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Lord Melchizedek Initiates the Generational Grail Blood Path
excerpted from the 1998 "Grail" Issue of Temple Doors (with a few minor updates)

According to Thoth, the name Melchizedek can be used to refer to two different entities. The first being the greater universal Melchizedekean archetype as a composite being beyond the vibration of what we understand as a soul. Secondly the Lord Melchizedek, who was an ensouled yet illumined entity. The latter is the being Thoth claims as one of his previous incarnations, and will be the one we refer to herein. When the Lord Melchizedek came from Orion through the portal of Venus to ancient Lemuria, he brought the Archangel Crystal - also known archetypally as the Philosopher’s Stone - with him to Earth. It contained the vibrational imprint or template of higher wisdom concerning the Christ consciousness and its destined patterning in this planetary sphere. The Archangel crystal was a light geometry brought to earth my the Venusian Lord Melchizedek to Lemuria. He inserted this code into various crystals through the ages. The one above was the first "Archangel Crystal" and was located in the outer court of the Temple of Melchizedek. It was set in a circlet of gold, fashioned with solar rays extending outwards from the setting. The crystal in its sun-circle was positioned atop a pedestal set with gemstones and sacred inscriptions.

In mediaeval alchemy, the Philosopher’s Stone was seen to be a magical formula for turning lesser metals into gold. Spiritually, it was also perceived as that elusive portion of God-Self which when discovered and utilized, will transform the human condition from its fallen state. Thoth reveals to us that this concept was originally derived from the lesser version of the Archangel Crystal. This lesser version of the crystal was set upon a staff attached to the first Ark of the Covenant. Thoth refers to this first ark as the Ark of Grace. There was a second ark that was created by Moses and his priests after the debacle with the golden calf when the first ark was withdrawn from the people of the Exodus. When the second ark was constructed, the staff with the crystal was then attached to it. However, this had occurred against Moses’ command, and the second ark destroyed the staff. The crystal was unharmed, and centuries later came to be in the possession of Gwenifaer, King Arthur’s Queen. The crystal is currently kept in a small cup inside an ankh-shaped box, and now rests in a chapel on the Avalonic Star Island of Iovia, on the other side of the etheric veil. It is also beneath the crystal sarcophagus of Torhannah (additional information to follow) in her etheric vault inside the Tor. Thus, the Archangel Crystal is bi-located (and shape/size changing) in the etheric in order to serve more than one function within its greater purpose.

The swastika symbol is sacred to many races including the Hopis and the Tibetans, and became the infamous symbol of the Nazi Party who reversed its outer arms in an act of reversing the Christic current. This sacred symbol - in its correct form - is a variation of the original Lemurian Melchizedekean symbol for the Archangel Crystal set in its ‘sun-circlet.’ This same crystal is always sought by the incarnate Anti-Christ of the age - Hitler being the last empowered Anti-Christ thus far on the earth.

Returning to the thrust of Lord Melchizedek’s role in the initiation of the Grail Blood Path on the Earth: Lord Melchizedek made two appearances in the earthen experience; the first being in the Hyperborean Epoch, the second during the period of Eros in very early Lemuria. It is the second of these appearances on the Earth with which we are concerned in this article. It was at that time that he established the first Melchizedekean Temples in order to anchor and perpetuate the consciousness of the Order of Melchizedek. This Order is an inner planes group dedicated to the perpetuation of the greater archetypal Melchizedekean consciousness design in all worlds of form. There is much that could be said in regards to these early Melchizedekean Temples, but in keeping with our main story line we will simply relate that they served as the birthing grounds for the first Grail blood lineages to be founded in the earth.

The Lord Melchizedek held the living vibration of Christic consciousness within his blood. Thus, one of the major components of Melchizedek’s intended earthen mission was to create generational Grail blood lineage(s) in this planet’s genetic streaming, thereby infusing ‘lost’ Light codes into the genetics of mankind. In a later age, Yeshua the host for the Christ incarnate, would spring from the vine of Melchizedek to re-vivify these codes and take them into a new octave of experience.

It was as a direct result of this greater divine plan, that the pure Solarian genetics of the Lord Melchizedek were inseminated into 12 carefully selected and prepared female initiates, who then each birthed a child as a result. We must keep in mind that even though the Fall had already occurred, the consciousness of those souls embodied on the Earth at that time was still operating at a high enough spectrum of vibration to keep such an act of perpetuation in the context of its sacred and divine purpose. This was especially so for those women who were chosen and carefully prepared for this role, as they were high initiates of the Lord Melchizedek himself.

