“In every man and every woman there are both the sun qualities and the moon quality, and it is these two opposite qualities which give balance to the character. When one quality is predominant and the other is completely missing then there is a lack of balance somewhere.”

- Sufi Master Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

Introduction to the Solar and Lunar Mysteries

I have begun writing on two series of articles ‘opening the scroll’ from my akashic perspective on the Solar Mysteries and Lunar Mysteries. It is revealed to me that the association of the moon with the Divine Feminine is really only a small part of the energetic. The moon is the portal on one level, and this is an important influence. Yet there is a universal dimension to the Divine Feminine which the moon energy/symbol only begins to reveal. I am sure this is not a novel idea, but it is one that especially impressed itself upon me as I moved into the Lunar Mysteries. When, in his old TV series, "The Honeymooners", Jackie Gleason said “To the moon, Alice!” he wasn’t sending her far enough. This is, of course true for the sun as well. It’s mysteries do not end with this solar system. This will be discussed in future articles.

In viewing the Solar and Lunar we cannot truly separate them and say that the former is ‘masculine’ and the latter is ‘feminine’. According to my “conversations” with Thoth, the soul incarnate moves through various stages of perceiving and activating within, the male-female / positive-negative charge. As these stages progress, that which was in the ‘+’ charge now operates in the ‘-‘ charge and vice-versa, only to switch back again at another level of energetic contact. This movement is determined by the stages of awareness and the specific focus of that awareness as the current moves through the realms of duality. So we could say that the Solar and Lunar Mysteries are not a “His and Hers” set. They are two aspects of a whole that is neither masculine nor feminine. Yet on the first stage level of our receipt of their energies, knowledge and wisdom, they often appear in solar-masculine and lunar-feminine form. It is my intention with these articles to include but also move beyond the 1st stage association and view some of the more universal attributes. I intend to follow-up some of these articles with material in PDF format, which will include the article, but also images and a process for the individual which may help them to attune to that energetic aspect (addressed in the article) within their own being.

As I stated above, I have already begun on this project, but have no idea really, what path it will actually travel through me, nor how far it will go. I simply invite you to tag along and we shall discover this path together.

Maia Kyi'RA

Working with the Solar and Lunar Mysteries PDF Booklets

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