Bodhisattva of Love & Compassion

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For my "Kuan Yin" I have chose Mi'ha'Oshtra, the daughter of a king of what is now the land of India. She was the first incarnated soul to exemplify the qualities of that specific "Presence" which was to become known as the archetype of Kuan Yin. Mi'ha'Oshatra became the first Bodhisattava of Kuan Yin.

The archetype and thus divine power of Kuan Yin has many aspects within the Self that one may focus upon and expand when calling on "Kuan Yin" as an Immortal Bodhisattava.

In her book, KUAN YIN - Accessing the Power of the Divine Feminine by Daniela Schenker, the author defines 41 of Kuan Yin's manifestations. Some of these are: The Dragonhead, Lotus, Pure Water, Mother, Compassion, One-Leaf, Waterfall, Pear, Peacock, Unicorn and Lion.

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