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RHAMA AZUL is a Master Teacher in the New Earth Star realm of Numis'OM, specializing in the perpetual choirs. In past lives on earth he was (Among other incarnations) King Antiochus I of Commagene, the Greek Orator and Stateman, Pericles, King Mausolus, Iroquois prophet De-Ka-Nah-Wi-Da (Hiawatha being the soul of Thoth), Sequoyah - the inventor of the Cherokee alphabet, a monk it Tibet, an East Indian Prince-healer, Kartum - a Lemurian holy man, and Ptah - the brother-in-law of Thoth Raismes in Egypt. He was also the healer physician of Sais, Psammetik-seneb.

The soul of Rhama Azul had female life times as well, including a black slave who had been a princess of an African tribe, brought to this country in chains in the 1600s. She was to help and heal many of her race through times of great suffering and travail.

The last incarnation of this soul was as Elvis Aaron Presley, who was a dedicated spiritual seeker and teacher and a member of the Self-Realization Fellowship and and personal friend of it's leader, Daya Mata. The actual life of Elvis is a shining example that one should not depend on the world media and those who stand to gain financially for revealing the "truth" about anyone or anything.

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Antiochus I of Commangene




Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

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Rhama Azul's Medallion Key / session with Rhama Azul