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Delphinius and the Dolphin Ring

Delphinius and the Dolphin Ring


Dolphin Masters: Star Beings who interface with the devas (nature elementals) inhabiting dolphin forms. Understand that the dolphin devas are very evolved beings unto themselves of THIS planet, but those dolphins who are 'Masters,' allow this interface to co-inhabit their holographic multiple beingness.

Grandfolk Dolphins: Ancient dolphins who were the 'First Folk' or the Dolphin Tribe. They reincarnate continuously and maintain the tribal-Link to the true Light Form from which they descended.  ALL GRANDFOLK DOLPHINS ARE DOLPHIN MASTERS, BUT NOT ALL DOLPHIN MASTERS ARE GRANDFOLK DOLPHINS.

The Dolphin Ring: A mind-link of all Grandfolk Dolphins.


Transmission from 'Delphinius' of the Grandfolk Dolphins as received on 1/15/93 by Maia


I am from the heart of the Sacred Cup. I am old with your years, yet youth is forever my companion. My dolphin body resides in the seas of the inner earth, where the tides are linked to the bridges of the universe.

I take up the mantle of human form as a young woman. I can seem many things to many people, but for those with crystal vision, I AM WHO I AM--Delphinius, from the Temple of Sidon. The dolphin counterpart of this temple exists to the surface of your world beneath the sea of the Mediterranean. The human counterpart was the ancient Phoenician Temple of Eshmun at Sidon, or the coast of Lebanon. I have been through many ages and cultures. My center of consciousness, my waking dream are but ripples through the time stream. I was received at Dodona and Delphi. I am of the Sisterhood of Demeter and the Atlantean Almas (Sisterhood of Ruta). In those ages we were welcomed into the temples of the Mind and Heart. Then for many years came exile, where we, who were once Masters of the earth's Grail, were cast into the sea beneath the barrier. Once again we return to our homing ground, to sacred earth and ocean. We bring the Grail stones -- the pieces of the heart portion of the earth's second moon, the female moon, long ago destroyed. We call her 'Yoni,' she who waits in the deep.

We, of the First Folk, return to our sacred space. There are few of us within the vastness of the ocean, but we are many in the fury of our Light that is the Language of Man and Stars co-mingled. We are 1088 souls. At one time there were many more, but this is all that remains to hold the Ring. More will return in a future Age. The 1088 shall gather  at the Dolphin Temple of Sidon on your calendar date of January 27th through Feburary 2, 1993. This seven-day Tribal congress occurs seldom. It was last enacted in the year 1882. It is accomplished at periods in earth history when new cosmic forces enter the planet and human activity shifts in atmic units. The gatherings in your tongue are called 'Shamadan.' They do not occur in set earthly cycles. The Shamadan before the one in 1882 was in the year 2010 B.C.  Generally they take place much further apart than 99 years.

The Shamadan  creates a resonating field through the Dolphin Ring which triggers the creation of a new crystal cell in the crystalline grid of the earth. As the planet receives new angelic commands, it is necessary to re-form the original matrix.

We (Delphinius and Maia) have created together in the past. We are the Time Weavers. You are the little fish, the first in the fisherman's net that attracts the big fish from the deep water. I am the deep water.


Delphinius & Thoth on the nature of the 'Dolphin Temple':

In the physical, linear world it is a sacred ground. Inter-dimensionally we do create a building form with holograms (which can be seen by those who have etheric vision). We journey to these holographic temples in our astral bodies. Such temples are created as a means to resonate with structure--both natural and man-made. There are some ancient Atlantean Dolphin Temples beneath the sea that the Atlanteans built for us to commune with them. These were not built on the surface land which sank, but beneath the ocean in the Atlantean Age.

There are 24 Atlantean Dolphin Temples within the seas of the surface planet, with their corresponding 'dolmas' or sending stones on land. These specific Dolphin Temples are those underwater sacred structures built by the Ancients--mostly Atlanteans, on the dolphin's sacred sites or 'Whurla.' The Whurla are areas on the sea floor that radiate a specific earth energy which creates parabolic frequencies or heliograms, within the dolphin's complex holographic-field brains. We call these 'heliograms' because they are arranged patterns according to the energetic dance between the outer (solar system) sun and the inner earth sun or 'atoma.' This is the Sun Dance. The heliogramic movements in the dolphin's brains stimulates their inner sonic power drum (deep within he cerebellum of their brains) to send out a signal. This signal maintains, adjusts and evolves the flow of the Radiant Field (of greater devic consciousness) throughout the earth's crystalline grid. It enables the dolphins to create new 'seed crystals' within this grid. The dolphins and higher dimensional unicorns are the keepers of the earth's crystal mantle. The dolphins create and evolve the physical to etheric pathing and the unicorns work with the ascending earth consciousness into the angelic realm. Both use sound in their purposes as a primary catalyst--through the power drum in the dolphin brain and the tonal cavity of the unicorn's horn.

The 'Whurla' are created by a rapid body motion that the dolphin makes along the sea floor, creating spiraling patterns in the sand. They return to the Whurla again and again to maintain the energy patterns there. When the Dolphin Temples of mankind were built upon the Whurla beneath the sea, the dolphins continued to pattern around, over and through the temples.

For each man-made Dolphin Temple beneath the sea, there is a sending stone on the surface of the land. A sending stone is the dolphin's contact point with the air-earth power zone, connecting to their water-earth. They both come together in the fire element through the Sun Dance.


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