akashic definition of: Mazaloth and Mazzaroth

The greater worlds of Light are known esoterically and scripturally as the Mazaloth. Within the same context, the Mazzaroth are the 12 Zodiacal Stations of Light within which the earth currently resides energetically.

"The worlds of Mazaloth reside within a system of 13 heavens, as opposed to the system of 12 heavens the earth is currently within under the influences of the Mazzaroth...The constellations or stellar thresholds which comprise either the Mazzaroth or the Mazaloth form primary stellar archetypal images that when combined in various arrangements, then form secondary, tertiary and quaternary Light images which the creation worlds under the jurisdiction of that Zodiacal system are then fashioned."
 - excerpted from Temple Doors issue 4-97.