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The Record Keepers of Na’La
Maia’s comments in italic parenthesis

The Dolphin Sorsha Speaks...

The Na’La (Humpbacks) are among the Great Ones (Great Whales...the cetaceans do no consider Orcas whales) of the Sea. They are all of the one heritage of Na’La, whereas the Dolphinfolk come through many lineages. All Great Ones are the Record Keepers of the earth. While Numa (all dolphins) trace the lineages, Great Ones store the magnetic harmonics of the planet and the knowledge therein. They move about on the ley lines of the planet through the seas and perpetually tone the wisdom chants into the earth, keeping the ley lines in synch with new phases of star pulses coming through the inner earth central sun atoma and out into the many grids of the planet. The Na’La are the most active of the Great Ones in this capacity. They tap into the pure, undulating waves of magnetism coming from the central sun of the universe/galaxy/solar system/earth atoma. The other lineages of Great Ones each have their role in working with the magnetics once the Na’La have stirred the cauldron of the magnetic soup. The acrobatics of the Na’La as they rise and turn in the water, lifting out and slapping the sea with their fins, is all part of the communication and imprinting of magnetic patterns into the ley lines of the earth.

Humans may enter the harmonic frequency of the Na’La and allow their own energy body magnetics to experience the grace of the Na-La Song, which is more than the sounding of the Humpbacks, but the entire patterning they create in their fields. As the Na’La gathering around Maui for their seasonal time there, so they offer themselves to the Islands and the inhabitants therein to sing with move and heal in the light of their honing power and wisdom.

I, Sorsha, of the Or’An Pod give space to Brinthanium of the Na’La to open his heart to you. He is the Mover of the Magua–the current-finder, who moves along the Magua (some kind of main oceanic ley line) to the Singing Curve (Hawaiian Islands) each Star Time (when the Humpbacks come to the Islands to link with a particular star configuration each year). As Each Star Time is different, Brinthanium leads the attunement to the "new song."

Brinthanium Heart Speaks:

I move....I come from depths...I am attracted...I keep watch....I place my love in the center of the herd...I am constant. The Song is constant in me. I reach out to you....come to me and place your energy print on my heart so that I may know you. Bring the children and I will sing to them and they will feel the stars shine inside them.

The Hawaiian name for whales is Kohola.


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