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Sorsha and the Or ‘An Pod

On the night of 2/25/04 I was in meditation when I saw a beautiful light-colored bottlenose dolphin. "She" was underwater and smiling right as me. I began to feel waves of love penetrating my whole being. Behind her, other dolphins were gently swaying in the currents of the sea, their attention also on me.

I felt this female dolphin communicating with me and "heard" in my mind that she was calling herself "Sorsha." The pod (of which she was the Matriarch) I later learned was the "Or’An." Of course these names were for my benefit. She explained to me through pictures in her mind how they named one another. When any object is penetrated by their sonar it has a specific pattern unique to it. If five different rocks are sonared by a dolphin, all the rocks share a similarity in the pattern that means "rock," but there are also differences which are unique to EACH rock. With living things, these differences are more complex and unique. So their "names" to one another are their sonar patterns.

The names she was sending to me in vowel-sounding thought patterns were resonant to the sonar patterns of her name and the pod’s. The pod’s sonar patterns are not just a combination of the collective individuals in the pod, but are focused on specific DNA strains which they all share (being evidenced in the uniqueness of the individual’s pattern). The two dominate strains are the Matriarchal and Patriarchal main lineages of the Pod. In this case the "Or" and the "An."

Sorsha revealed to me that for a dolphin (and indeed all cetaceans to a degree) a sonar pattern "name" was much more than just an identification of an object (living or inert). It expressed everything from the entire dimension, color, texture and smell, to emotion and mental capacity, health and aura emanations. It also supplied genetic information going back to the beginnings of time and space...not only the earth DNA, but the stellar dust composing our bodies! In this way, the dolphins trace the linages of all things. The not only trace them, they communicate with these lineages on the level of the Language of Light transmissions within the DNA, and for less complex forms, within the dust particles composing matter.

Sorsha and her Or’An pod are of the "Daliym" linage. The Daliym have direct genetic material from the Hesperus Dolphin Masters and thus are carrying the signal of the Dolphin Masters into the exterior world. To "carry the signal" means that the Dolphin Masters can move through them directly to express their work in the outer domain of earth.

Sorsha then communicated to me that the Or’An pod is present near the shores of Maui for the purpose of acting as guides for us (and others) in establishing a node on Maui for the New Dolphin-Human Tribe frequency to develop. Here will gather those humans wishing to participate in this sacred creation of re-uniting with the original soul pod of the One species.

While the dolphins are at the pinnacle of the human-cetacean bridging, all cetaceans are offshoots from that original species. I was also shown how fowls are related to both humans, cetaceans and reptiles...all these creatures separating out of the One, then further dividing into the other living forms of the earth. This, of course is completely out of sync with the current belief of biologist. They see the single-cell beings as "first," the more complex forms of life coming much later–building from the simple to the complex. Sorsha revealed to me that the life forms of the earth reality in which we dwell come from a very subtle "Mother" Matrix. This original life Matrix still exists within the vibration of the primary earth. The primary earth and it’s life forms began completely evolved and whole as a pure expression. The secondary earth is what we see and experience around us. In this electro-magnetic zone of reality the single-cell creatures came first–but they came OUT OF the primary earth’s impulse to diversify into more solid forms. Through this perception then, the chicken came first, and then the egg. The "chicken" in the primary earth gives birth to the "egg" in the secondary earth...which in turn, gives birth to the chicken in the secondary earth as a mirror-image (or nearly so) to the chicken in the primary earth.

As Sorsha and the rest of the Or’An pod experience it, they are here (like the rest of their kind) to help us find and activate the paths of our song lines or Living Light linage threads, so that we may sing them, opening the door between the two worlds and re-creating the ONE within us all.

The Hawaiian name for dolphins is Nai'a.

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