Lake Moeris and it's two pyramids, Dushar and I'eora
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The Pyriethum and the Suna (Grail) Apis

Eons ago, the Soul Being that was Thoth established (through several different incarnations) four sacred complexes called “Pyriethum”, meaning in the ancient Aloii language, “to display or present”. The main purpose of these temple complexes was extraordinary. They each house twelve Enochian Masters (a level of Sun Lords) in suspended animation. The three Pyriethum together then, contained a total of 48 Sun Lords. What was the purpose? As I wrote about it in Temple Doors issue 1-99 (my last issue to be published):

At some point in the future, all forty-eight of these suspended forms will re-integrate with the souls who originally animated them. This will in turn, activate the nine energy bodies associated with each of these original incarnations. This activation is a primary component of the needed Light quotient for planetary acceleration into the New Earth Star reality. When this occurs, the combined Light fields of these forty-eight soul forms will align with the Adonai Kodesh as the latter locks onto the ‘matter conversion zone’. This combined focus will trigger the Great Pyramid into releasing the Violet Flame of the 144,000 star-suns from the Vault of Osiris, and commence the final process of earth ascension.

The Plateau of Giza in Egypt is the primary ‘Solar Table’ of earth. I will open this scroll on this in a later article. However, the Pyriethum of the Sky Lotus at Lake Moeris in Egypt was the “command control” center for the Giza Solar Table. The Sky Lotus remained into the days of the Greek historian, Herodotus, who visited it during his lifetime. However, he tells that he was not allowed to go into the underground labyrinth of the complex. The Greek geographer, Srtabo also visited the complex at Lake Moeris and was impressed by it’s complexity and enormity.

The Sky Lotus or “Anbul” as it was originally known, housed the “Lexi Royal Arc”, which is the first 12 of the 48 suspended Sun Lords - each of the four divisions composing a “Royal Arc”. Altogether the four arcs create what Thoth calls the “Grail Apis”, it’s ancient name “Suna Apis”. Yet Anbul, the Sky Lotus on earth, contained more...much, much more. It was also the repository of the entire Solar Mystery on earth, tracing the soul’s path from the Central Sun of the Universe. The many symbols engraved in conductive precious metals, the volumes of sacred books and marvels far exceeds those within the Hall of Record beneath the Solar Table at Giza. Yet without the “Hall of Records” the conduit for the earth’s moving into the next crystalline matrix zone cannot be achieved. More on this in a future article.

The chambers and vaults of the Sky Lotus Pyriethum were beyond imagining. In Erich von Daniken’s book “The Eyes of the Sphinx” he writes at length about the Lake Moeris complex, and the accounts of Herodotus, Strabo and other ancients concerning the complex are included in the pages of von Daniken’s book. However, none of these witnesses were never taken into the labyrinth. They were all told that within were the tombs of 12 “Kings”.

While the upper structures were "lifted" from this plane, the inner core of the labyrinth is still present. In the future I will expand on the Sky Lotus labyrinth at Lake Moeris, and how we may attune to the sacred flame therein, still burning brightly in the Light-inscribed hearts of the Twelve Sun Lords...and the other three Royal Arcs, still all WAITING beneath our feet. I also plan to elaborate on the crystalline matrix zones of the universe, and how the earth and it’s humanity flows through these zones...and why.

Read more about the Pyriethum and the 48 suspended Enochian Solar Lords (the Grail Apis) in Temple Doors Issue 1-99, available through our Spirit Store.

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For Now, Horakar Paxis An Amu (may the wings of the solar falcon shed Light upon you)

Maia Christianne 

historical info on Lake Moeris (off this website)
(like von Daniken, I do not agree with modern Egyptologists that the Moeris labyrinth has been found)






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