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Torhannah's Shield

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According to the Akashic Record, Torhannah (her more ancient name being "Tajrhanok" -- also known by the Celts as "Scotta") was an Egyptian priestess and princess of Hebraic-Celtic linage, who in a later incarnation would assume the life of Mari Anna, mother of the Christ Yeshua (Jesus).  She would be incarnating into her own family, for Mari Anna was also a direct descendant of this ancient princess

Tajrhonak's body is currently in a suspended state within a special vault under the Tor at Glastonbury. This vault is in a dimension slightly removed from ours, but close enough in magnetic resonance that the body is able to maintain the vibrational information of Tajrhanok's  blood consciousness within the planetary genetic field.

Tajrhanok's father was a Shepherd King (the Hyksos of the Mazur lineages) of Egypt who was on the Throne of Zan (Zoan) when the Hyskos were expelled from Egypt by Ahmosis I....Of the royal family of Khenepher, only Tajrhanok escaped with her life.

Before the expulsion she was being groomed through high initiation to become the progenitor of a holy family which was to have arisen in Egypt (the family of Yeshua). Yet, only several weeks before the final blow which took her father and other family members to their grave, did Tajrhanok receive a vision while in deep trance in which she was told to take the 'phialates,' or sacred relics of the Kheneper family, and go unto the land of Alba-On (British Isles) where she was to establish the kingdom for the royal line of the holy family. This next generation was developed from Tajrhanok's descendants, as she had many children.

In the British Isles, Tajrhanok/Torhannah was a warrior-priestess. She sought harmony, yet in this primitive land of Alba-On there was often time need to defend her realm. She collected around her twelve women of the "SHIELD" who were for the most part, a Council of Peace. They were also what we might call "generals" in time of war.

In 1998, when I (Maia Christianne+) went to Glastonbury, I had a profound experience with Torhannah. I was sleeping in a Bed & Breakfast at the foot of the Tor when I suddenly awakened, although I kept my eyes closed. Beneath my lids, I saw a lady all in electric blue light. She was wearing a long gown with a high waist. Her hair was long and she had a band around her forehead. With both hands, she seemed to be extending to me a shallow dish. She was perfectly still. Then heard a crackling sound and the image disappeared. I opened my eyes to see the same image which I had been viewing with my eyes closed, was now standing as a normal-sized woman, in my room. Her image lasted only moments and then was gone. It was later revealed to me that this had been a hologram of Torhannah was I held in my DNA, as one who had been incarnated with her in that era. My having come to the foot of her hill-vault had triggered the activation of this hologram in my reality.

Torhannah's form is in a deep state of suspension. The DNA is still active, although the soul of this once-fully alive woman continued to incarnate. According to the Akashic Record, there are many suspended forms of humans who once walked this earth within numerous sarcophagi in chambers of this earth. This has been accomplished in order for the particular "pure gem" frequency of their DNA to radiate through the holographic field of the DNA of the human race, as it perpetuates itself through time.

Torhannah lies in her vaulted repose, with her sword placed down the length of her body. This sword was used in practices of high spiritual magic and now continues to effect the balance of her form in its suspended state.

It is obvious that Torhannah was/is a highly evolved soul. Yet it also need be stressed that this soul entered into the incarnation cycle here on earth. Like Yeshua, Thoth and other Master beings, Torhannah's soul embedded itself in this reality and in doing so, took up the mantle of the World. These beings did not live fairytale lives. Thoth's first wife, two of his children and his father were murdered. Yeshua was crucified.  Torhannah saw her parents and siblings killed. As a Warrior Queen, it was intended for her to enter into that role in order to redeem it through the tribe she served--to bring them out of the cycle of war and to the Round Table of Peace. THIS WAS THE SOUL OF THE "BLESSED VIRGIN"! Yet in that incarnation, she was called to enter a realm of battle and commit those acts herself--in defense of the realm--but nevertheless, bloodshed was on her hands. Yet how could she bring the masses out of this pit, had her soul not been willing to enter into it--all the while not loosing site of the Victory of Light? What greater sacrifice could an illumined soul make for its kindred?

When she went into suspension, she was in her early 50s and had borne 11 children. However, due to her star-linage and her sacred practices, she looked no older than her mid-thirties--not all that unlike the image I have selected for her (minus the medieval clothes). Despite her appearance, bearing 11 children is no simply task. The age and location in which she lived was a harsh and cruel  environment. Yes, "magic" still abounded and there were "mists of Avalon" still clinging to the torn curtain; but everyday life was hard and fraught with danger. Torhannah was once captured by a warring King who raped her. She gave birth to his son and then was released back to her people--but the father kept the child.  She would be re-united with this son, but not until he was a grown man.

Torhannah's life was a saving grace to the land she served. For 56 years after she went into suspension, peace reigned. This may seem small, in the balance of the history of the world, but it created a crucial shift in the overview.


Gather, Women of the Avalon Shield, about the base of the Tor.  Feel and see the Priestess Tajrhanok as she has been through many ages, suspended in her golden sarcophous. The hilt of  her sword gleams beneath her hands.

As you connect to her being, so her eyes open and she raises the sword, pointing it to the apex of the Tor. The power shifts and you are able to enter through the portal which she offers, back into time. See yourselves as one of her Maidens of the Shield. Experience your role as one among the Council of Peace in that land and in that age. Feel the calling of such a dedication. What must have it taken for Torhannah and her Maidens to uphold that peace?   Focus on the intention of Torhannah and her Women of the Shield. Feel the structural tension that Torhannah lived within, using that tension as a crystalline tool to move her deeper into matter in order to reveal it's Light. FIND THIS PLACE WITHIN YOURSELF, in your own life and current circumstance. How can the "Torhannah" in you more fully utilize the structural tension in your life to bring matter into its true revelation of  Light?

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