The Seven Solar Crosses & 14 Osirian Staffs

The Seven Solar Crosses are containment fields for solar consciousness. Solar consciousness is a type of collective interactive sentience which is transmitted through the solar or star-sun energy. Human souls migrate through these fields of consciousness as they progress on their evolutionary journey through the universe. Thus, these solar crosses are aligning vectors for an evolving soul in physical incarnation. By means of these vectors the soul may "lock on" to its higher spirit-forms in its efforts to re-alignment to Source.


Understand, that "solar" in this context, is not limited to the sun of our solar system, but encompasses ALL star-sun energy fields. Each star-sun field holds specific dynamics of alignment. The solar crosses we speak of then, are comprised of various "solar" alignment vectors woven into the dynamics of the "crosses." Below, Thoth gives us the primary locales where these Solar Crosses have been given their field of access. In other words, these Solar Cross dynamics can be accessed by first accessing these differing "domains" of consciousness.





1) Earth's Central Sun Atoma


2) the Earth's Outer Sphere of Consciousness


3) the Human Atoma


4) Our Solar Sun's Atoma


5) the Greater Domain/grid of this Universal Continuum


6) the Domain of the Lesser Angelic Heaven


7) the Domain of the Greater Radiant Heaven


Thus, we really have ONE Solar Cross dynamic that repeats itself within these fields. This is why the "domains" have such great diversity; i.e some are planets/stars/whole heavenly domains. It is like an original nova that is reflected as a "twinkle" in various reflected surfaces: one surface may be a marble, while another might be a whole lake.





The fourteen Osirian staffs, in their pure energy form, are spiraling yod flames of pure Light raying forth. These yod-rays are created through the interlinking of all seven Solar Crosses. The interlinking of all Solar Crosses occurs as a result of a high level sentient source (i.e. the Universal Hierarchy) threading a beam of collective synchronicity through the seven crosses. From the earth's current perspective, this is fully realized when this dynamic is initiated within the earth's Central Sun Atoma, and then "threaded" through all the other "domains" of access to the greater Radiant Heaven, and then back again to the Central Sun Atoma of the planet. In creating this loop, the yod-flame staffs move through each of these domains and penetrate them, thereby anchoring the 14 permutations of Return to Light into those fields or domains as a means to re-orient them to SOURCE.



The 14 Osirian Staffs & Their Pure Energy Dynamics


1) ALI`CAPH`NAB`AP`MER: silver fluidium; transparent membranes of inter-connective passage from one energy/thought realm to another.


2) AMET`NA`TEM: vortices of conscious direction; alignment to specific keys and codes of divine resonance that allow sentience access to multiple levels of universal knowledge.


3) VOH`PE`TAI: blacklight laced with indigo fire; blue needles penetrating inner space; inverted cones of fire language seeking form in the dimensions of higher worlds, in order to impregnate these worlds with new hierarchal codes of evolutionary process.


4) EL`ESHAKI`WI`AKA: heartbeats synchronizing with the Great Cosom, pulsing the rhythms of life into the tapestry of the void , uniting the creational movements of the universe.


5) SEK`CHAB`METAT: red-gold manes of fire lick the portals of the universe, devouring all that is not aligned to divine purpose, thus bringing all chaotic energy into resolution.


6) YHALA`HAKUMA`TESECH: emancipation of pure harmonics from the angelic temples of rose crystal, riding the crest of synchronicity with the great Logos--the Word, integrating with the Lesser Creation (the fallen universes) to create a path of return to the Greater Heavens.


7) EA`RA`HEH`AT: pools of splendor collect in the midst of fiery passage, allowing the multitude of souls to gather in Grace, finding collective moments of truth in the Now of Infinity which links them to awareness of the divine.


8) ANK`ITI`YI`TEHNU: pillars of emerald and gold rise to support the arches of Heaven, where Master Intelligences record the genius of worlds upon the head of a pin. So as souls incarnate on earth, this genius--the wisdom of ages eternal--is embedded within the DNA of each individual. Our human bodies therefor contain a hologram of the great cosmic libraries, through which are given all the revelations needed to realize who we are and to re-discover our true relationship to Source.


9) ESHE`NU`PAKET: the Angels of Victory move their wings of Light above the Firmament, and Glory becomes a brazen cross, forged from the might of God's vanguard nations which come to the aid of all souls who call upon them for intercession.


10) IPET`KU`LUM: mind ignites with splendour to create the unique similitude of Self revealing Self through continuous manifestations of rapture within the soul, bringing the soul into absolute joyous realization of its oneness with all beings and the Creator.


11) FIAL`AM`UPT: coalescence of natural forces re-creates the first sacred matter; pure expression radiates divine equilibrium, releasing new programs of Light into the ensouled worlds of form, liberating these realms from ancient paths that no longer carry the charge of liberation from half-Light realities.


12) AHRU`NAK`NEBURU: planetary repositories of soul nourishment attract the essence of divinity into a myriad homogenous expressions, allowing the individual expression of developing souls to contribute their divine mark upon the greater evolutionary event.


13) NEKHET`TAK`KETEM: the journey of the soul into the fulcrum of Twilight, where the dispirited gain strength through a return to their original knowledge of God.


14) RASET`ECHUM`VEH: that which is completed in the depths of the Dark Night, where old form dissolves into whispers of silence, germinating new seed in the ark of time for the creation of new worlds beyond the Rainbow.


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