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Gathering of the Moon Tribe

What is the “Moon Tribe”? This symbolic name was suggested by my Illumined mentor Thoth, to signify a state of mystical connectivity between all women on the planet. Yet the true meaning (as I receive it through the Thothic Streaming) cannot be contained in a single sentence.

It is not just women connecting mystically in deep spiritual attunement with one another. It is an actual alchemical union of women that comes about when they share that mystically connected moment. What they are capable of viewing, being and doing sudden dives deeper and becomes a power of it’s own, like a scent being released from the inner sanctum of a flower opening to the sun.


It is the greatest gift a woman gives to the earth and to her HUE-MAN race. It is even greater than the gift of birthing life; for human life could not come from her womb without the fluid alchemy of her spiritual union with the Feminine current of the earth, where, at her side, all her Sisters are also dipping into the well.

From the phases of the moon, women not only receive the blood for growing life, but the blood consciousness that extends their mystical being into past and future generations. Women giving birth in the past, the present and the future are all mid-wives to one another through the cord of the “inner moon” in their hearts. Thoth has revealed to me that males have one seed point or node in the heart, whereas women have three. This does not make women superior to men. It is merely a necessary “difference”–just like the other necessary differences between men and women. (In the Solar Mysteries we will explore the male “sun pole”.)

Two of the nodes or poles in the female heart form a resonating cavity (between the two) that holographs the “gaia field”. Thoth refers to the third female heart node as the “diaton” or “heart” moon. It allows the female to become the vessel, not only for a child, but for the perpetuation of the Creatrix current through the species. One could symbolically see the “Creatrix” as a giant woman sitting on a simple throne, with many children of all races on her lap and climbing up and down her skirts. Around her seated form is a circle of women...again from all races, ages and creeds. These females each contain a clay vessel from which they are continually pouring at her feet and into the earth, the essence from their “Moon Hearts” .

Thus, even females who have never born children, who are not yet experiencing moon cycles or have left those cycles behind, are still part of the Moon Tribe, for they all are born with and will leave this life with the Moon Heart inside them.

Recently, I received an e-mail about a UCLA study on friendship among women by Gale Berkowitz. In it she states:

It seems that when the hormone oxytocin is released as part of the stress responses in a woman, it buffers the fight or flight response and encourages her to tend children and gather with other women instead. When she actually engages in this tending or befriending, studies suggest that more oxytocin is released, which further counters stress and produces a calming effect. This calming response does not occur in men, says Dr. Klein, because testosterone---which men produce in high levels when they're under stress---seems to reduce the effects of oxytocin. Estrogen, she adds, seems to enhance it.!

This would seem to support that the bonding of women is uniquely special.

I have received that when women come together to share, work or play, they are actually strengthening the circuit of the Creatrix in the earth. They can also dissipate that circuit if they choose to gossip, judge or harbor jealous feelings and thoughts toward one another (or anyone) in the process.

If women slack in serving the role of synergy and activation through their moon hearts, men cannot offer the full extent of their unique gifts to the planet and to other living beings. The same is true in reverse: men engaging more fully their spiritual circuit with one another, helps women to do the same among their sisters, and consequently with the opposite sex. However, in order to truly synergize, male or female must access their feminine-flow nature.

I am being guided at this time to open a potential path through my akashic perception and understanding through which women may engage, synergize and more fully activate their third pole moon node in the heart. It is of course one of many, many potential paths, but it is the one which my guidance is strongly indicating that I follow at this time.

This scroll is opening for me in an on-going way, so that I do not see the whole of it as I write this, nor will I most likely, until I feel complete with this offering...to myself and to others. It is beginning with a focus on the female incarnate, but it is my feeling that it will be all-inclusive before this journey is completed for me. I am also balancing the work I offer in the Lunar Mysteries with that of the Solar Mysteries, both being inherent in male and female genders.

Yet when we seek to know the moon heart, we must come to place our ear upon the bosom of the Mother incarnate. In the beat of the mother’s heart, so the child is synchronized to it’s universe. The beat of the female heart carries the charge of the moon heart in concert with the other two nodes, creating a ‘Holy Trinity’ of dimension in the natural rhythms of the child in the womb and suckling at her breast.

More than anything else, the Divine Feminine incarnate in the female body is a living conduit through her moon heart to create and sustain Bridges of Light between times, spaces and dimensions. Her incarnated forms in these realms respond, by offering their gifts for humanity back across that bridge. In this dimension or “electro-magnetic zone” of the planet, this exchange is largely an unconscious one, greatly hindered by various factors in our world environment and in the interior environment we create for ourselves.

It has become my personal revelation that the 3-pole Gaia and moon heart combination was the central ‘Mystery’ of the Divine Feminine as it was known, perpetuated and symbolized in Lemuria, Atlantis and in the Wymen’s groves and temples of Great Britain, Egypt and other locales on the planet just after the Atlantean Deluge.

I believe that if small groups of women come together energetically and in agreed communion to synergize and work with their Gaia fields and moon hearts...AND this includes intentional communion with groups of women in other earth-dimensions of past, future and alternate, that a major shift can take place in the balancing of the male-female poles in the planet and in the world consciousness. This shift would positively effect both sexes and indeed, all living things and the environment in which they exist. I see Gaia herself as an incarnated being, much like my image of the Mother with the children climbing among her skirts and upon her lap. We, as the Wise Wymen who circle her and pour out the elixir of our moon hearts at her feet, create ‘holy ground’ for the future generations of this planet. We ARE doing this already. I am exploring one aspect of that service and how it may be further actualized, through the Lunar Mysteries I offer.


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