Thoth, The Hierophant

A Chapter In The Life Of Thoth

The small girl sat very still upon the ground, the scent of jasmine and midnight stars perfuming the air. She especially loved the sweet yet pungent aroma of midnight stars. They were nearly black on the outer edges of their wide petals, becoming lighter shades of purple and violet closer to the stamen, which was a deep rose-pink. Lhasa gently fingered the waxen petal of one flower, still moist with the dew of the morning. While she wove her heart into the center of the exotic blossom, her mind was tranced with the steady, melodious voice of her brother, as Tiirna (the youth who was to become "the Thoth") told her favorite story of how he had been suckled at birth by the white tigress. Tiirna sat on his haunches, almost cat-like himself. His dark blue eyes burned golden as he described the event. In the shadows of the garden, his black with burnished highlights, reminding Lhasa of a midnight star. His lips were full and sensitive, teeth flashing white whenever he chose to punctate his commentary with a luminous smile. While youth walked by his side, it lay as a caressing hand upon the deep and smoldering fires within him. Tiirna's child-like purity of spirit did not subdue his elegant manner, as casual as the graceful display of a butterfly's wing. Even at her tender age, Lhasa never failed to be moved by the experience of her brother's thoughtful attention upon her. Soon, she knew, he would enter his final initiations in the Cave of Winds (Mythara) and then he would leave the sacred mountain of his birth and go out into the world as a master teacher. While the glamour of such a thought excited her, she felt sadness that he should depart from her. Once, when she had spoken of this sorrow to Tiirna, he had promised that they would not be parted for long. "You are a Sea Priestess, my little pearl, and I am the path from the mountains to the sea." While the child did not truly understand his words, they seemed to nonetheless bring her comfort.

Later that day, Lhasa watched intently as Tiirna prepared his sacred weejaka, a collection of herbs, talismans and written symbols wrapped in a precise ceremonial way. The weejaka was a power object that young spiritual warriors took with them on their questing Yet few youths would ever enter the initiations of Mythara and confront the Dweller on the Threshold in the interior of its cavernous depths. It had been known since before Tiirna's birth that he would ‘take up the serpent' in initiation within the Cavern of the Winds and become one of the few Masters of Serpent Power in the world. The night before, Lhasa had experienced a dream-vision in which her brother had turned into a large golden cobra with black and violet markings inside its hood. At first she had been frightened, but as the magnificent serpent undulated toward her, she heard Tiirna's voice call her ‘Shesheta', and as he did, she became a white cobra as large as he, and they danced together, their crowned heads moving in mesmeric motion beneath the moonlight of Adujahra.

His magical bundle completed, Tiirna bid goodbye to his devoted little sister and went to the ‘tower room' of Icara where the Flame of Orion endlessly streamed in silence. As Tiirna stood before the Flame, he saw a lance of emerald fire rise up from the eternal blaze and pierce his heart three times. From the first wound, there poured out water, from the second, blood. From the third wound gold issued forth. Out of the gold liquid pool arose a golden serpent, and a voice came forth from the creature saying, "I am victory, so you shall be victory." Tiirna understood this vision to impart that although he would serve the world, he would not bind himself to it. This was as it had been written in the prophecy of old: one shall come, born of the golden serpent and suckled by Sothis. This one shall be "He who wears the Three Crowns," each representing an aspect of the trinity of Love, Wisdom and Knowledge. "He who is born of the golden serpent shall not know the sting of the forked way," so said the ancient scriptures. This meaning that the soul embodied as the wearer of the Three Crowns would not enter the karma of the world, but "keep of himself as rarified gold, purer than the ore of the Earth, given weight only through the power of divine authority." Tiirna had received the sign he sought. Without this affirmation, he would not have proceeded to the next level in his initiation. He now took from his pearl-grey robe the weejaka, placing it before the Flame as he lifted his fine voice in a chant of benediction: "Kohmeha, kohmeha, tantre tasek mai noe le shantu. Amaneek, hynatsekmu tansetet machai chiapha remu. Mu-rey tanset mukep hapa roya nus I-hem. I am he who is crowned with the three stars of the sacred girdle (belt or Orion). All that has come before me is now within me. All that shall come after my passing is encompassed by me. I open the scroll to inscribe my name therein. I will mount unto the stars upon a chariot of fire. He who advances after me, so shall I rejoice in His name, for He is the Lamb upon the altar of the Risen One and I am he who lifts His crown above him." As his chant subsided, Tiirna went to a small chest which, other than the Flame pedestal, was one of the few objects in the room. Opening the carved wooden box, he carefully lifted something wrapped in a purple velvet cloth from the contents inside. Unfolding the cloth, a stack of card-shaped thin gold sheets was revealed, each engraved with images and symbols. Tiirna was gazing upon the sacred Tak-Arot, which would surface in remanent, eons later within the tarot. The Tak-Arot had been developed by Toth-Mus-Zurud from knowledge contained within the Enochian Table which he brought from Orion. This was the first time Tiirna has seen these ‘cards,' and yet they were intimately familiar to him, for as Toth-Mus-Zurud, he had created and engraved the gold sheets with his own hands. He passed different hands over them now, seeking the union of energy through space and time which would align him with but seven sheets of gold in the collection of 87. The Tak-Arot was divided thusly: the 58 lesser, the 22 greater and the ‘sacred nine' or ennead. In our current period, the ‘lesser' is known as the minor arcana and the ‘greater' as the major arcana. The ‘ennead' did not survive the ages to become a part of the modern tarot.

