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The Dolphin Children

As my 1989 channeling on the Hesperus Dolphin Masters re-emerged for me upon receiving the vision of the Hesperus Dolphin Master in 2004, more and more began to unfold from that core vision. It was then revealed to Simeon and I that the "seed" of the New Dolphin-Human Tribe would spring from the connection of children with the dolphins. This revelation gave me inner-prompting to move into sacred space with Thoth in his position among the Merkabah of the Host on order to further "open the scroll" on this topic. I received the following.

Thoth Raismes, of the Merkabah of the Host:


The Children of the Wave (or Dolphin Children), are ushering the New Dolphin Tribe (Dolphin-Human Tribe) into the earth. The Children of the Wave arrive into this vibration either before birth, incarnating upon the Wave, or at some point in life–often before the age of 8 years. However, adults can become "Dolphin Children" when accepting and aligning to the vibration of the "Wave." This is true for all awareness vibrational categories now being identified and named within the current world perspective, such as "Indigo" and "Crystal" children. While many are born into the vibration, all souls may enter these "zones" if their souls are drawn to that slice of awareness and service at some point in time.

The Children of the Wave–those dolphin-twined in spirit, bring to the earth a signal for union. This is a union of SPIRIT, yet it also gradually transforms the DNA to accommodate the physical reflection of that spiritual union. Understand the "union" of which we speak is not completed with the merging of the dolphin and the human tribes. This is only the first stage of a greater reunification that the dolphins hold in their field for humanity. Therefore those choosing NOT to be "Dolphin Children" still participate and benefit from the "Wave" effect on the planet, each soul contributing in it’s own way.

What is the role of the Children of the Wave, the Dolphin Ones among us? There is no one role, for each soul moves within the streaming of its own birth canal in the great Universal Ocean, and yet is a part of the whole Hologram of Being. In essence, however, a holistic view of the working of the Dolphin Children could be seen as touching into the deepest part of the LOVE that the dolphins see in humanity, and recognizing it as a bridge between the two species. This bridging is physically contained in the crystalline structure of the DNA, which is almost identical in dolphins and humans. When we say "crystalline structure" we refer to the most refined level of the DNA that is not yet in evidence by the current science of the surface earth.

As the Dolphin-Human Love Bridge is strengthened through the focus of the Children of the Wave, so the crystalline structure of the human DNA begins to vibrate and hum in a specific resonance with DNA of the dolphin. This resonance we shall call the "Pi Harmonic." (In Lemuria and Atlantis it was called the "Kii.") This is the harmonic of the Golden Mean Spiral which is registered in the brains of the dolphins and the Nautilus shell. The original human brain was also in resonance with the Golden Mean Spiral, as it will be again in the future through the New Dolphin Tribe.

Human children who are of the "Wave" will be especially key in bringing forth the Pi Harmonic through the vessel of the DNA link between dolphins and humans. They are creating the primary notes in this Symphony of One. While Dolphin Children are incarnating now with greater frequency, there are also adults who were born as "Dolphin Children (of the Wave)," many who are now parents of the newer "Wave" of Dolphin Children.

- End of Thoth Transmission

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