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From the moment of birth to the passage of  new life...again and again we come from the Sea of Souls, cast upon the shores of vision and light.

Perpetually we thrive in the rich vapors of creation...never-ending.

In this turn and swirl, this dance of birthing stars which we have been, are, and ever-will be, we leave our imprint upon the crystal sands and in the deeps of earth and cosmos.

These are the mythical messages...the language we speak as surely as dolphin song, to our species...and beyond.

As Women of the Avalon Shield, so we give homage to the Old Ones who spawned our genetic memories and gave us pathways into the earth.

We speak with the tongues of Angels and converse freely among the Sons and Daughters of God. Yet we also acknowledge that we are Clay-Born from the Soul of the planet, and therefore take responsibility for our mark upon the earth.

From the fire in the heart of Gaia, the Unicorn leads us through the Loop of Infinity to our destiny in Perpetual Creation. We are of the TRIBE -- the Elohim of New Worlds, spun from the ancient turning of the Potter's Wheel. Thus, our Hope is given Truth in the Epiphany of Remembrance.


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