New Earth Life Pulse

A Connection to your future New Earth Star Self!

  • Your session will be in written form (1-2 pages).
  • Waiting time for session to be delivered to you is aprox 2-3 weeks.
    • The New Earth Life Pulse is a message to you at this time in your life from a future incarnation of your soul in the New Earth Star state of being.

      While it is usually only one to two pages in length, it contains a powerful input, directed through me by my inner-planes mentor, Illuminari ThothHorRa, with whom I have have been consciously in contact since 1977. He forms a bridge for me to a future self of YOU. The New Earth incarnation begins to connect more deeply and consciously with the current you. Through me (in the written session) She/he gives you the first link and understanding, so that the connection can continue and go deeper.  In conclusion is imparted what you need to know on your current “event horizon” and how you maybe develop this understanding and direction toward encompassing all your Being and moving yourself forward on your New Earth Path.

      The “Life Pulse” as Thoth chooses to call it, is not just information. It is a transmissionIt begins when you write to me requesting your Life Pulse (when I receive your order). When you receive and read the written information - especially if you do so in a clear and restful space (more than one or two times) you will be activated on key levels to adjust your frequency to face-match with your New Earth Path.

      It may be as long as three weeks from the time you order your Life Pulse until the time you receive it. Sometimes this is due to backlog of sessions, but usually not. It is most often that Thoth is not ready to give this to you right away. He explains to me that you make the choice followed by the effort, to engage your “Life Pulse” - subliminally he begins to work with you – adjusting your frequency to match your universal pulse (which is your hologram of the greater universal pulse). When he is ready for you to receive the next stage, which is your written page...then he gives it to me. (To some extent, this holds true for all the activational material I offer.)

      * * * * * * *

      Response to a New Earth Life Pulse:

      This is "spot on" for me! Thank you so much. I had a soul mate, a white poodle, with me in this lifetime who was quite foxy with a long lean nose and I have always admired foxes! So I can relate to this animal as well as to the She-Leopard. The messages for me are exactly what I needed to hear and the exercises just right.

      With Love and Gratitude,


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  • The length of material given by Thoth can vary greatly.  It  is usually  1 to 1 1/2 pages in length.
  • Please contact me prior to ordering if you have any questions about this session.

Life Pulse Session (written)

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