy verses of the Father God and his Eternal Son.

In the early morning of her hours this day, Elaine had been brought by the High Priestess of Iona before a woman bending as a branch with heavy fruit, leaning against the arm of a sunburned man of middle years, a fisherman by trade. The woman, her arms about her swollen body, glowed with the familiar light of one entwined with Spirit. Her name was Mari, a sacred name to Elaine, as it signified the veil of those chosen to serve the Star of the Sea, the Mother of innermost graces. It was explained to Elaine by the High Priestess, that Mari carried the child of the Son of the Father God. Mari was the chosen vessel for His seed in the Earth. The Holy Son's mother, also a Mari, had blessed this child in the womb, conceived by Mari of Magdalene through an act of spirit after the death of the Holy One.

Elaine was given the knowledge of the role she would play in the new life that stirred in Mari that day. She, Elaine, her name meaning ‘light upon the waters', was to become the guardian of this child, when it entered the world his father had come to redeem. After the birthing, Mari would leave her son John Martinus, with the Priestesses of Iona. Upon his eighth year, Elaine would escort him across the waters to the Crystal Isle of Glastonbury, where he would receive his spiritual instruction.

But all this was still ahead of her wondering mind that morning, as she left the presence of the High Priestess, Mari, and the fisherman then running barefoot to her special place of swans.

Whatever her future may be, she felt a gentle hand upon her shoulder, and sighed in the knowledge that this guiding presence would lead her upon her path as guardian to the Sun God's child.

With the sight of the Records of Ages upon her, she mused at the irony of this life, that had brought her once again, to the Throne of the Sun.

According to Earlyne Chaney in ‘Lost Secrets of the Mystery Schools': "The word oracle is derived from the Latin word oraculumm through the verb orare, meaning to speak. ‘Speaking' referred to messages of the gods given to seekers through priests and priestesses."

Webster's Dictionary defines oracle as:

"1) among the ancient Greeks and Romans, a) the place where, or medium by which,  deities were consulted; b) the revelation or response of a medium or priest. 2a) any person or agency believed to be in communication with a deity; b) any person of great knowledge or wisdom; c) opinion or statement of any such oracle 3) the holy of holies of the ancient Jewish Temple"

The most ancient definition of an oracle as given by Tehuti best suits us in this study:

 " A person who has been born and in some manner groomed, to receive spiritual discourse with divine beings for the purpose of planetary evolution. Such oracles are also opened in sight to the recording crystals of the Earth (the Akashic), and under the guidance of the Masters, are in the service of disseminating this knowledge."
In this article I have narrowed the subject further to the category of priestess oracles. After the ‘renting of the veil' biblically represented by the ‘Fall from Grace', the first oracles were female. In the Lemurian and Atlantean Melchizedekean Temples, the oracles were also priestesses, dedicated to using their gift with sacred intent. Among the male priests of the Temple were the consorts of the oracles. Each priest consort was selected with great care to form a spirit bond with a specific priestess oracle. Through the bonding of this couple (both sexually and spiritually), the oracle was given a means to ground her vision into the physical world. The consort created a knowledge form that polished the pure essence the oracle received. The inner intricacies of this procedure are far beyond present day esoteric perspective, nor am I at liberty to discuss the innermost workings of these sacred and magical rites. Yet it needs to be understood that the sexual aspect of these relationships was far removed from the consciousness of carnal sexuality. Nor was physical sexual interaction the major definition of the magical practice.

The priestess oracle and the priest consort worked outwardly in specific roles as well. Sometimes the oracle would speak directly to the Temple, but never to the masses. Always when communicating to the masses, and often within the function of the Temple, the oracle would connect her source flow into the essence and being of her consort who would then be the one to speak the oracle's truth.

In later periods this process was altered somewhat, with the consort silently focusing the frequency of the oracle's receipt on the cellular level, thereby grounding it into the human element so that as the oracle spoke her message, it was more comprehensible on the feeling level.

With the take over by the male priests of the Melchizedek Temple in Lemuria and later in Atlantis, most of the female oracles who had not been killed receded into caverns of solitude far from the newly formed patriarchy present at the Temple complexes. Yet as age turned into age, and both Lemuria and Atlantis were plunged into the seas, so the female oracles once again brought their Light Seed into the Temples. In this period, they were mostly remnant Temple Cities of Atlantis, such as on the Isle of the Sun in Lake Titicaca, Peru, and the Bimini Islands in the Atlantic. While there were some exceptions, the priestess oracles in this post Atlantean age seldom included males in their practice, nor were there many male oracles. The few that existed then, were considered Mages by title and seen as a different sort of spiritual facilitator, more along the lines of a magical instructor. Most priestess oracles in this age were understandably touchy about placing males in any position of power within their realm. These women were the original Sea Priestesses, the Stella Maris (stars of the sea) which appeared in the legends of future civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans and Celts.

