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Rex Mundi
A Metatronic View of the “King of the World”

Rex Mundi: that mysterious esoteric figure with whom the Templars and other esoteric orders of the past were fascinated, is viewed in the akashic library of Thoth to be a much more expanded dynamic that the Satan /Christ personas (the two polarized views). Followers of the Renne Le Chateau mystery and the recent Da Vinci Code have also included “Rex Mundi” in their esoteric vocabulary.

An author going by the name of Chronos Apollonios has written on his website:

The idea of "Rex Mundi" also relates to the "Axis Mundi", which for these concerns is both the axis of precession, and the earth's magnetic axis. There is the same implication in that, that there may be in Tolkien's drawing of the Gate of Moria. There is no shortage whatsoever of archaic figures of Christ and many other persons who seem to be holding their staff at the exact angle which the true magnetic north polar axis deviates from the geographical polar axis, concerns which may have entered (C.S.) Lewis' first book in the "Chronicles of Naria" series in a whimsical and casual yet complex manner, the form of the appearance of Father Christmas.

Chronos Apollonios further gives his research around the Phoenix rising from the ashes (the alchemical symbol) in context with the axis of precession, in which I see in direct association with Rex Mundi on the Cross of Light suspended on the world and also embracing the world.

As many of you know who have followed my material, I see Orion as the key gateway for this universal continuum, and indeed for the earth’s formation within that continuum as a planetary realm (in this latter regard, the point of creation radiating from the “Blue Star” Rigel).

My good friend Rami Sadji in Jordan occasionally incorporates in his work some of my akashic material, as a basis for his research and own intuitive perspectives. On a page in his website he writes about the “Star-Trinity” of Orion, the Pleiades and Sirius (based on material in my old Source / Temple Doors archives). He also gives some interesting information that I feel relates to Thoth’s perspective on Rex Mundi

The Orion Constellation, 'Al Jabbar', occupies the mid-way of the heavens during the Winter Solstice (Dec.21-Dec.25 ) of each year. And during this time Orion takes a standing position in the mid night skies at mid night. It is suggested that in the Winter Solstice, the energies in the region will be at peak emission. This occurs during each Winter Solstice within which the period of Grace or Golden Mean is reached. This Grace period was also called the ''Osiris Gate.''

According to my insights, Thoth has written in his akashic library :

The esoteric figure of Rex Mundi both masks and contains within it, the universal dynamic of AWAKENING in the human being to his/her PURE GEM body, which is the complete hologram of gnosis contained within all substance and being in the universes created through the El’ohim.

In this context as ‘Rex Mundi’, both the Twin Flame Light Bearers (Christ and Lucifer) are combined in a non-dualistic whole cosmology of Perfection and Light, suspended upon the cross of immolation in the Flame of Burning Love, offering eternal regeneration of the light geometries, as they become more and more brilliant in the Fire of Love. This is the greatest act of the Phoenix–that through the cyclic movement of the spiral, one comes to the moment of awareness that the spiral is only the springboard of immediate and complete translation of the form AND consciousness into the torus of perpetual harmony, where no ebb and flow is necessary in order to sustain Presence.

Thoth’s record also tells us that human form is present in this reality which we claim as “real” where universal streaming lines of “Creational Light Language” intersect. Out of this intersection, not only does the soul express it’s forms (various ones on multiple levels of Creation), but also it’s worlds and associate accommodations for other living forms, such as plants and animals. Each organized system is brought into form through streaming lines of Light Language, but the human being (and all beings that are generated from the ‘Kadmon’ template, from whence our ‘Adam Kadmon’ template is spawned) sets the stage, the arena, for the world in which the planet and it’s nature inhabitants gather and are formed from resonate intersecting creational streamings. The positioning and geo-magnetic properties of an ensouled planet are key to it’s ‘Rex Mundi’ dynamic, for it is from and to this point in space-time that the forms take shape in the ‘physical’ and evolve as the soul moves through it’s procession in development.

Rex Mundi, the King of the World, is also the Bearer of the Cup of Transfiguration, in which the human being moves through stages of his own duality until he reaches a platform in which he assumes in a specific and dedicated way, the “Wound of the World.” Through this embodiment, he becomes the “Wounded King / Healer” of Grail lore, whose wound is born for the world. Through his glorious act of crucifixion and transfiguration upon the cross of this gnosis which has become his Bodhisattva vow (hyperlink to definition...enclosed below), he heals others who touch his wounds of Light. It is then that the Wounded Healer is transformed into Rex Mundi, for he has now overcome his own creation (the world) to be exalted in the Phoenix Flame of pure Illumination. What sets him free? His becoming (with complete presence) the gnosis that all wounds are only love longing to be illumined in the heart.

The cosmic / world dynamic of Rex Mundi is an important aspect of the “Solar Mysteries”. The Solar Mysteries trace the soul’s development and evolution through the rays of the “Great Solar Cosom”, which is the center of the creative font and from which all sun-stars gain their Presence of Living Light, or what we know in our World Myth as “angelic” beings and realms (which would also include related categories such as the Jinn).

The Light Language streamings which intersect the Adam Kadmon and from whence our humanity is formed, are issued from the constellation of Orion (regardless of from what Star Tribe that particular incarnating soul may originate). Thus, Rex Mundi is very much an “Orion figure” in that he (ie, this universal dynamic) strikes the balance of the Gate of Orion in the universe.

In the 21st century it is my belief that we are being infused with codes of the New Earth Hologram which will enable us to more fully enter and receive the higher level Light Language of the ‘Rex Mundi’ dynamic. It is the Phi Crystalline Geometries now coming into our realm and being that offer us the next state of evolution through the Light Language they contain in their crystalline codes. With the assistance of the Amatrix Angels we will be better prepared for full receipt for the New Birth that awaits us.

The path that led me into a deeper akashic exploration of Rex Mundi came about recently, when I wished to create an art work on the symbolic association of the Wounded King / Healer with the life and continued archetypal presence of Elvis Presley, who was and still is a major catalytic spiritual figure for me in my life and personal spiritual development. I began with the art, as I often do now (with the written translations coming afterward). As the art evolved, it brought me to the more complete symbol of Rex Mundi, who is as mis-understood as is Elvis Presley!

In my Rex Mundi art series, you’ll notice that ‘Rex’ looks a bit like...well, you-know-who.


You may also wish to read my writing on Elvis as the Wounded Healer on my Elvis ~ A Lighted Candle website.

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