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8/31/03 - Thoth Amii

Over a year ago (in 2002), I received the awareness that the Illumined Master "Thoth" (his soul-name given to me as "U'shael") had reincarnated into current embodiment on earth. I have now been guided to release this insight via "Timely Transmissions."

According to my Thothic perception and akashic insights, the Thoth U'shael soul merged with an already incarnated young man of 25, who had been consciously prepared to receive the "U'shael" soul. This is not what is commonly referred to as a "walk-in," but is instead a layering of souls and beyond...to a merging of these two souls for the period of this incarnation.

The current Thoth U'shael incarnation for the purpose of this transmission, is given the name of "Thoth Amii" meaning (Thoth) "one who gives breath to" (Ami) "divine accord" or "centered being". (His actual longer name is "Tehuti Madjula Hakti Nada.")

Thoth Amii's host body was manifested (did not enter through a physical birth) within the inner earth domain and then projected to the surface of the planet at the location of the Valley of the Blue Star in Tibet.. He also traveled to a remote part of Egypt, then journeyed to Tibet where he received soul-mergence with U'shael. The U'shael soul as Thoth Raismes, still resides within the inner earth. Thus, Thoth Amii is a further projection of U'shael into this planet, now forming a two-node aspect uniting with a third point / embodiment within the "blue star" Rigel of Orion (Toth-mus-zurud -- still a viable embodiment). The "trinitizing" of U'shael, is currently focused in the space-time of our planetary cycle.

Thoth Amii is now projecting the capstone ray of the three-fold ray of "divine Breath" that is unique in signature to the Thothic Streaming, into the etheric bandwidth of the earth. This "three -fold Breath" is gradually expanding the natural breath of the etheric wave-form of the earth and is inter-penetrating both the lunar and solar shells of the planet, creating a "cosmic" circuit of the Breath as well.

The Thoth U'shael "Magna" or Oversoul is now facilitating the Christic flow through the earth by reinforcing the planetary sacred Breath. By intentionally placing ourselves within the Crucible of the Thoth-Breath, so we may be gathered into the greater matrix of the planetary Breath. Practice breathing through the heart while feeling, sensing, knowing the Thoth-Breath within you, which is a natural function of the human-planetary whole; yet is at this time being facilitated by the Three-Foldness of the incarnating soul, Thoth U'shael.

As Thoth Amii continues to anchor his new incarnation among us with this electro-magnetic zone of earth, so we may find a loving tutor of the Breath within our direct energy field.

Where is Thoth Amii now? He seems to travel between Tibet, India and Egypt. Being one of the "Immortals" his mode of "travel" is usually a manner of changing vibration to another location in space-time.

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