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The Star Isles of Avalon
(from Volume 1998 of Temple Doors - The "Grail" Issue)

The Seven Star Isles of Avalon were in the British Isles in the vicinity of Glastonbury before the water was held back from the sea and drained off the land. It is acknowledged by myth-historians of today, that these seven islands duplicate the approximate pattern of the seven stars in the Great Bear constellation upon the land. These isles were sacred to the Druids of the White Star.

They were also the location of seven Holy Orders and their attendant mystery schools, holding a specific vibration which they maintained for the whole of the Avalonic realm. These Holy Orders and mystery schools were positioned both in the 'real-time' world and in the 'Otherworld' of Avalon. Initiates of these Orders/schools entered them first from this world. When they had reached a certain point of attainment in their service and instruction, they were then allowed to move 'beyond the veil' into the Avalonic inner sanctum, the Holy of Holies.

On the following pages you will experience a journey through the essence of these Holy Orders. 

In this 'questing' you will be presented with the early names of these islands, their symbolic/totemic name, the Holy Orders present on each, the Grail station/chapel and the Grail cup used by the Holy Order on that isle. These islands and Orders STILL EXIST in the 'Avalonic' realm of another dimension. (All references in this text to 'Avalon' are of the dimension slightly removed from ours that is one of the 'Nature Realms." This specific 'realm' was created through the coming together of the Nature Beings and certain human souls of Great Britain and Europe, ages ago.). By attuning to the symbols presented for each of these islands/Holy Orders, the initiate may access these Holy Orders within their own being.

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