akashic definition of: Physicians of the Blue Pharaoh

Transmission from Thoth, 3/24/98: From among the Chariot of the Sun is assembled a gathering of physicians who come together in concert to assist those souls incarnate who are under the protective mantle of Chariot of the Sun, and to those for whom these kindred 'open the scroll' for our touch to be received. We have given them the name (for your identification purposes) of 'Physicians of the Blue Pharaoh.' They are composed of nine physicians in all, including myself (Thoth). In the days when I, Thoth, walked the Earth as Thoth Raismes, I created a clinic of physicians which I named the 'Physicians of the Fharaoh.' The word 'Fharaoh' meant 'Royal Epoch,' or passage of time that was within a higher field of consciousness and purpose. For instance, in the astronomy / astrology of that age, a 'Fharaoh' was denoted in the heavens when certain stellar alignments came together, creating a Royal Epoch of time. Thus, the Physicians of the Fharaoh implied physicians who were dedicated to serving the greater Metatronic consciousness of health and well-being which was confluent with the Royal Epochs of stellar harmonies.

The 'Blue Pharaoh' also identifies the qualities of the Blue Pharaoh in the Gaia Matrix Oracle (by Rowena Patte Kryder), these being

21 - BLUE PHARAOH: Light-Body (quoted from the Gaia Matrix Oracle)

Key Phrases: Clearing Extraneous Substances, Fearless Memory, Becoming More Spiritually Charged, Insulating From Draining Influences, Nourishing the Seed-Crystal of Light Within

The BLUE PHARAOH represents your power to pass through death experiences or pass through matter with your electronic body. There is a crystal city where the BLUE PHARAOH resides. In your body as well as in the world of planets. When you alternately wake and sleep, there is a discharging and recharging of little electric batteries in your body. . . It is beneficial for you to become aware of your nerve centers and to use your wakefulness towards the immutability of the spirit. Then you can fully rest as well. In whatever way suits you, give yourself to the divine... The BLUE PHARAOH is the light-body created by the refinement and intensification of your life through the central nerve of the Sushumna up your back, which actively changes the DNA material that is the code for the unfoldment of life towards light.