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The continent of Lemuria or "Mu" was known as the "Motherland" of humanity. From Lemuria came the migrations to the Americas and Atlantis and to some extent, Europe (however the latter content was populated more extensively by Atlantis).  Yet even before Lemuria, this planet felt the touch of what was to become humanity, but that is another story...

Like Atlantis after it, Lemuria suffered several cataclysmic spasms before it's final plunge.  Among these chaotic episodes, were two major magnetic implosions, coming from the center of the earth. This occurred when the central sun "atoma" of our planet became over-loaded with a magnetic charge, caused by pressures in the earth's crust and magma. It's effect on the naturally hollow cavity of the planet was surprisingly minimal (but none-the-less effected it). However, since Lemuria (and now Hawaii) is at the "Roil Point" of the planet, this was the region on the surface of the sphere that drew the discharge from the atoma to the surface.

Early Lemuria was truly a Garden of Eden, where the flora were like ethereal jellyfish, able to dis-attach from the earth and move from place-to-place, re-attaching at will to draw nutrients from the soil.

 Humanity of the period merged with the fairy beings, so that their forms were part "human" and part "fey."  The DNA was not yet solidified, and therefore changed rapidly according to electro-magnetic influences on the planet.

Much of what is shown and discussed here about Lemuria applies to the whole of the planet during the early epochs, however the focus of this section is on Lemuria and the Pacific region. Yet the Lemurian continent was the point on the globe where unique aspects of these energies and forms were most prevalent and in some instances, began.

For a greater understanding of early Lemuria, pre-Lemuria and the beginnings of the earth as a whole from the perspective of the Thothic akashic, go to Earth Genesis.

Please pay special attention to the Evolution of Earth within Multiple Realities article, as this puts such "surreal" realities as seen in "Earth Chronicles" into proper perspective against the scientific-geological background currently available to the planet.

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