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Come to the humble First Church of Christ, erected by the great-uncle of the Christed Yeshua.  Enter its earthen walls and stand before the simple altar therein. The Sacred Cup awaits you. It is the one Yeshua drank from as a symbol of His sacrifice to Humanity. Surround yourself with the still certainty of his Love for us. Feel the presence of the Bethany Group--both men and women--who fled persecution to carry the Word to resolution in the world. They chose this place near the Tor at Glastonbury to root the Sacred Tree securely into the earth.  Feel the strength of this act. It is the same strength of Spirit that offers itself to you, now.  Receive Communion from the Grail of Christ and take upon you the mantle of the Holy Spirit which shall imbue you with the strength and certainty of your own Eternal Being.

ref: Mari Magdalene

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