The souls of the those first 12 children who were born as a result of this sacred creational process, were also chosen by the spiritual Hierarchy to ensure the success of the first generation of Melchizedek. These original 12 lineages were perpetuated through the Lemurian experience until its latter days as a nation. However, while it was in ancient Lemuria that the Christic Grail was originally seeded by Melchizedek, the true format of a Grail ‘mystery’ was not actually created until ages later in Atlantis.

From the Record of Thoth the following outline is revealed. During the cataclysmic destruction of Lemuria, which occurred over a long period of time, the remaining descendants of the Lord Melchizedek migrated to Atlantis. When Lemuria began to falter as both a nation and a land mass, the few remaining generations of Melchizedek came to Atlantis with the purpose of creating and perpetuating the Grail mystery for the future of mankind. These Melchizedekean descendants were the first Grail families. Once they re-established themselves in Atlantis, these ‘Grail-Born’ designated a Grail Priest-King or Priestess-Queen for each of the 12 Melchizedekean family branches. Each of these 12 Kings/Queens established temple-communities in Atlantis for their family-tribe. In the perception of that age this was not seen as an act of elitism, but as a means to preserve genetic consciousness which could be accessed through these family-tribes for the good of all the world.

Between the arrival of the first Grail family-tribes from Lemuria and the final demise of Atlantis, was of course a period of many tens of thousands of years. Consequently, there were many Grail-Born who assumed a seat in one of the 12 positions during that length of time. It was an age in which human beings, especially ‘Sun-Born,’ had life spans of many hundred up to even two thousand years. All Sun-Born have a certain amount of Ultra-Terrestrial genetic lineage, as did the Grail lineages through Lord Melchizedek. Sun-Born came from the bloodline lineage of the more ancient star-races that came to Earth in several migrations beginning in the Hyperborean Epoch. The Grail-Born came out of the Sun-Born of the Melchizedek lineage begun in the Eros Epoch.

The following are the first twelve Grail Priest-Kings/Priestess-Queens of Atlantis. All other Grail Kings/Queens on the planet after that time descended from their generation.

1)  Arien (king)

2)  Mershova (queen)

3)  Alabast (king)

4)  Pentargan (king)

5)  Helekyal (king)

6)  Emorghan (queen)

7)  Kaval (king)

8)  Lyngyendara (queen)

9) Topaz (king) 10) Hartsoma (queen) 11) Brendar (king) 12) Annubal (king)

In addition to their individual temple-communities, the Grail Kings/Queens established a central gathering place where the 12 would come together for decision-making crucial to the perpetuation of their family-tribes, and also to enter high states of synergic awareness in order to aid in the re-spiritualization of the planet. All of Atlantis held the Grail Priest-Kings/Queens and their family-tribes in high esteem. These were not Kings and Queens who attempted to actually govern the people of Atlantis. They were given this title to acknowledge them as persons who carried the Royal Blood of Heaven for all of Earth’s kind in their evolutionary return to Source. They were men and women who lived their lives in service to God through humanity. Thus, they came together reverently, to assist the world condition in its return to Source. The service of these Priest-Kings and Priestess-Queens was more than a homage of faith. They were capable of traveling through the inner-world portals and communing with illumined beings of other stars and dimensions. Their purpose was that of ‘spiritual magicians,’ who used their superior powers selflessly to promote the Christic Presence in the world.

The gathering place of the Grail Kings/Queens was a rather simple circular building called the Sar-Hanok, meaning the Dragon Star. It was named thus because Melchizedek was known as the Dragon Star, the one who came upon the fiery breath of the dragon to Earth. This was the ancient description of the brilliant merkabah that descended to Earth transporting the being Melchizedek from Venus to this realm, a story which was still remembered and told after all those ages had passed.

The inside of the Sar-Hanok was composed of two concentric circles, the first being a narrow hall-width around the circumference of the second. This outer circle was the Hall of Generation, within which was inscribed the history of the Melchizedekean generations. There were also niches in this hallway provided for talismans and other objects of sacred significance to the Grail families.