Tiirna drew seven sheets from the total, and placed them before him in a specific pattern about his weejaka. While he took in the meaning of all the sheets in relationship to one another and to their positions in the pattern, it was the central image that drew his most undivided attention. The engraving was of a woman heavily veiled, whose left arm was held aloft, carrying a winged wand upon which was wound two serpents. In her right hand at the level of her navel, she held a diamond-shaped crystal. Above her head were three spheres forming a triangle. She stood upon a sphere containing within it a cube, the angelic fire-letter ukabar ablaze at its center. Ukabar is the seventh vowel of creation, and as such, denotes the infusion of Light into the membrane of cohesion at the center of the atom. The sphere is the world and the cube is matter, which with the ‘Divine Language' at its center, is transmuted into ‘Prima Matra' or the first pure form of inviolate Matter-Light. The veiled lady is the solvent with the power to unleash pure, unbridled transmission of Light into every particle of the universe. Yet this ‘solvent' will not be revealed until the Day of Reckoning is at hand, when the Universe begins its cycle back toward the Throne of Metatron. The serpent-wand she held in her left hand represents the mastery of duality with the DNA, giving flight or liberation to the pure gem body of man. The diamond-shaped crystal in her right hand is that pure gem as it becomes cognate in the mind. Before it can manifest in matter, so the ‘gem consciousness' must enter the mind and transform it into Higher Mind. The three spheres above her head represent the three Sephira of the Holy Tree beyond the gate of Metatron. In the tarot of the distant future, this image would become known as ‘The World / Universe.' Tiirna knew this Tak-Arot archetypal presentation represented his mission in life; to open passageways through the vaults of universal memory for the transmission of Light Redemption.

Tiirna left the Flame of Orion and went to his chambers, where he bathed, anointed himself with holy oils and dressed in a white robe of taspar, a fine silk, from which only garments for sacred ceremonies and rituals were woven. He loosened his braid of hair so that it flowed liquid, in fiery embers of light upon his shoulders. He was otherwise unadorned and prepared to enter the Cave of Mythara.

Tiirna made the trek to the Holy Cavern without difficulty, and entered its mouth into darkness. He brought no torch or other source of light with him, having only his inner sight to guide him in his perilous journey. Yet his way was surely illuminated through the channels of his mind and heart which were receptive to the subtle-body stimuli of etheric current around him. As he progressed in his passage, he knew his course to take him ever deeper within the Earth. Time became a line in sand, easily erased by the breath of the caverns.

