Gate of the Sun at Petra, Jordan
photo by Rami Sadji


The following is excerpted from the article The Gate of the Sun, the Solar Logos & the Lion
(akashic translations by Maia Nartoomid, article by Maia and Simeon Nartoomid). This article can be found within Temple Doors Issue 4 - 1997.

The initiations in Egypt (sacred journey guided by Maia and Simeon to Egypt, the Sinai and Jordan in 1997) had been very powerful and successful, and we felt like we were definitely prepared for the final phase. It was not until we were leaving the ancient city of Petra, Jordan, however, that Thoth revealed what we were there to accomplish. Our Jordanian friend Rami, had decided to take us out the back way from Petra to show us some of his discoveries that lie somewhat off the beaten path. We were bouncing along a dirt road in his 4WD Toyota, as he would stop every so often and point things out, or have us get out to examine what he wished to show us. We came alongside a beautiful pair of obelisks or pylons, which had been engraved into a piece of red rock, probably sandstone. They were beautifully done, no amateur job, and started about 25 feet off the ground on the rock face, perhaps 10-12 feet tall themselves. Rami told us that this was one of the entrances to the sacred city of Petra. Thoth came in just a bit later and informed Maia that this particular point, above all the others that we had been at in Petra, was very special, and that it had been one of the points on what he called the ‘Gate of the Sun’. He informed us that the Gate of the Sun was actually comprised of a main ‘meridian’ which included many different points on the Earth. On these specific ‘acu-points’, there had been previous insertions of the true Solar consciousness made by various Solar tribes over the aeons. Thoth gives us an insight on the Gate of the Sun:

Thoth: Archetypically, the Gate of the Sun refers to the passage of the human soul into Solar initiation (defined later in this article). In other words, the soul receives an initiation of Divine Fire through their solar plexus chakra directly from the Great Central Sun: the Kolob. Historically however, the Gate of the Sun refers to specific formats and / or planetary acu-points upon which solar initiations take place. Sometimes such sacred Solar passages are held for entire cultures as they seek renewal of their Race Spirit within the greater tide of the universal solar sea. (The Race Spirit of a culture is an Archangelic presence which holds the greater design and evolutionary destiny path for that race or culture. There are times when an entire race or culture can go through a quantum evolutionary leap, which many times will require a mass initiation to take place.)

“And Cumthara came forth from the Shields of Light as a bright and holy angel,
His tempest borne upon the clouds of Orion,
His might manifest in the harbinger star of Magha (Sirius),
Lo, His face was that of the Golden Lion,
His eyes, cauldrons of sapphire,
His mighty form an avenger,
His sword the violet kabbath
Cumthara spoke and the sea unfolded upon the land,
and the heart of the world quivered as in the breast of a rabbit.
Cumthara laid bare his garment, revealing within, the hand of a Man containing the tamseth. From Cumthara was given to us that day, the Law of the Sun, the Table of the Mighty Star-Sea which is embedded as a pearl in the forehead of the Sun Born.”

- a passage from the ‘Shamil’, the ‘Book of the Sun’, originally written in the ancient Lemurian tongue, later to be transcribed in the Mystery School of Onnas by the Dead Sea, 3551 B.C.

Thoth tells us that Cumthara was “a Solar Emissary who came to the Earth at the end times of Lemuria for the purpose of taking up the codes of that Solar period, which was coming to completion, and to give humanity the codes for assimilation of the new dispensation for Light Redemption on the Earth.” Light Redemption is ultimately an activity of the Office of the Christ.
In this previous passage we have reference to the star Sirius relative to this Solar emissary Cumthara. Thoth has stated in the past that the Lion-headed Sun Lords who guardian the Telos.Aarkhara upon the Eye of Ra come from Sirius. The Lion has also been used throughout time to represent the Solar aspect or consciousness.  (Ref: issues 1&2-93 and 3&4-93 Temple Doors and our publication entitled ‘KOALA, Montauk and Interdimensional Time Travel’ for further information on the Telos.Aarkhara and the Eye of Ra.)

We went to Thoth and asked him to give us a statement from his perspective about the symbology of the Lion.

Thoth: In pure symbolic imprint, the Lion is guardian of the Solar Law, which is the parameter of the Solar logos, the ‘Word of God’. It is the formalizing of that Word into human and planetary design. It is ‘God’s Law bridged to Man’s law. It is the interface, the portal of integration. The Lion is a pure symbol guardian of Solar Law, and thus the Solar Logos as it is embedded into Solar Law. The Lion-Ones of Sirius are the true ultra-physical guardians of Solar Law as it effects the Earth and its universal stations of Light. The Lion-Ones who are known as the ‘Sun and who guardian the Telos.Aarkhara, are the ultimate guardians of Solar Law in this Universe, for they hold the grid in place between the Eye of Ra, its outer membrane, and the worlds of that membrane, such as Earth. This grid, the ‘Ptah Threshold’, is encoded with what has been referred to as the ‘Number of the Beast’, the great Lion-Solar Being which the Sun Lords and Sekhmet personify. This is the 666 which is at the ‘Heart of the Lion’; that is, at it’s center-most mystery.

Thoth tells us that the difference between Solar Law, and the Solar Logos is that “the ‘Solar Logos’ is the ‘Word’ or the ‘Seal’, the divine imprint of Godly authority given unto the soul. Solar Law is the workings, or the dictates of that authority.”  - end of excerpt

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