The next age of the oracle found itself spreading into the largely unpopulated and dense forest regions of Europe and Asia after the post Atlantean Temple oracles had reached their zenith. The European-Asian oracle was also mostly female (there were more frequent exceptions in this period), although men were brought into the sacred procedure as consorts once again. These oracles built no Temples unto themselves, instead integrating their spirit and magic with nature in the sacred groves and mountain recesses. However, they were often called upon to preside in certain services within the monolithic structures of the period, those sacred Temples of galactic resonance.

By Cassandra's time, oracles had become fashionable to the masses. The enclave at Delphi in Greece had once been a remote oracle cavern complex that served only those who would have been guided by spirit and persistence to find them. As the oracle trend developed, Delphi became as popular as a current day tourist attraction, but with implications of power and rulership attached to its destiny. If the people believed in and acted on the messages of the oracles, so it stood to reason that those who sought power by controlling the people, would seek to also control the oracles. Thus, the insidious internal struggle began. It was at first resisted, but just as a single raindrop at a time can eventually wear away a granite boulder, so Delphi like many sacred oracle shrines, finally succumbed to the debacle of entertainment concealing a more lustful design.

Originally, a true priestess oracle was not solely restricted to prophecy, but was a vehicle for a wide range of wisdom and insight. In fact, foretelling the future was seldom incorporated in their ‘speakings'. Only when it was deemed granted by the divine beings with which they communed, could the oracles speak with the tongue of forecast. It was understood that too much prophecy interfered with the co-creative aspect of human spiritual evolution. Planetary events were more likely revealed than were individual destinies.

The first Lemurian and then Atlantean oracles focused their power and intent mostly through the movement and configuration of the stars. This is not to say that they were astrologers, although this knowledge was a part of their learning process. These priestess oracles worked directly with the dynamics of the star fields, the energies moving through the Universe, only a small portion of which can be determined through astrology. As oracles became more connected to the Earth in the post Atlantean period (most especially in the European-Asian phase), they aligned more with the natural ley lines of the Earth, and  the purpose for which they could better incorporate them in their whole dynamic. They never abandoned the stars, nor were the most ancient oracles unconscious of the Earth, but there was a definite shift of major focus through the ages. Largely, this was due to the female having been cast out of the star Temples by the radical priests of Melchizedek. Thus, she sought an even greater connection with her primal Mother. She literally burrowed herself into sacred ground to find the healing and nourishment she had been denied by the male usurpation of the star consciousness.

There are many sacred cavern areas on the planet that once were the womb centers for priestess oracles. These were no ordinary caves however, each contained a special interaction with a planetary power zone. They were therefore often geologically active places.

Norma Lorre Goodrich writes in her book, ‘Priestesses':

"Chasms above all, are fearsome places. Delphi is chasm, precipice, dark mountainside, murderous sun, with eagle's shadows overhead. Delphi soars, appears out of nowhere, is a navel situated, as were most oracular shrines, near the sea....The Oracle's dark, prophetic cave must always have felt like a shrine so awesome that the feet can only stumble over worn white squares. The eyes can afford only a quick glance now and then up to the darkness of the cliff sides."

From Manly P. Hall, in ‘The Secret Teachings of All Ages':

"The most famous oracles of antiquity were those of Delphi, Dodona, Torphonius, and Latona, of which the talking oak trees of Dodona were the oldest. Though it is impossible to trace back to the genesis of the theory of oracular prophecy, it is known that many of the caves and fissures set aside by the Greeks as oracles were sacred long before the Greek culture. The oracle of Apollo at Delphi remains one of the unsolved mysteries of the ancients. Alexander Wilder derives the name Delphi from delphos, the womb. This name was chosen by the Greeks because of the shape of the cavern and the vent leading into the depths of the Earth....Some believe that the Delphic fissure was discovered by a Hyperborean priest, but as far back as recorded history goes the cave was sacred....For many centuries during its early history, virgin maidens were consecrated to the service of the oracle. They were called the Phoebades, or Pythiae, and constituted that famous order know known as the Pythian priesthood.  "Iamblichus, in his dissertation on The Mysteries, describes how the spirit of the oracle - a fiery daemon,  ‘Daemon' is a nature or elemental being, and does not denote the same meaning as does the word ‘demon'. Even Apollo himself - took control of the Pythoness and manifested through her: ‘But the prophetess in Delphi, whether she gives oracles to mankind through an attenuated and fiery spirit, bursting from the mouth of the cavern; or whether being seated on the adytum on a brazen tripod, on a stool with four feet, she becomes sacred to the God; whichsoever of these is the case, she entirely gives herself up to a divine spirit, and is illuminated with a ray of divine fire. And when, indeed, fire ascending from the mouth of the cavern circularly invests her in collected abundance, she becomes filled from it with a divine splendor. But when she places herself on the seat of the God, she becomes co-adapted to his stable prophetic power: and from both of these preparatory operations she's become wholly possessed by the God. And then, indeed, he is present with and illuminates her in a separate manner, and is different from the fire, the spirit, the proper seat, and in short, from all the visible apparatus of the place, whether physical or sacred.'