Tiirna found level ground once again, and the passageway he was upon widened into a large cavernous area, displaying sparkling shapes of limestone visible in an eery silvery green light. Tiirna knew this light to be created by the chemical break-down of an algae growing on the walls and floor of the cathedral chamber. There in the midst of this simulated twilight splendor, was a crystal pool, so still it appeared to be of glass. The waters also reflected the silver-green glow, with deeper hues of turquoise beneath the surface glint. As he gazed upon the pool, Tiirna suddenly felt a need to sleep. He found a smooth stone near the waters just large enough to accommodate his supine form, and there he closed his eyes amid the sensation of floating weightlessness. His astral body arose from the tomb of the matter-self and looked to the far side of the crystal pool. There he saw an emerald door, shining as if polished by the wings of angels. Above this door was the sign of the Trident with the three spheres above the prongs. It seemed to be cut in the limestone, burning as if set aflame. In his astral form, Tiirna moved toward the emerald door. He felt a tingling heat resonating in his being as he passed through the transparent gem stone. After such great light, the contrast of total darkness startled him for a moment, but then his mind relaxed and he saw that he was not alone. In the black nothingness came a small sphere of red and gold, which grew and grew until it was the size and shape of a human figure. The being revealed to Tiirna was unlike anything he had ever seen, even in his most vivid dream-vision experiences. While the body appeared as a man's, devoid of any garment, the head and face was that of a creature unknown to him. The shape of the head was somewhat like that of a goat, with large, curling horns extending from the sides of the forehead. The nose was snoutish, resembling a bore, and there was facial hair of white upon the chin. But it was to the eyes that Tiirna's mind gave its full attention. They were large and oval, a yellow-gold, with pupils of ruby light, fearsome in appearance; yet beneath the trappings of horrific display there was a presence of divine grandeur. The creature opened its mouth, forming a circle with its narrow lips and a sounding issued forth that was liken unto a scream of agony. Tiirna felt pain throughout his astral body, and as he succumbed to this sensation, so he moved into it, becoming one with the soul of the beast. He had no fear of the presentation of evil or suffering. He knew only the sublime reality of Spirit that inhabited all being. As he merged with the beast, so he embraced the wound in its heart, and there came forth a streaming of blood, vile in smell from within. Tiirna moved even nearer the wounded heart, embracing only the glory of its existence. As he so consumed with love this aperture of decay and sorrow, the blood began to froth about him and the scent changed to the fragrance of the midnight star flower, its coloration swirling into the spectrum of dark violet and then sapphire. The stirring of the vapors ceased, and the liquid was on fire with a beauteous violet-blue light. The figure in the midst of the pool of cleansed and rarified blood was now comely to behold. His skin was of golden flesh, his face fair, eyes of gold-blue. His hair was long, unto the waist in a cloud of golden light. Tiirna knew that he looked upon himself in his metamorphosed body. Instantly in his matter-self, he opened his eyes. He lay still on the smooth stone near the pool. His body felt stiff and not his own. Slowly he moved his limbs, and then with graduation, raised himself and stood. Approaching the glass surface of the cavern pool, he bent forward and peered within it. There he saw a man in his early years. While he resembled Tiirna in subtle ways, there were major differences. This being's body was more muscular, taller by two inches, and the skin tone was of bronze-gold, while Tiirna's had been pale as a silvered moon. His face was more angular than the pear-shaped features of the younger man, and his eyes harbored greater gold amid the blue. Tiirna's midnight hair  was now a golden dawn. The mouth remained much the same as Tiirna's had been, sensitive and full, possessing a gentle strength, yet the set of it was more pronounced with a poise less vulnerable.

The one who had been Tiirna looked to the far side of the pool. Nothing but natural limestone met his eyes where the emerald door had blazed but a timeless moment before. Suddenly he felt a presence behind him. He turned to see a hologram of two geometric cubes on end, rotating within one another. One cube was of blue and the other red. As these cubes continued to spin, he recognized the formation of a high-state merkabah. (Thoth's definition of a merkabah is a vehicle or spirit-generated field of Light transport for sentient forms and consciousness through space and time.) He then felt a command for him to step into the generated Light field. As he did so, his whole being ignited with a rushing power of Spirit beyond the capacity of matter to contain, and yet within the merkabah, his cellular tolerance for Light infusion was raised and he was therefor able to receive the consciousness which poured into him. He then knew the red cube to be composed of a substance which stimulated the biochemical components in his body to vibrate at a rate equal to the speed of light, while the blue cube radiated pure unbounded energy, which the ancients called kylestra, the invisible matter. Thus, from the perspective of physics, the red cube is what we could call a facilitator of ‘quantized' matter, while the blue cube is composed of the true ‘anti-matter' of the universe. In proper ‘spin' synchronization, these two matrices generated a Light field merkabah capable of transporting energy at the atomic level through the barrier of light-speed into the realm of ‘Attasic' Universal At-Oneness with all Light Spheres and Matter Worlds. In this process, the initiate that had been Tiirna was brought through the portal of molecular transmutation, so that he not only ‘appeared' to have been changed (within the outer-shell of his subtle-body, which he viewed in the cavern pool), but he became transformed atomically, within the sub-anatomy of his matter vehicle.

As the merkabah ceased to spin, the initiate found himself standing face-to-face with a Hierophant dressed in Egyptian robes, displaying a large golden ankh about his neck containing an emerald in the center of the loop. The Hierophant carried a staff which was fashioned at the top as a shepherd's crook. He touched the initiate upon the left shoulder, saying, "Thou art the One who wears the Three Crowns of Heaven, and bears the Mouth of the Sun to the Altar Place." And he who was now Raismes saw himself as a white falcon carrying in his beak the golden orb of the sun, as he alighted upon the great stone altar of his birth atop the Mountain of the Moon. As this vision was upon him, the Hierophant placed around Raismes' shoulders a cape designed with the image of a white falcon, its wings outstretched, embracing the One who wears the Three Crowns. With this act, the initiate was once again the falcon upon the stone. A small gazelle leapt up from the rocks below as the great white tigress, his Numoje, covered the small creature with her body and cut the neck through with her massive teeth. It's blood poured forth upon the altar place, and sacrifice of the fallen world had been made. The falcon dipped it's beak in the scarlet about the gazelle's head, and as he drank from the liquid life, so the cycle was complete. Raismes was now one with the life stream of the Earth. ‘And I saw what seemed to be a glassy sea mingled with fire, and those who come off victorious from the wild beast...' (Revelations, chapter 15, verses 2 and 3)

Estara Maia stood before her son in the garden of Icara, at the very place where the infant Tiirna had been suckled by Numoje. An early morning breeze delicately ruffled her rose-colored jateh, or cloth covering the head. At her tiny golden-sandaled feet lay a rolled fur bundle. Raismes' mother knelt to unbind the fur piece, revealing within the sacred relics of Toth-Mus-Zurud. She did not have to tell Thoth Raismes what he beheld, for these were objects as familiar to him as the beating of his own heart.