Positioned in the center of the larger inner circle was the Mobad, or Crystal Round. This was a large dodecagonal (12-faced) table made of pure quartz crystal. Inside the crystal were thin wisps of a plant form known as ‘imcea.’

This plant was one of the ancient survivors of another era when plant life was more highly developed and sensitive to the energies of Spirit. The imcea lived entirely on the piezoelectric currents created by pressures within crystal and rock in the Earth, thus they could be found attached to rocks and often inside cracks within stones. They often grew inside crystals as they were forming. The imcea were especially fond of crystals. They responded to any piezoelectric currents running through the crystal by discharging light from their hair-like tendril forms. Sealed in transparent crystal the imcea resembled golden fern-like angel hair that came to life, firing illumined charges through the crystal when the high level sentient minds of the Grail Priest-Kings and Priestess-Queens interacted with the crystal the imcea was embedded within. The high level thought energy of these Kings/Queens triggered the same response as the piezoelectric currents of the Earth within the imcea. Although an impressive sight, there was a much greater purpose for the Grail-Born having created their Mobad from quartz containing this miracle plant. When the wispy tendrils trapped in the crystal table lit up, they also opened an etheric channel in their immediate proximity which cleared away all astral density and thus lesser astral forms, thereby providing a stronger threshold of attunement to the higher levels of the Otherworld.

Upon the surface of the Mobad were carved 12 sacred symbols representing the 12 thresholds of the Mazzaroth - the command thresholds of the Zodiac - with the 13th Mazalothic portal beyond the Mazzarothic Zodiac represented by a symbol in the center of the table. These inscriptions were inlaid with gemstones. In their Otherworld work, these Grail Kings/Queens entered various channels of Light-pathing attuned to one or more of the Mazzarothic thresholds. The Mobad was programmed to accommodate them in this passage.

The Sar-Hanok housing the Mobad of the Grail-Born was situated on the Atlantean Isle of Ruta, in a small alpine valley nestled between three mountain peaks: Umar, Talachet and Moria. These three peaks were called the Children of Zhor. Zhor was the Eagle-God, or more aptly according to the belief of the Atlanteans, the ‘Devi’ or nature power of high places.

Ruta was the portion of Atlantis that did not succumb to the sea in the final deluge which swept the rest of the continent asunder. Instead, Ruta like Brigadoon, ascended into another electromagnetic zone of the Earth, where it remains to this day. Although the Grail Priest-Kings and Priestess-Queens had already departed Atlantis by the time of Ruta’s ascension, one of the guardians of the Sar-Hanok remained. Removed from the effect of time as we understand it, this guardian is still in attendance at the Dragon Star. His name is Chesed, also known as the Eternal Watcher. It was he whom Hestor, Merlin’s father, visited in his Otherworld journeys. This being also became the guide of both Merlin and Arthur.

Thus the Grail families and legends were underway long before King Arthur and his round table of Grail Knights. Much of those legends however, find their roots in the tales of these early Grail Priest-Kings and Priestess-Queens, as is witnessed by the round table itself. As we will see, these Grail lineages continued on in a somewhat altered form after the demise of Atlantis. In the remaining age of that great civilization, another migration began which allowed the Grail blood lineages to be perpetuated on Earth elsewhere.

There were several facsimile reproductions of this original Rutan crystal table and its containment structure. Some of these were: 1) in the Hibernian temple complex on the Isle of Lewis; 2) a post-Atlantean deluge Hyperborean colony in the Faeroe Islands between Iceland and the Shetland Islands; 3) King Arthur’s castle-fort on the Isle of Man; 4) A ‘Round Table’ which still exists beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Meditative Procedure with the Mobad Crystal Round

Visualize yourself standing inside the Sar-Hanok before the Mobad Crystal Round. Begin to circle it in a clockwise direction (as seen from above). As you do, notice that the surface of the Crystal Round is etched with lines and symbols denoting the divisions of the twelve sacred Mazzarothic Thresholds of the Zodiac (like an astrological wheel). As you move into the zone of each threshold in your journey around the Mobad, ask to be given a sign that will allow you to integrate the sacred consciousness of that particular threshold into your being. As you are moving around the Mobad, the fine filaments of the imcea embedded within its exquisite quartz are emanating a soft glow, the net result being an ever expanding auric presence as you move further around the Mobad coming into attunement with its sacred purpose. Once all the way around, allow yourself to sink into a deep free flow experience.

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