"Serpents were much in evidence at the oracle of Delphi. The base of the tripod upon which the Pythia sat was formed of the twisted bodies of three gigantic snakes."

The serpent (and dragon) in most ancient times, was a representation of the primal Mother Earth. However, with the assuming of male dominance in religion, the symbology of the serpent was changed to suit the patriarchal dismemberment of the Goddess, and thus, the serpent became the power that must be vanquished beneath the heel of the God. In ‘conquering' the serpent, so the Delphic oracle sanctuary demonstrated to its following the power of their Gods to overcome the Old Religion of the original priestess oracles.

As Earlyne Chaney writes in ‘Lost Secrets of the Mystery Schools':

"The image of the kundalini or primal force of the serpent goddess was very much evident at most oracle and school sites

"Serpents carved in stone were very conspicuous in the sacred cave (at Delphi), which again alerts us to the realization that the cave had much to do with transformation of consciousness and raising the kundalini."

Although many eons have passed and the priestess oracle has undergone a de-evolution of her role through time, her true essence remains in the consciousness of the Earth. The age is upon her once again to come forth into the world. What is the ‘pure essence' of a true priestess oracle, whether it be one of ancient Atlantis, or one in our current ‘New Age' cycle?

Tehuti's definition is revealed as follows:

"Firstly, a priestess oracle is in her fullness when she is receptive to the balance of duality, able to accept her role as a feminine receptor to be integrated and grounded through the masculine charge. In other words, the role of the consort should not be shut away. This does not imply that every female oracle must have a male partner in the consort role, but that she must be receptive to this principle and open to the possible experience in her life."

The application of balance in duality is also seen in the oracle's embrace of both masculine (God) and feminine (Goddess) root consciousness in her Work.

Her highest watermark of achievement should be one of integrity. Many outside forces are forever active around and within her, consciously and unconsciously, magnetically attempting to pull her focus toward the lower desires of others or self. To remain centered in the pure streaming of the source is the one essential principle that must be adhered to by the oracle,  both female and male alike.

Yet her focus is not austere. Rigidity has no place in one who administers to others, whether it is in the manner of physical healing, or as with the oracle, spiritual revelation. The oracle in her truest role, must find her heart to be the innermost Temple of her passage to the Otherworld. She must connect that heart centered consciousness to the Earth through her ability to be compassionate to the emotions of those for whom she divines, without becoming entangled within their lower desirous forms. She needs to recognize that although her gift is of a divine nature, she is still within the human element, and therefore subject to her own process of evolution. Only by clearly defining what that process is for her, may she be able to operate as a clear receptor to the source.

The true oracle refrains from over prophesying, especially concerning individual destinies. She maintains a sense of  absolute discernment as to when such an insertion into the personal and world consciousness on that level should take place, so as not to offset the delicate co-creative balance within the human condition.

The Akashic records tell us that at Ephesus in ancient Turkey, the priestess oracles were descendants of the Amazons, the original founders of the Temple City. It was the custom of the Amazons to take into individual families a foster child from the Temple. Thus at Ephesus, a young girl being groomed by the Temple as an oracle, would live with a foster family of the city from the age of 12 to 16, so that she would know the sorrow and suffering in the world and not be set apart from it. By the age of 12, most of these young girls had been ‘Temple-raised' since their fourth or fifth year, and thus were well on their way to being molded into their roles. Yet lest they become too sculpted with otherworldly ways, they were to live five years of their lives within the world they would one day serve as oracles. They still received training during this period, primarily focusing upon the goal of integrating spirit and matter.

The current day oracle is unlikely to have undergone such conscious training in her life. Yet all oracles have received instruction through a combination of past life experience, inner plane development and Otherworld guides and mentors.

We are moving ever closer to what Tehuti calls the ‘New Earth Star', which is that next step in our spiritual evolution, when we ascend or break through the veil of this current reality to reestablish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. As we progress toward this transcending point Tehuti calls ‘LP-40', the priestess oracle's role will become more akin to the most ancient doctrines of her service on the planet. The beginning and the end of all things stem from the one sourcing. Yet the priestess oracle will also reveal a new face, upturned to star patterns never seen before by this world, and the dynamics they insert into our field of cognition. The Earth under our feet will shiver in the coming dawn of a new wonder, and the priestess oracles will be among those whose sensitivity to the greater truth within, will be the way showers for many. Of course, as humanity further integrates with their individual God-Selves, each will become his / her own oracle. This occurrence will truly be rejoiced by those Radiant Ones who have had to speak through the select few to the all through so many ages of time. It will then become evident that the ‘voice within' is the harmonic of a Universal knowing which transcends even the need for the Masters themselves as our guiding lights.

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