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When the Sacred An (Ark) was translated to Earth at the point which is now Lhasa, Tibet, it contained within it, set in specific conducting terminals, the five gemstone quill scrolls. These quill scrolls were transferred to a lesser ark by Moses at Mt. Sinai acting upon instruction from JEHOVAH Command. When this secondary ark came into the guardianship of King Solomon, he constructed four more similar arks and placed a quill scroll in each of the five arks. From Solomon's Temple, these five arks carrying their five quill scrolls, each set in a conductive terminal, were sent out into the world. All the while, the Greater Ark, the Sacred An, also traveled from point to point and back again. The five lesser arks all feed their Light Codes into the 'Mother' Ark or 'An.'

The names of the five arks, their correspondent scrolls, and the name of the scrolls:

Ramm / Golden Scroll - Ag'Meh

Chem / Ruby Scroll - Tikan

Hagmal / Sapphire Scroll - Haugha

Telkios / Emerald Scroll - Vatmii

Ghal / Amethyst Scroll - Kumbah

The Sacred An differs from the other arks in the following ways:

1) It is the original 'master' template created in another world, originating from the Blue Star Rigel.

2) It contains golden plates which line the inside of the box upon which engrams of Living Light Language (LLL) are inscribed, like the circuitry of a computer. This circuitry interfaces with the Kobol Spheres of Rigel and Betelgeuse. Kobol Spheres are spheres which maintain Light Programs for this universe, including Earth. When the gemstone quill-scrolls are placed in their 'terminals' inside the An Ark, they become the 'software' of the human program in this realm.

Like the other five arks, the An is also an electro-magnetic capacitor, but far more advanced than modern scientists are speculating, for these arks have the ability (when connected to a quill-scroll) to interface the electro-magnetic currents of the earth with the human DNA  and further, specific points or crystalline fields in that DNA.

The five lesser arks listed above are now dispersed around the world, and are all connected to the An, that acts as a main terminal for the entire 'unit' of arks.

The Urim and Thummin are crystalline energy overlays which interface programs of Light into the planetary grid.

Each of the five Gemstone Scrolls contain the vibrational register of all 14 gemstones. Within each of these five sets of 14, two of the gemstones carry the overlay of the Urim and Thummin, respectively - one carrying the overlay for the Urim, and the other for the Thummin, in other words. Then, the full spectrum of the Urim and Thummin as a separate vehicle, capstones the 70 gemstone vibration of the five scrolls (5 scrolls X 14 gemstones = 70 specific vibrations), which brings the vibration of the Gemstone Codex (of the five scrolls interfaced with the Urim and Thummin) to a vibration of '72,' which corresponds to the Rose Mystica numeric.

14 Gemstones Defined: Etheric crystals which hold the Light programs for the earth's human DNA return to the Adam Kadmon template. The highest form of these etheric crystals are composed in 'scrolls' or specific consciousness-sensitive templates. These templates are re-created physically in the five quill-scrolls of the arks.


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