There was a sphere of crystal aspar, a gem stone mined only in the central region of Atlantis. It was a amber color with flecks of gold pyrite in it.

Another object was a small pyramid made of transmuted gold-glass, containing within it a sphere composed of meteorite. A thin wire of copper and zinc ran through the sphere and attached to inside the pyramid. This was a radionics devise which Toth-Mus-Zurud had employed in his healing work.

Among the ancient pieces was a magnificent girdle made of silver and gold. It was set with sapphires, aspar, lapis and emerald gem stones. In the center of the girdle was formed in gold, the head of a lion. The eyes blazed with the two largest emeralds. Encircling the waist upon the girdle, were two exquisitely fashioned serpents with scales of silver and gold and their eyes ruby-bright. While the belt was a beautiful craftsmanship, it was so finely composed with the stones very small and delicately faceted, that the whole of it did not speak loudly of its perfected beauty. This belt Toth-Mus-Zurud had been given by the Craft of the Brazen Serpent in Atlantis. This craft was an Order of Alchemists, extending to other connective dimensions within the holo-field of this planetary node in the heavens. The girdle had ‘magical' properties, enabling the wearer for whom it was made, to ‘super-charge' his own powers of solar energy through the solar plexus of the body. Since Thoth Raismes was Toth-Mus-Zurud, only he could now wear and empower the Girdle of Thoth.

Also among the relics were the golden sheets of the Tak-Arot, which Tiirna had used to divine his initiatory path in becoming Raismes.

Lastly, was the Staff of Pythius, which would also be known as the ‘Staff of Thoth.' The staff was carved from beekea wood, with two serpents wrapping in a caduceus spiral up the rod. Two gilded wings perched atop the staff, just above the serpent's heads. The serpents were brightly colored with lapis and malachite tile inlays, the eyes once again ruby points. There were ancient symbols of the Mazur upon the Pythius, representing the original Tribes of Man. The Mazur were an ancient people who contained the genetic and para-genetic seeds for the entire 30 Spirit Races of mankind, which are those races intended to conjoin to form the perfected Adam Kadmon. While the Mazur's dominant strain was Hyperborean, and thus Sirian-Earth mixture, they also contained Lemurian, Atlantean, Noechian, Hokamai and Katoomi genetic links. In the ‘Keys of Enoch' they are also defined as: Enochian (Lemurian), Sethian (Atlantean), Noachian (Noechian) and Davidic (Hokamai). Tehuti adds ‘Cainiac' for Katoomi. These five ‘families' together create the ‘seed bank' for the 30 Spirit Races of Earth. Adam Kadmon is defined by Thoth as the supernal body archetype of the perfected human. It is endowed with the Knowledge and Wisdom of the Divine Light Worlds which created this planetary sphere and the body-forms inhabiting it. This staff had been created by Toth-Mus-Zurud himself, as was imbued with great Power and Light.

Raismes was aware that one item was missing. It was a golden ring engraved with the constellation of Orion, set in white and blue diamonds. This ring had been among the treasures which Isthica, Raismes' father, had been entrusted to guardian by Toth-Mus-Zurud. However, Isthica had been wearing the ring on the day of his death, and it had consequently been stolen by his assassins. Isthica had displayed the ring on his right hand for the last year of his life, as he had been so guided through a vision appearance of Toth-Mus-Zurud. But now the unique ring was in the hands of the ‘Black Magicians.' It had been crafted by Philia, a female shaman of Orocoria (on the continent of Africa). She made it especially for Toth-Mus-Zurud as an offering of love and dedication. If it could be said that this Ultra-Being has a ‘personal' loving for one individual, it would have been for the beautiful Philia. Now, as Thoth Raismes, he remembered her essence as it poured like a golden wine into his mind and heart. In that moment, Raismes had an inner knowing that somehow Philia would orchestrate it's returned to him.

There were other relics of Toth-Mus-Zurud that would come to Thoth Raismes through the years, but those within the fur-bundle, were the most prized among them.

Thoth Raismes of Aphra took the Staff of Pythius in his hand and raised it above his 6' 7" frame to the sun.

From the unfinished manuscript, "JOURNEY OF THE BELOVED," on the life of Thoth, Raismes of Aphra 

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