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Shush'Al'Mundra - She Who Lights the World


Shush'Al'Mundra was born in a sacred cave of a mountain then called El'Hardeen in what is now Lycia, Turkey some 1500 B. C. She was the offspring of a priestess of Mu'La (Lemurian Mother Goddess) and a Solar "Immortal" from the Blue Star Rigel.

Shush'Al'Mundra was an Immortal as well. She did not age and could, if she wished, ascend the body when she left her incarnation. However, she chose (as a number of Solar beings did) to leave her form in a state of suspended animation inside the great natural chamber of caverns beneath her cave of birth. The purpose of this was to keep active the vast star codes her body contained for the future formation of the New Earth Hologram.

This soul's incarnation as Shush'Al'Mundra was her only incarnation in the dense physical. She resides now in Numis'OM.

Shush'Al'Mundra soul is the central soul-anchor for the She Who Lights the World, the divine feminine Ain Soph or Sophia. From her spiritual womb was born all the Goddess women / archetypes of the earth.

As Shush'Al'Mundra she established her temple in what was to become Lycia, Turkey. The immense caverns of her cave run beneath the ancient ruins of Arykanda. It was in this cave that she initiated another Immortal who was to become known as the "god" Mithras.

The religion that Myithras (Mithras) spawned came from his teachings, but like the Illumined Immortal, I'shoa / Yeshua / Jesus, he did not create a religion. This came after him by those seeking to teach the truths he offered to the world. The Mithraic cult, especially the Roman version, bore as little resemblance to the teachings of the Master Myithras as does Christianity to the true words of the Master I'shoa.

When you call upon Shush'Al'Mundra you summon all those souls who carry an aspect of the Universal Divine Feminine which the soul of Shush'Al'Mundra has gathered into her light bodies through eons of time: Isis, Ishtar, Mari Anna (Virgin Mary), Mari Magdalene...and many others who were once women, raised through veneration after their departure from this world to goddess -status, recognizing the Divine Universal Power they represent.

During Shush'Al'Mundra's time on the earth, she and her 12 priestesses and dressed themselves simply in white robes. Shush'Al'Mundra did wear a scarlet robe in certain ceremonies. After her departure into the Higher Realm, her temple continued for several centuries, with the priestesses wear black robes trimmed in silver ) under red hooded robes. This change in attire was intended to demonstrate the life-giving blood coming from the void (cave / womb). The silver was a sign that they reflected Her light (gold-solar).

The ceremonies she conducted with ther 12 priestesses and sometimes with people who came to her temple to be blessed were also quite simple. Shush'Al'Mundra's role was liken unto the Sancta of Mu - the holding of Divine Presence. Her "teachings" were very much akin to the basic truths as uttered by such Masters as I'shoa (Jesus) and Buddha.

The honey bee was her animal symbol. The priestesses with Shush'Al'Mundra often wore a girdle with a golden-threaded honey bee design woven into it. The spiral was also associated with Shush'Al'Mundra. In her Mystery, she gave eight symbols, which she called the "symbols of contemplation." There was a ninth symbol that was "hidden" and would be revealed to the seeker / initiate once she / he had received fully from the other eight symbols.

On the Master Medallion Key I have created for Shush'Al'Mundra, all eight symbols are shown, with the bee concealing the ninth symbol, as was the custom in her Temple.

Both women and men were initiated into her temple, but these persons did not live there and dedicate their lives to serving it. They had homes and families. Only the 12 Asuru Priestesses were Shush'Al'Mundra's core inner circle.

After Shush'Al'Mundra's departure, the Mundra Temple (as it was then called) developed other aspects to it. There were then both male and female priestesses in full dedication living there, although the priestesses held the most powerful positions. Their ceremonies became more ritualistic and the initiations more complex; but these changes all occurred gradually over a period of many years.

During Shush'Al'Mundra's lifetime the temple was a complex of mud and white plaster beehive-shaped buildings. A larger one was in the center, with several other smaller hive buildings about it. While the structures were simple, they were beautiful. The gardens of Mundra were natural, and yet elegant in their pattern and choice of plants, flowers and trees. Several fountains and channels of water flowed through it. The whole complex of Mundra was about 10 acres.

There is an obvious link between the symbols and possibly early rituals of the Mundra Temple and the Amazons.

Shush'Al'Mundra's Medallion Key


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